The criticisms of Marvel really apply to all blockbusters

Success comes at the cost of part of it not being able to please everyone, however, judging from the numbers alone, it seems Marvel’s superhero movies are what makes people most satisfied when watching movies. In today’s world, nothing really guarantees commercial success as much as having that signature MCU open credit topic.

This phenomenon doesn’t happen overnight, and while the merits and legacy of the superhero movie genre deserves a separate discussion, since Martin Scorsese spoke out on the matter, many critics His career has been harshly critical of Marvel movies. Scorsese’s comments are pretty straightforward, as a filmmaker he still respects the amount of work and dedication it takes to make one of Marvel Studios’ blockbusters, however , that doesn’t make works a cinema: they’re content.


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Among the excellent directors who have backed Scorsese’s claim are Denis Villeneuve, Ridley Scott, Francis Ford Coppola, Bong Joon-ho, Alejandro González Iñarritu, and more recently Jane Champion, with comments from the first two. are particularly notable for their work on some of the highest quality sci-fi blockbusters. With varying degrees of nuance, the gist of the anti-Marvel gang is really that the MCU isn’t cinema because they don’t dare to innovate and make viewers ask difficult questions or learn anything. .


However, while there’s a lot that needs to be worked out here, the most obvious error in that argument is that these “flaws” aren’t exclusive to Marvel but are instead something harmful to the movies. blockbuster in general. Perhaps the greatest example of this is Fast and furious Franchising, Star Wars, as well as a slew of modernized remakes of earlier hits from other decades like Jurassic World and whatever Disney decides to come up with next.

When Fast and furious is more contemporary with Sam Raimi’s Spiderman, an entirely different genre of superhero movies, since its debut, the franchise has had nine main films, plus one spin-off, and two more that will be shown until 2024. it should be said, F9 are top notch content because like the Marvel movies – to paraphrase many critics of it – it’s loud, clunky, they run on big budgets and certainly won’t incite too much of a deeply emotional experience, although it could also be argued that no one bought a ticket for one of the people looking for that kind of fix.

However, that won’t stop Toretto and company from making a lot of money, like F9’s The worldwide post-pandemic box office revenue is just defeated by James Bond’s There’s no time to die, and that’s exactly the innovative engine that drives movies forward, money. Disney didn’t buy Marvel and Star Wars For their peace of mind, the company’s savvy purchases are destined to pay for themselves thanks to the sheer amount of content that can be created using these franchises, no matter what. good content or not.


This is where James Gunn’s comments about the state of the MCU come into play, because – unlike many – the director isn’t afraid to admit that Marvel movies can indeed be as repetitive as any other. any other soulless movie. Not all Marvel movies are created equal and, especially right now, Disney production is at an all-time high, even for comic book buffs and die-hard MCU fans. might as well admit that they wouldn’t have any reason to re-access “content” like Black Widow a few years down the line.

Honestly, Scorsese is not an old man who bitterly refuses to do this so-called content. In fact, his most recent film is not only a Netflix exclusive, but also heavily uses CGI to age the all-star cast, so, like most filmmakers, power His main draw isn’t the big-budget aspect that defines blockbusters. However, in defense of the artwork behind the superhero movie genre, one should acknowledge that some Marvel movies have many, if not most, sins committed by these directors. shown.

However, considering that Marvel Studios’ bet on a “cinema” director is more like those who often criticize the MCU for not doing so well in the most important financial aspect of things, Disney has very little reason to do another one the eternal with someone like Chloé Zhao at the top when the Marvel blockbuster formula has everyone is going crazy Spider-Man: There’s no way home tickets worldwide.

Eternals Chloe Zhao Richard Madden

Disney’s corporate merger doesn’t change as many blockbusters as they centralize them, something that became more apparent after 2019 due to the pandemic’s impact on the film industry. Comparing the lesser MCU movies with some blockbusters from the 80’s or 90’s, one will find many similarities between the cinematic qualities (or lack thereof) that many films from that era have by because, let’s face it, there’s hardly a brand from that era that’s older than it is. second item.

Blockbuster movies don’t really change much but a new element introduced by Marvel is Universal alignment exists in every MCU item, and Disney’s focus could backfire in the long run, because every MCU meager movie elevates the value of Marvel’s best movies. In that regard, all of the new Disney Plus series are an opportunity to add something different to the MCU, an opportunity to prove critics wrong by bringing in new limited art. because of the limited run time of blockbuster movies, even great ones.

For that reason, display as Hawk Eye should look to innovate goes beyond Marvel’s proven three-action formula with fan service that always ends with a massive CGI battle, all capped with a post-credits scene that leads to the next big thing ahead. . Marvel movies can be impressive, but for Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok and Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther To shine even more, the MCU’s weaker side should be treated as such, even if it means acknowledging Scorsese is right.

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