The case for The Doom Patrol to join the squad

MultiVersus has made a name for itself in the platform combat world with its easy-to-learn gameplay and wild roster of characters that could one day include the Doom Patrol. Warner Bros. pulled out all the stops and delivered a gargantuan crossover that only gets bigger with time. Characters like Arya Stark game of Thrones and Bugs Bunny off The Looney Tunes can compete against the likes of Gizmo gremlins and Batman from DC Comics. Player First Games and Warner Bros. seem committed to manufacturing MultiVersus the best it can be with the craziest roster ever, and platformer fans are excited to see what the future holds.


MultiVersus is particularly rich in DC Comics characters. Currently some of the most popular heroes from the comics are playable in the game, with characters like Black Adam coming in the near future. While players love getting their hands on Superman and Batman, there are also some lesser-known heroes that could be great additions. In particular, the members of Doom Patrol would fit right into the game. Each of them is unique and houses and adds some wild powers MultiVersus would be a great way to promote the upcoming fourth season of HBO Max Original Doom Patrol.

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Who exactly are the Doom Patrol?

The Doom Patrol is a group of dysfunctional heroes, all bound by trauma. They are all unique and have grown in popularity since their debut Doom Patrol in 2019. This collection of super-powered people is doing their best to survive in a world they don’t like very much, and they go out of their way to do what’s right, even if it sometimes does more harm than good. Viewers have grown to love the team over the years and can’t wait to see what adventures await them in season four.

Just like most superhero teams, Doom Patrol has had a rotating cast of characters over the years. In the show, the team is primarily made up of five different heroes brought together by a doctor known as the Chief. The team includes Kay Challis, whose diverse personalities like Jane each have different superpowers, an actress named Rita Farr, who can change her body shape at will, a US Air Force pilot named Larry Trainor, who is home to an energy unit, a former Der zum Cyborg-turned NASCAR driver Cliff Steele and infamous Justice League member Victor Stone, better known as Cyborg.

The Doom Patrol would work well in MultiVersus

Each member of Doom Patrol has a unique power set that translates very well MultiVersus. Players can throw their enemies across the map as Cyborg, constantly switch power types as Jane, or sprawl across the map as Rita Farr. Almost every single one of the characters would fit into the five classes.

While it would require some work, each character has a place in the current classes of MultiVersus. Cliff Steele would be the easiest to place as he could fit either Bruiser or Tank as he spends much of the show slicing his way through hazards. Larry Trainor might fit well in the support class as he often side-assists the team, and Cyborg might work as a mage or assassin as he uses various tools to get the job done. Rita Farr and Jane would be more difficult to match, but they could potentially work as mages or assassins, and it could also be argued for Rita to go into the support class as she could use her stretchy abilities to protect her allies.

Whatever the role of the team MultiVersus, they could be loads of fun thanks to their different powers. They would fit right into the wild list, greatly expanding DC Comics’ presence in the game, and paying attention to lesser-known characters. It would also be a great way to promote the show’s upcoming fourth season. There is no release date for this season yet, so Player First Games still has time to prepare a Doom Patrol representation.

MultiVersus is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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