The coolest weapons in sci-fi games

In the entertainment world, the science fiction The genre is known for its innovation, from its creative storylines to outlandish characters and quirky everyday objects. Another source of innovation in the sci-fi genre is guns. Numerous science fiction films, games, and books depict wars using some of the most sophisticated and creative types of weaponry.

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Over the years, the gaming industry has wielded some incredibly cool weapons for sci-fi fans that are either awe-inspiring for their incredible power or bizarre enough to make for hilarious gameplay.

7 Plasma cutter – dead space

The plasma cutter is one of the many features of EA’s original Empty room that has now become iconic. The innovative tool was originally developed for mining, although in the horror game Isaac Clarke uses it to his advantage to take out enemies.

The Plasma Cutter has two different firing modes and is very accurate, making it a great starting weapon in the game. The weapon is particularly good at dismembering enemies limb by limb, a key gameplay mechanic in the terrifying sci-fi release. The Plasma Cutter has numerous different designs throughout the Gaming series, although each of them is a lot of fun and way cooler than a generic handgun.

fans of the Empty room Franchise got some good news recently, like the original Empty room is made new.

6 Lancer – device of war

From one weapon excellent for decapitating enemies to another, the Lancer assault rifle war implements caught the gaming industry’s attention as gamers were generally shocked when they first saw the gun’s built-in chainsaw slicing an enemy to pieces. While the chainsaw death animation in Resident Evil 4 was effective at scaring players, whoever was inside war implements was effective in making players feel extremely powerful.

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Another strength of the Lancer is that it has created some incredibly intense battles in single player and especially multiplayer, as if two characters were wielding their chainsaws at the same time in order to survive. These chainsaw duels were among the most adrenaline-pumping gameplay elements of the seventh generation of home consoles.

5 Groovitron – Ratchet and Clank

Not all sci-fi weapons have to be deadly killing devices, as the Groovitron proves Ratchet & Clank Series. As the name suggests, the weapon fires a disco ball that plays groovy music that enemies can’t help but dance along to. The weapon is ideal for occasions when the player is surrounded by enemies.

For those who like the sound of Ratchet & Clank‘s Groovitron and similar weapons, then the hilarious Dubstep Gun from the Absolutely BizarreSaints Row 4is worth a look. Like the Groovitron, the Dubstep Gun forces those unfortunate enough to fall within its blast radius to dance spontaneously.

4 Portal Cannon – Portal

The Portal Gun is not only one of the most innovative sci-fi weapons in gaming, it is one of the most innovative and beautifully executed creations in the history of the sci-fi genre. As the name suggests, the Portal Gun allows players to create two portals that they can move between to traverse areas with ease.

At first, the Portal Gun appears to be just a handy tool that players can use to solve a series of puzzles. However, as the first game progresses, players will soon use the weapon to crush enemies and ultimately defeat GLaDOS in one of the most memorable boss fights to ever emerge from the puzzle genre.

3 Gravity Cannon – Half-Life 2

That half-life series is popular for its innovation and creativity, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the franchise feature on this list.

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The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (better known as the Gravity Gun) allows players to pick up, carry and launch various items. The tool is designed for lifting heavy and/or dangerous objects, although players in the half-life Series will use it to kill enemies in incredibly creative ways.

2 Lightsaber – Star Wars

The lightsaber is an obvious choice for this list as the sci-fi weapon is a household name in homes around the world. Lightsabers are energy swords that can deflect bullets and slice through enemies with ease.

When the first lightsaber fight between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader was shown on the big screen, audiences were amazed and many wished they could wield such an incredible weapon themselves. There are numerous war of stars Games that allow players to do just that Jedi: Fallen Orderand power unleashedmakes lightsaber combat extra satisfying.

1 BFG 9000 – SINKING

The BFG 9000 officially stands for Bio Force Gun as per 2005 DOOM Movie, although this is certainly not as well known in the gaming community.

The BFG 9000, like many guns in the DOOM franchise makes players feel incredibly powerful and capable of defeating any demon that gets in their way. In most DOOM During play, a single blast from the BFG 9000 can clear an entire room of enemies and significantly drain a boss’s health bar.

The only downside to the BFG 9000 is that it usually only has one shot and is well hidden in many games. As such, players must decide when to use their precious BFG ammo wisely and pray they don’t waste the shot.

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