The Complete History of Paradis Island (So far)

Attack the giant can be considered as one of the most popular horror animes to date. The show focuses on what is said to be the last human on earth, safe behind three walls. At least that’s what humanity thought until the giant transitioning out of Marley’s opposing nation broke through the walls and the reality of the people living within.

Before the walls and the wars, there lived a young girl named Ymir Fritz. No one knows how, but she gained the power to transform into a giant. She was the first giant, give her unimaginable strength; sadly, after thirteen years, she died. Her soul is divided into nine giants. These 9 Titans were able to pass on their power to their descendants and establish the Kingdom of Eldia. For years, families have fought for control of the giant’s abilities, only to be stopped by the Fritz family, who hold the power of the founding giant. Together with Karl Fritz, the 145th king of Eldia, the history of Paradis begins.


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Eldia’s Fall


King Fritz is known for his kindness and the great guilt of his ancestors’ wars. Fritz no longer wanted to fight this war. Decided that it was best to leave and let Eldia fall. In 743, King Karl Fritz began his plan end the war with the help of the Tybur family (the family that owns the Battle Hammer Titan).

Together, a rogue Marleyan hero named Helos was created to give hope to the ostracized Marlyans. With everything ready, King Fritz took his family and many Eldians to Paradis Island. Building walls made of Colossal Titans, King Fritz left the Eldians to infighting and eventually total annihilation from the Marlyans.

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Eldia’s downfall is an important one to keep in mind, especially considering the society Marley has built after taking over. With her newfound powers, Marley was able to create a fake history, forcing the rest of the Eldians to become second class citizens. Similar to Marleyan’s life dynastic experience of the Fritz family.

These events are extremely symbolic of how the victors write history. Anything that used to happen can be transformed into a new image, like the story of Helos. What starts out as a fake story, turns into a hero slaying the Demons of Earth, which is said to have given Ymir her powers (according to Marley’s history).

Flatten the earth


After conquering Eldia, the new nation of Marley reached Paradis Island, where King Fritz and his men also escaped. Fearing war would come, King Fritz sent a threat to the rulers of Marley. If any of his men, within the walls or those still in Marley are harmed, he will send an army of Colossal Titans flatten the earth. With this threat looming over the Marleyans, the war is finally over. King Fritz changed his last name to Reiss and erased the memories of the people of Ymir. Create a new future for those within the walls while the truth is passed on through the Founding Titan.

For many years, the people within the walls were thought to be the last blobs of humanity. To think that the rest was swallowed up by the giants. While trapped within the wall, Marley built a wall on the south coast of Paradis. It is here criminals and the elderly are transformed and pushed through the wall. Forced to roam the island like giants for the rest of their lives. Marley’s actions were the cause of Grisha Yeager’s successor to Attack Titan, and the failure of Operation Paradise Island.

Much of this history is kept secret through the anime, with only titan owners having memories of these events. It wasn’t until Willy Tybur, Lara Tybur’s brother, who had the Titan Battle Hammer, revealed the truth during his gameplay. People in the crowd were shocked to hear this news, some even didn’t believe it. Will the old Eldian king really save them, and will his threat to flatten the earth come true? No, Karl Fritz guarantees that no harm will be done to anyone after his death. Part of what titanium holders have is the trust of previous users, so for those who get the Founder Titan ability, they will have no desire to send Colossal giants.

What does it all mean for the season four finale? With the truth revealed, perhaps history will repeat itself once more. We could see the rise of the Eldians against the Martians, or they would flee to the island of Paradis as King Fritz had done years before. Then again, with the assault beginning at the end of season four season one, we could see a new ending, something history has yet to show fans. With the power of the three giants Under his belt, Eren could have the power to stop all wars for good, as Karl Fritz wanted, or he could destroy the world.

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