The case for a new Donkey Kong racing game

That Donkey Kong series that started Nintendo’s line of iconic games has been in limbo ever since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Frost came out. Other than that, the series is the closest thing to new content Tropical Frost Being ported to the Switch is King K. Rool’s long-awaited inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. roster. While the titular monkey remains one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, his most recent appearances have mostly been his mandatory spot in Mario spinoff games. As far as the games that actually bet Donkey Kong Nintendo doesn’t seem to have anything planned on the map.


There seems to be a surge in popularity of both old-school platformers and crossover-like spinoffs. As a franchise with a strong history in both types of games, Donkey Kong has a lot of potential in the modern age. If Nintendo is currently refusing to revisit the platformer series, it may be due to either limited internal interest in such a project or a lack of ideas. There’s a potentially effective way to entertain Donkey Kong fans than the gap between Tropical FrostThe release of and the announcement of the next platformer are getting bigger. Indeed, Nintendo might reconsider the concept of a Donkey Kong-thematic racing game.

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A modern Donkey Kong racing game

That Donkey Kong Name is not at all alien to the racing genre. Donkey Kong himself was in each Mario Kart game save Super Mario Kartthat Donkey Kong Jr. has in its list. Ironically, the tie-wearing monkey has yet to star in its own traditional kart racer. Instead, Diddy Kong was the one who got his own kart racing game during the Nintendo 64 era and just a few years after its launch.

A Donkey Kong Racer was planned for the GameCube but was ultimately scrapped. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast because the Wii was the franchise’s first real attempt at assembling all of the series’ regulars for racing escapades, only for the public to dismiss them as mediocre for their gimmicky controls. Since then, nothing has been associated with racing in talks about the future of anything Donkey Kong. The Kremlings also introduced themselves barrel explosion have since been reduced to smaller cameos in later appearances.

A new Donkey Kong Racing game just needs to go back to basics. When the Wii came out, motion controls were a novelty and there was pressure to include them in every game on the console. While Nintendo still implements at least some form of motion controls in its most recent systems, there’s no need to force them on games that don’t need them, especially given the Switch’s compatibility with so many controllers. A future Donkey Kong Racer wouldn’t have to pursue anything barrel explosion tries to do. It can assert its own direction and feels fresh.

About the characters a Donkey Kong Racing game should simply assemble all the great Kongs from the Super Nintendo series and Donkey Kong 64, as well as key Kremlings like K. Rool, regular Kritters, Klump, and Krusha. A remarkable thing from Donkey Kong Barrel Blast was the return of Lanky Kong. Another racer could easily give the same treatment to obscure kongs like Chunky and Swanky. Additionally with Donkey Kong Country returns and Tropical Frost Once you enter the picture, there are countless possibilities in terms of stages and objects. From the original Donkey Kong country‘s legendary minecart levels, up Returns‘ memorable silhouette stage, a Donkey Kong Racer would not be limited to the famous Jungle Japes.

Overall, as a character, Donkey Kong doesn’t have to rely on Mario and friends for a fun racing experience. His own series has many characters, powerups and set pieces to work with. Whether or not Nintendo wants to give the idea a shot, it’s good to know if Donkey Kong would return without platformers, a racing game could keep fans busy in the meantime.

Not known Donkey Kong Game is in development.

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