The case for Hogwarts Legacy to add multiplayer duels as DLC

Hogwarts legacy offers a range of content in its open world that was shown earlier in the summer. Players have access to many activities in and around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwarts legacyis already ambitious. Since his last gameplay showcase Hogwarts legacy has shared tiny snippets of footage for fans, including panning ASMR footage of its immersive and nostalgic locations.

The latest news from Hogwarts legacyThe delay was quickly overcome by announcing that it would have a “new world premiere look” at Gamescom next Tuesday. But looking further ahead to what gameplay might be included as post-launch content, one can only guess what will appear. That has already been confirmed Hogwarts legacy won’t have multiplayer, but there are arguments that its potential DLC will feature 1v1 competitive duels.


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Wand-waving and spell-casting were introduced during Hogwarts legacy‘s PlayStation State of Play this summer. This spell-based combat allows for long-range attacks with colorful effects unique to each spell and curse players and their enemies exchange.

in the Harry Potter‘s Defense Against the Dark Arts, as well Hogwarts legacy‘s, dueling is presented as a formal, competitive activity that confines two opponents to a narrow stage. Opponents each take up one end of the stage, drawing their wands and bowing to each other before casting their spells.

The intent of dueling in the classroom or in competitions is not necessarily to harm the opponent, although dueling is intended to provide students with practice in a real-world scenario where they would defend themselves against anyone who would wish them harm. Fun, Hogwarts legacyThe first duel of shows the player character lifting their opponent into the air and then firing multiple spells at them before knocking them backwards and off the stage.

This combat obviously extends to player encounters with real threats outside of the castle, but should also be considered for post-launch DLC with duels that could be fought between players online. When multiplayer was introduced in DLC for Hogwarts legacyAside from the base game, there could be fun, playful incentives for players to duel their peers in the classroom using spells they’ve learned throughout the game.

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The chances of multiplayer in Hogwarts Legacy are extremely slim

Unfortunately, Hogwarts legacy has already confirmed in its official website’s FAQ that it is “a single player experience and has no online or co-op gameplay”. This is a clear statement dispelling any speculation that there would be multiplayer, and it’s safe to assume post-launch DLC would not have multiplayer as a result either.

But if Avalanche decided to implement multiplayer exclusively in DLC, they could keep their promise of a single-player experience for the base game while also allowing players to duel in post-launch content. It would probably be a huge undertaking to implement online gameplay throughout Hogwarts legacy‘s open-world action-RPG, but the opening of Defense Against the Arts classroom player lobby queues in a post-launch patch would be an exciting reason to return to the dueling arena.

One could argue that 1v1 duels within the castle walls might not be enough of an incentive to incorporate multiplayer gameplay into an otherwise single-player experience, but it would be a fun post-launch addition that could increase its durability and rewarding players , who have learned unique spells to cast on their opponents in a friendly, competitive atmosphere where characters cannot be maimed or killed.

Hogwarts legacy launches February 10 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a Switch version also in development.

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