The coolest dragons in Fizban’s dragon treasure

Fizban the Fabulous is a War of the Lance general and hero, the newest one Dungeons & Dragons The sourcebook guides the player to the mysteries of dragonkind. Dragon’s Treasure Fizban introduces a lot of unique and interesting legends about D&D.

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This source book is full of tips and tools for Dungeon Masters and players alike, and includes a variety of new dragons and dragon-related creatures. The book adds new player character options, from the iconic ancestor for Dragonborn to dragon-themed sub-classes for monks and rangers. Aside from this of course, there are over 50 stat blocks included for various new dragon related entries. With so many new and revised dragons, some stand out more than others.

Elder Brain Dragon


Mindflayers are formidable opponents, especially if the player isn’t lucky enough to cross paths with an entire colony. Despite their strength, they can only get so far from the elder brain that that colony can have influence. However, if the Mindflayers can catch a dragon, the brains of the elders can cling to the dragon’s back. The brain forced the dragon to undergo a terrible transformation, creating an Elder Brain Dragon.

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This means Mindflayer colonies could become a mobile threat, as long as the Elder Brain Dragon can move. In addition to the Mindflayers colony, players will have to battle the dragon itself, pulsed with psionic powers. The Elder Brain Dragon’s breath weapon is possibly the most terrifying aspect of this creature, as it is made from a gray liquid filled with illegal tadpoles.


Moonstone Dragon

Moonstone-Dragon-from-Fizbans-Treasury-of-Dragons-D & D-Celebration-Image

Moonstone The dragons can be found all over Feywild. These dragons are usually graceful and elegant, with milky scales and emerald green plumage. They have two horns, one on their nose and the other on their head, making their shape resemble a crescent moon.

Moonstone Dragons have the ability to project themselves into the dreams of any creature sleeping near their lair. This possibility provides inspiration for artists and adventurers. Unlike some of the more traditional dragons in Dungeons & Dragons, Moonstone Dragon does not like gold or copper. However, they do cherish precious things whose value is not easy to quantify, such as affection. A lock of a loved one’s hair or a favorite picture are suitable gifts.

Chromatic Greatwyrm

Chromatic-GreatWyrm-From-Fizbans-Treasury-of-Dragons-D & D-Celebration-Events

When it comes to size and strength, first thoughts of multiplayer and DMs go ancient dragon; however, there are people who surpass all that. For example, Chromatic Greatwyrms is an elemental force that needs to be taken into account.

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A single Chromatic Greatwyrm can level an entire city. The energy from their breath weapons glowed under their scales. When they use Chromatic Flares, any creatures within a 60-foot radius must successfully execute a DC 26 save-throw. On unsuccessful saves, each of those creatures takes 5d8 elemental damage – total up to 40 HP.

Hollow Dragon


The Hollow Dragon is the shell of a Metallic Dragon filled with radiant energy, after accepting the Undeath. Dragons can become Hollow Dragons for various reasons; for example to protect an artifact or to fulfill an oath. While Hollow Dragons generally accept death after their quest is complete, some will seek out new quests to sustain themselves.

Hollow Dragons have a strong incentive to continue their oath that their bodies will regenerate if destroyed. When the Hollow Dragon reaches 0 HP, its body will break into nine pieces. Each piece has 19 and 27 HP armor, as well as immunity to psychic damage and poison. After 1 to 6 days, as long as all nine pieces are 6 miles apart, they will teleport to the head and merge with it.

Ghost dragon


Dragons are often depicted as very attached to their hoards. When a dragon’s attachment is strong enough, it can even tie them to their hoard after death. This leads to Ghost Dragons haunting a seemingly abandoned warehouse. In hoarding, a single priceless item can become the focus of the dragon’s soul.

The Ghost Dragon’s breath weapon made the boys ghostly resemble their previous breath weapon. However, the mist can give creatures terrifying nightmares. If a creature fails to make a save throw against this breath weapon, they will also take 9d8 cold damage and fear for 1 minute.



DracoHydra is the result of mysterious experiments aimed at recreating Tiamat’s powers. This creature was created by combining the magic of the Chromatic Dragon and the blood of a Hydra. Its adaptive breath weapon allows it to choose the elemental damage it desires. This breath weapon is one of the very rare abilities in Dungeons & Dragons can recharge at every turn, if it rolls 4 or higher on d6.

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In addition to powerful attacks, DracoHydra has head regeneration and hit regeneration for each head. DracoHydra can also serve their creator, create interesting role-playing elements.



Beholder and dragon are both iconic, powerful creatures in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The former is recognizable as a giant eye surrounded by tentacles – a famous example is Xanathar’s Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. When a Beholder engages in an obsessive rivalry with a dragon, EyeDrakes is one possible outcome.

If the competition lasts long enough, EyeDrakes could emerge from Beholder’s dreams. EyeDrake has wings formed from multiple lenses and has up to six different eye-ray weapons. Three of these wards can be cast per turn, and each with the exception of the spark has side effects. Eyedrake also has an anti-magic breath weapon, which can resist spells of tier three and below, in addition to dealing damage by brute force.

Ancient Dragon Tortoise


The ancient dragon turtle is the size of small islands and can lie dormant for decades at a time. This creature has a steam weapon and a stream of boiling air, which can deal damage aloft or underwater.

Given their immense size, these dragons can use mythical actions to shield themselves by using storms. The storm grants the dragon 40 temporary attack points. If at any point while the storm is still active, creatures deal melee damage to dragon turtles they will be struck by lightning. Ancient Turtle Dragon can also regain 350 hit points and reload all of its skills and legendary resistances, if reduced to 0 hit.


Dragonnel-From-Fizbans-Treasure of Dragons

Dragonnel is one of the more player-friendly dragons in D&D. The player can ride the Dragonnel into battle, and the dragon usually considers it an honor. These creatures can be summoned by spellcasters using the Great Horse Search Spell from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, which means the player won’t have to meet the Dragonnel first to gain access to it.

When mounted, Dragonnels do not trigger opportunistic attacks when flying out of enemy reach. Creative players can use this in conjunction with their own abilities to wreak havoc on their opponents in battle. Even DMs can find creative ways to fight back even the most min/max characters, using nets and Dragonnel riders.

Ancient Crystal Dragon


The ancient Crystal dragons are just as powerful as they are and can use their nerve at will for attacks like Dancing Lights and Guidance. Crystal dragons share their psychological connection with the Positive Plane and are among the friendliest dragons players can encounter during their adventures. Many Crystal Dragons can read signs in the stars and use them to predict omens and potential futures of other beings.

An interesting habit of the Crystal Dragon is their tendency take abandoned eggs and raise them, due to their upbringing and upbeat personality. Dragon’s Treasure Fizban said they even kept some white chicks, they often described as Chaotic Evil dragons. Crystal Dragons offers great immersive moments, especially when it comes to exploring nature versus cultivating motivation in Dungeons & Dragons.

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