The cover of lavish dreams and ocean calm

Two new artifacts can be purchased as part of the The Genshin effectUpdated version 2.3 of. They are actually found inside a newly existing domain. This is ours The Genshin effect guide to help you obtain Husk of Opices Dreams and Ocean-Hued Calm artifacts from the Slumbering Court domain.

Note: For more information on the game, see The Genshin effect guide and central feature.

The Genshin effect Slumering Court Domain Guide – The Husk of Opices Dreams and Ocean-Hued Calm

Slumbering Court domain in The Genshin effect can be found on Seirai Island. You’ll want to check out the area just southwest of Hiraumi Fortress. There should be a few fast-moving spots nearby, so use those and check the side of the island. Here, you’ll spot a ledge that leads to a path. At the end of the road you will find a pond in front of the Slumbering Court area.

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Ley Line Disorder

All party characters gain +40% electrical damage. When you activate an Electro-Charged reaction (i.e. Electro and Hydrogen), you will inflict a shock wave that deals “real damage” to enemies. It’s basically the same damage that can’t be mitigated. This shock wave can occur every three seconds.


For the level 90 variant of the Slumbering Court domain, you’ll fight several Thundercraven Rifthound Whelps, a Crackling Ax Mitachurl, and a Thundercraven Rifthound. Because we want to maximize procs from Ley Line Disorder, we will need at least one Electro and at least one Hydro character. My suggestion would be General Raiden, Fischl, or Beidou for Electro options. For the character Hydro, you can do with healers like Kokomi or Barbara.

In my case, I already have both Kokomi and Raiden Shogun. I cast their elemental skills in turn to affect all enemies with Electro-Charged. When possible, you may also want an Anemo character such as Kazuha or Venti for the Swifts.

Genshin Impact Slumiding Court The husk of lavish dreams Hued Ocean Calm 1

In-kind rewards

For your efforts you will get Husk of Opished Dreams and Ocean-Hued Calm in The Genshin effect. Here are their effects:

  • Lavish dreams
    • Two-part reward – +30% DEF
    • Four Piece Bonus – Get Curiosity buff stacks. You get a bonus when you hit an enemy with a Geography attack. If you’re out on the field, you’ll get a bonus every three seconds. Curiosity can stack up to four times, with each stack providing +6% DEF and +6% Geo Damage.
    • Ideal Usage – This artifact seems to be suitable for Albedo and the unreleased Arataki Itto. Both characters use the Geography element and their abilities also increase with DEF.
  • Ocean-Hued Calm
    • Two Piece Bonus – +15% healing bonus.
    • Four Pieces Bonus – When healing an ally, a Dye Sponge spawns for three seconds. It will accumulate HP recovered from recovery (including training). At the end of the duration, the Dye Sponge explodes with 90% of its cumulative heal, up to a maximum of 30,000. The effect can also be activated even when the wearer is not on the field.
    • Ideal Usage – This artifact seems to be suitable for Kokomi and to some extent, Qiqi and Barbara. The reason for this is that a single cast of Kokomi’s ability heals seven times, and she can also heal on attack while her blast is active. Qiqi and Barbara, meanwhile, have a healing effect on attack when they use their skills. Assuming your ally has low HP, the healing effect can accumulate before Sea-Dyed Foam explodes.

Genshin Impact Slumiding Court The Hut of Lavish Dreams Hued Ocean Calm 2

The Genshin effect available through it Official website. For more information, see guide and central feature. The cover of lavish dreams and ocean calm


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