The CDC is finally revealing its estimate of how many Americans have “natural immunity”: 146.6 million

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has quietly acknowledged that more people have natural immunity than previously reported. The CDC quietly acknowledged that an astonishing 146.6 million people had been infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus and had survived it.

CDC was updated its May numbers in October after refusing to update the numbers for punch moss.

The CDC estimates that 124 million out of 146.6 million infections are caused by “symptomatic diseases,” although it is not clear why only one in four infections seek medical treatment. The CDC further estimated that 7.5 million people were hospitalized, although “hospitals” could include routine treatment, resulting in a positive Covid-19 test, greatly increasing the numbers.

The most common are 921,000 “estimated deaths”. The CDC reports “deaths related to Kovid,” not deaths caused by Kovid-19. Because of that 94% of deaths are related to Covid had serious medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Although Covid-19 may be a causative factor for the timing of patient death, most of them have occurred in immunocompromised patients or the elderly. The average age of Covid’s death in 2020 was slightly less than life expectancy at 77 years old.

Although 146.6 million people are a large number of Americans, representing at least 44 percent of the U.S. population, this can be ignored based on previous CDC estimates. CDC numbers It is estimated that at least 120 million Americans were infected with Covid-19 in May. Because the CDC estimates (and continues to count) that there are at least four Covid infections for each reported case, then based on its report of 46.9 million cases, then 187.6 million Americans were infected, and thus “ have natural immunity ”. ‘

However, the CDC can combine progressive and non-progressive cases and can add recurring cases for each individual, which can lead to uncertainty. Becker News before estimated which, according to CDC figures, affected 160 million people through previous infections with Covid-19. This figure represents the average estimated point in the estimated range of 146.6 million to 187.6 million.

In October, Reuters reported studies have reported which further confirms that natural immunity provides superior protection against Covid-19 compared to unvaccinated immunity. It openly reported that “the secondary immune response after infection is stronger than that of the vaccine.” An earlier Israeli study came to this conclusion.

“This study showed that natural immunity provides long-term and stronger protection against two doses of BNT162b2 vaccine, against infections, symptomatic diseases, and hospitalization resulting from the Delta variant,” said one Israeli. to read he said.

Professor Johns Hopkins conducting research that would force the CDC and FDA to recognize natural immunity, and that this is a powerful defense against Covid.

“The NIH should do a long-term study of natural immunity instead of torturing thousands of beagle puppies, including cutting their vocal cords to prevent barking (patient) noise,” Dr. Marty Makari said of the study’s announcement. “All taxpayers are funded. All of our health facilities need new leadership. ”

The CDC has provided several new points of information about Covid-19 with its October update on the “burden” of the virus on the American public. Below, it shows the estimated rates of infection, symptomatic illness, hospitalization, and mortality by age group.

Not surprisingly, this suggests that the risk of Covid is more likely to occur in the elderly. The CDC estimates that 700,882 Covid-related deaths have been recorded for those aged 65 and older, while that number has dropped to just 645 people under the age of 18 – under one percent of all deaths in this age group.

CDC infection, symptomatic disease, hospitalization, and death in one age group are listed below.

The CDC shows the distribution of risk in an age group in the bar chart.

The risk of Covid-19 for Americans is not entirely equal due to inequality in age group, gender, or health status. The one-sided approach to universal vaccination ignores scientific data while ignoring the real scientific evidence showing natural immunity against Covid-19.

Why doesn’t the CDC recognize the widespread natural immunity it demonstrates with its data? It must be concluded that the CDC not only ignores the unfortunate truth, but also supports a federal vaccine. | The CDC is finally revealing its estimate of how many Americans have “natural immunity”: 146.6 million


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