The Dark Knight Trilogy Is Not A ‘Gritty’ Reboot

Darker, gritty, and more grounded, those are the traits most people can name when describing Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight Triobut the meaning behind the second of those words is often lost when evaluating those three films, regardless of whether or not that is done for comparison. Batman with other superheroes or not.

The word gritty began to have its present meaning in the late 19th century when it began to be used to describe “a raw and raw literary style”, however, the word has since evolved to describe “realism and rawness”. can also create synonyms for “grounded”. Without delving into Batman-related linguistics, it’s really hard to call Nolan’s aspirational realism a “rough and natural” movie in any way, which is probably key ingredient to the film’s huge success.


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The Age Of The Gritty Reboot

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight

Batman Begins’ The immediate “successor” is none other than James Bond, another glorious hero from the 60s who, like Bruce Wayne, was mocked after. Batman and Robin and Die another day resulted in one of the biggest bankruptcies every franchise has ever seen. It’s no secret that Paul Haggis had Batman Begins in his mind as he writes Casino Royale It goes as far as to say that they want to do for 007 what that movie did for Batman, however, the endings of both films show that those efforts were originally planned as part of a series of films. The story is streamlined and carefully planned.

At last, Batman Begins ends with a card-shaped warning sign that the Joker is coming and Casino Royale’s ends designed for direct fastening into its sequel as Bond struggles to deal with Vesper’s betrayal and death. Those two endings perhaps help put some distance between the original “harsh reboot” and the rest that followed, as Hollywood unleashed the “severe” buzzword in everything from Ultimate Spiderman, Planet of the monkeys, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceand even Snow White and the Hunter, all of them lack a coherent enough structure, especially the ones with sequels.

While it’s naive to completely rule out the presence of grit in Nolan’s work, the films themselves cannot be credited with giving Batman those vibes for all that plagiarism. The performance was inspired by the very comic books that brought the Caped Crusader to life. The difference lies in the nature of Batman the source material started to get darker in the 80s partly thanks Frank Miller’s work, which prompted Tim Burton to come up with his own dark and moody version of Batman in his two movies, meaning Batman can’t get all of a sudden gritty when it’s such an important part in his nature from the very beginning. was discovered by another filmmaker.

dark knight-terrified-moment-that-makes-we-cry

In the case of Bond, the iconic 007 themes in the movies are often his best villains and characters, but that’s not the case with Batman. What really makes both movies great isn’t the raw aspects to them, rather, it’s the desire to create stories that spark the motivation of the characters involved in them, rather than simply using them as a means to depict the demons that date from their source material. which is often what even detracts from the utility-heavy versions of Batman and Bond with a more serious or down-to-earth tone.

Enemies at every corner

Two faces as depicted in The Dark Knight

However, the idea of ​​a superhero movie featuring more than one villain was not revolutionary. what Nolan achieved in The Dark Knight Trio took that concept and found a way to stretch it into a compelling story in his three films. Batman Begins saw four opposing schools of thought contend with each other: Bruce, Ra’s al Ghul, Scarecrow, and Carmine Falcone; the dark Knight features Batman, Joker, and Harvey Dent; Graduate darkness hydrophobic rise there’s Bruce, Selina, Talia, and to a lesser extent, Bane.

Nolan’s films are broken down into action in a pretty precise way, which is something Zach Snyder has struggled to deal with as evidence is Dawn of Justice and the director needs to make Alliance justice a four-hour affair. Whether it’s the takedown of Falcone, the death of Ra’s al Ghul, the tragedy that drives Dent out of his mind, or Bane’s back fracture, Batman’s major battles almost always lead to a dramatic turn or a lesson that shapes faith. Bruce’s faith for the future.

Score of this Batman era also see the partnership between Hans Zimmer and Nolan working together to support music, anything but grounded because it has loud sound (supposedly suitable for Batman) often associated with the work of composers. Batman and James Bond reboots can be pretty bad, but it’s not the choice of a darker color palette, more sensible stories or the characters’ nihilistic beliefs that make them worth talking about. , hence why most of their rip-offs feel a bit underwhelmed compared to the two successes.

Even Nolan’s Gotham is not nearly as dark as Burtonregardless of what Matt Reeves is trying with Batmanas the City retains its pristine look in most photos and barely attracts many viewers. Batman’s the group has said that they want to go beyond Nolan The Dark Knight Triobut even the early previews of the film show that it takes more than just adding some magical grit to the film, which is just a fraction of what Nolan did 17 years ago. .

Batman will premiere exclusively in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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