The day Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson became Ghostbusters again

That’s when his proton blast connected to Murray’s frontal lobe.

Hudson grimaced as if he were the one being attacked. “I shot him in the head with a gun as he got up,” he explained to crew members, as Murray left to be examined by medical staff.

The crash slowed everything down by a beat. Murray was hit hard enough to leave a mark. But he’s okay. He came back a few minutes later, playing it like he was badly injured but heroically regrouping. His young friends went with the joke. “Yeah, I mean, what’s a concussion?” Wolfhard said.

Murray sneered at Strange things kid. “What is concussion?” he repeats. “Close your eyes…” He held up his proton plane like a club.

Hudson approached to apologize, but Murray brushed it off. “It’s okay,” Murray said, declaring loudly, “I learned a valuable lesson!”

Before long, the camera turned again. Venkman’s distraction doesn’t work. Gozer disarms Zeddemore and prepares to destroy them. But aside from that, Phoebe unleashed her own proton blast on the creature – saving the OGBs who had come to her rescue. As they stood up, Stantz said, “I don’t remember this job being so painful!”

I do,” Zeddemore groaned. At that time, the actors were not acting.

“It’s true,” Aykroyd said later. “Jason said ‘Okay, guys, jump up now.’ Well, there’s no ‘jumping up’ here. There will be a slow climb on one knee, lift yourself up, grab the car with both hands for leverage, and get up on your own. That is the ‘jump’ that you will achieve. “

That day led them to one of the most important moments in the film, a moment that really scared everyone involved — not because it was spooky or eerie, but because it was bittersweet.

This requires another major spoiler alert

In a story about ghosts, no one really disappears. And Egon’s spirit, looking older than Harold Ramis ever had in real life, manifests in its climax to help his granddaughter stand her ground in her showdown.

Throughout the process, the filmmakers were determined to treat the moment with a sense of awe and respect. Jason Reitman hired Bob Gunton, perhaps best known as the word warden The Shawshank Redemption, to do the performance recording for Egon, says the seasoned actor delivers power and presence that radiates through ethereal glow effects. Gunton wore the character’s hair up, but his face was replaced with a digital image of Ramis. Even though he doesn’t have any lines, his silent facial expression still recurs in the ghostly onscreen version of Egon.

Ramis died many years ago Kingdom Come The script wasn’t even conceived, so he wasn’t involved in the story, but Reitman consulted extensively with his family, including his daughter. Violet Ramis Stiel, the author of the book Ghostbusters’ Daughter, before continuing with the concept. The actor’s survivors have agreed to let the filmmakers recreate his image, but of course no one can tell for sure how Ramis will feel.


Looking back at notes from my own interview with him from 2002, he said something that suggested he would be pleased with how the film handled his loss. Back then, he was discussing how he often added a wistful tone to his own films. “I like to leave a weird note in people’s evenings where they say, ‘Gee, I just saw a comedy, but there’s something a bit sad in it,'” Ramis said.

Interview with Ramis from December 2002.

Without revealing the specifics of the finale, Egon and his old friends join forces once again. Evil has been defeated and the world is saved. In the moments that follow, everyone involved gets emotional, including the audience.

For a long time, all fans wanted was the reunion of these actors. What no one realizes – maybe not even Hudson, Aykroyd and Murray – is that they really need a goodbye. Ramis, now seven years on, also gets a bittersweet note that he loves to incorporate into his own comedies.

The sad ending, it turns out, can also be a happy ending.

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