The classic comic skin that Spider-Man still needs

Marvel’s Avengers PlayStation fans have been waiting to play as Spider-Man for over a year, and now he’s finally here. The wall crawler has a ton of cool moves, from unique moves like swinging on a web to web-based status effects that are completely unique to his skill set. As expected, the newest hero has been added Marvel’s Avengers also brings a large lineup of skins.

When Spidey will probably get some MCU skin Like the game’s other heroes, there are several key comic looks that are currently missing from the game. While it’s great to see legendary skins like Noir and various Spider Armors get some visuals, there are several other comic designs that will be added to the game at a later date. . While some are more likely to be replenished than others, they all boast some unique designs that will stand out from current apparel lines.


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Spider-Man 2099

Spider-man 2099 comic book magic match

Kicking Everything is one of the most iconic Spider-Man costumes Peter Parker has ever worn. Miguel O’Hara, Future Spider-Man from 2099, wore an outfit that reversed Spidey’s usual color scheme. Much of the suit is blue, with red lines for the eyes and a really unique logo visible on Spider-Man 2099’s chest. The hero also has winged gauntlets similar to the DC hero Batman Batman. . Given the popularity of color changers in Marvel’s AvengersCrystal Dynamics may also include a modern variation of the suit, swapping out the blue for white.

Symbiote Suit


Aside from the original red and blue outfit, the black suit is easily Spidey’s most iconic ever. Obtained when Venom symbiote combined with the bullock cart on the wall, the outfit featured a giant white spider. The distinctive red and blue colors are no longer present, with the dark outfit reflecting the dark personality Peter has raised after spending so much time with the symbiote. With the suit skipping Insomniac’s first entry in Marvel’s Spider-Man , would be happy to see it show some love through Crystal Dynamics’ gameplay soon.

Iron Spider

When NS MCUIron Spider Suit is rapidly becoming more popular than the comic book version that inspired it, it would still be great if the classic suit received a little love from Crystal Dynamics. Like the movie version, the armored suit comes directly from Iron Man, with Tony Stark making the suit for the wall crawler after Peter joins his team. civil war. However, the comic version will not be blue, with armor completely red and gold like Iron Man’s. While the extra legs probably won’t feature, the suit would be great to see on the market.

Ultimate Spiderman

sublime spiderman sitting on magic comics

One of the clothes that has recently become iconic, Premium Spider-Man Costume was worn when Doctor Octopus took control of Peter Parker’s body. Having set his sights on becoming a better superhero than his arch-nemesis, Otto’s run away to become the Ultimate Spider-Man is a treat. While Peter eventually regained his body, the suit drew fans in due to its dark eyes and unique spider logo design that covered everything from the chest down in black. While it also has mechanical spider legs that probably won’t make the transition, it’s a standout outfit even when the legs are retracted.

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Red spider

magic comics scarlet spider suit

In spite of The Clone Saga join One more day As one of the most despised Spider-Man characters in the comics, Ben Reilly has continued to redeem himself in a number of more recent storylines. Furthermore, even Peter clone haters will struggle to counter the idea that his various outfits have been well designed. In Reilly’s suit lineup, it would be nice to see his most famous outfit inside Marvel’s Avengers. Cosmetics in the Costume Shop available in the game currently do a solid enough job at capturing the color palette, but it would be nice to see the slanted icon and the web-free mask have made a splash Scarlet Spider-Man Suit very special.



Spider-Man’s insulating suit worn in battle the supervillain Electro, and while it’s not his flashiest look, the concept of an anti-villain suit is still super interesting. Peter wears a dark mask along with his outfit and it is highlighted in sepia, with padding pieces also visible on the design. A unique spider logo is also featured, and the suit has no visible laces. While casual fans may not care much about the skin, longtime comic readers will surely smile when they see the skin as part of the available lineup.

Captain Universe


While Spider-Man has only Captain Universe’s abilities in one battle, his time in control of Uni-Power has given him a memorable outfit. Along with some energy blasts and matter manipulation, Peter’s makeshift suit gave him resistance to the extreme temperatures of outer space. All that remains from his original costume is the lower part of his red mask and his iconic eyes, as everything else is blue and white just like the real Captain Universe. – with some bright white circles added on Spidey’s chest. Saw this quirky suit at the market or across Marvel’s Avengers‘Consignment’ one day will be a big surprise.

Miles Morales

Send Spider-Man’s PlayStation Exclusive and all the controversy surrounding this decision, it never seems likely that Miles Morales will be added to the game. While it would be great to see the young wall-climbing youngster interact with Kamala Khan, and his Venom Blast and camouflage would work just as well as special abilities, fans are sure to Can’t think of anything that could happen. However, that doesn’t mean the character shouldn’t be celebrated through his favorite outfit. Everything about the black suit looks great, with the red straps, emblems and accents ensuring that Miles’ outfit is instantly recognizable.

Bomb bag man


A final comic skin won’t be a serious addition, but it will be fun nonetheless. With Spidey’s Future Foundation attire honored through a Marvel’s Avengers da, Crystal Dynamics is clearly a fan of his relationship with the Fantastic Four. As such, it would make sense for the developer to add this silly suit. In the comics, the outfit was worn when Peter gave up the symbiote and needed a costume, as the Fantastic Four lent him one of their backup outfits. However, with Spidey in need of a mask, he wears a paper bag over his head while fighting crime. With goofy skins like Joe Fixit Hulk and Wolf Man available, the Bombastic Bag Man design would be a great fit.

Marvel’s Avengers currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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