The deeper connections between Elfilin and ID-F86

When Kirby and the forgotten land was revealed in September, a cute little teal companion for Kirby was featured in a small clip of a cutscene if fans watched closely enough. The next trailer would reveal this little friend’s name as “Elfilin,” a small mouse-like creature that travels with Kirby for most of the game. Just as Elfilin was previously revealed to many kirby Fans were quick to theorize that the character would fall into a well-known trend that the series has used over and over again.


In games like Kirby Superstar and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, the new friend Kirby and his crew make, has turned out to be the real villain in disguise. Marx and Magolor used Kirby to their own advantage, and since these two seemed cute and friendly like Elfilin, many fans thought the new animal would be the main antagonist in Kirby and the forgotten land. But instead forgotten land undermines this franchise trend by making Elfilin the villain, but at the same time doesn’t.

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ID-F86, also known as Fecto Elfilis

Fecto Elfilis is revealed at the end Kirby and the forgotten land to be the “other half” of Elfilin. This other half is referred to as an “invasive species” in the new world because it appeared and attacked the wildlife found on the planet. Descriptions of the creature’s many forms explain that it was once an invader of planets for its own gain before being captured by the scientists of the New World. Once captured, its spatial teleportation abilities were experimented with and studied until researchers understood it enough to develop technology to warp the world’s main population through space.

Eventually, once the populace gained the power to traverse space, the new world was as forgotten as the title suggests. For what the game is implying, potentially millions of years, ID-F86 was left in the Eternal Pod alone in its own psychic dreams as it hated being in captivity. Without Elfilin, it was unstable and unable to escape without morphing into the same stain known as Fecto Forgo. It also lacked the energy to break out of its prison, which is why it brainwashes Leongar and the Beast Pack into capturing the Waddle Dees as a workforce.

Elfilin from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Elfilin is Kirby’s guide through the forgotten land on a mission to save the Waddle Dees of Waddle Dee Town. While this starts out fairly simple, it is actually referred to as a “subspecimen” forked from ID-F86, which was created in a “warp experiment incident” of sorts. The use of the word “incident” and how the world is now being abandoned by the people who used to live there implies that Elfilin may have been deliberately tricked into taking the spatial warp creature with her. The difference in name has been theorized by fans to be due to its classification as “ID-F87”. He was never recovered by the scientists after his escape, and Elfilin herself tells Kirby that he was friends with the Beast Pack before ID-F86 possessed Leon.

According to the character of Fecto Elfilis, Elfilin is the “small, compassionate soul” that lurked inside the intruder. If the word “soul” is taken literally, this could explain why Fecto Elfilis is unstable without Elfilin as an ingredient. Whatever the researchers did, they pulled ID-F86’s soul from his body, and now it can no longer sustain itself. While ID-F86 wants to get back together with Elfilin, it’s very clear that Elfilin disagrees. The only way the two can be combined in-game is through violence, or by having Elfilis defeated by Kirby until just a tiny fraction of him intentionally takes control with Elfilin.

Kirby and the forgotten land describes these two as interdependent halves that could not be more different. The cutscene where Elfilin is forced to Fecto Forgo is even called “Gemini Reunion” as if the two are twins, but they are not the same at all. ID-F86 has the power to summon meteorites and create vortices wherever it wants, and it even had the power to potentially overthrow the Forgotten Land onto the planet Popstar. However, Elfilin used all his power to be nursed back to health after saving Kirby’s planet. The true ending of Kirby and the forgotten land sees a small part of Elfilis peacefully return to Elfilin, and it would be quite interesting to see how that affects Kirby’s newest friend as he becomes a recurring character on the show.

Kirby and the forgotten land is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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