The bosses of the 30th Anniversary Pack have funny names

The Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack introduces new bosses in the Grasp of Avarice and Dares of Eternity dungeons, with some with hilarious names.

Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Bundle captures daredevil dungeons of eternally hilarious bosses

Fate 2Its 30th anniversary bundle is getting a lot of praise online for Dares of Eternity, with its fun dynamic that turns Xur and Starhorse into game hosts, as well as an engaging round of gameplay that’s also pretty cool. useful. Dares of Eternity is almost like a difference Fate 2 more than players are used to, with Xur translating Spacehorse’s “infinite neighborhood” into hilarious dialogue, even calling obstacles “completely annoying”, which feels satisfying strangely and at the same time completely devoid of character.


Another example is one of Xur’s iconic lines from his salesman moment Strange he says “his will is not his own”, but in Dares of Eternity , he uses the same line to describe Taken’s actions. There is a double meaning to this, considering that in time Fate 2Xur’s new activity seems to take orders from Starhorse to the point where he has to translate even out loud “good night, Xur”, much to the giggles of all the players.

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A Reddit user named AttomicRose shared a post with an attached image showing the name of one of the minibosses inside the Dares of Eternity, which is Kashh’n Pryzus, the Starhorse Treasurer. Of course, the name means “cash and prizes”, which is the overall theme of Dares of Eternity and Xur’s loot cave, with lots of Strange Coins and Treasure Keys drop to players based on difficulty level and if they get the Lightning Spin at the end. This is not the only boss in Fate 2However, the 30th Anniversary Pack has a funny name, as there are two more in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

The Dungeon Grasp of Avarice includes some Fate 2best booty, and while it’s more serious in terms of vibes than Dares of Eternity, it still comes with funny bosses. The first players to encounter are Phry’zhia, Insatiable, a Hive Ogre that relentlessly fires high-damage bullets. The name might be a way of saying “fries you”, as it completely destroys players who stay outdoors for too long. Another funny name is Shank’s miniboss during the dungeon’s final encounter, as it’s called R-M80, which means read “argh matey”, in a very mysterious way.

Despite all the silly dialogue a player might expect from Xur in Dares of Eternity, he still sell armor and exotic weapons as usual this weekend. When the player finds him in one of his familiar locations (Tower’s Hangar, EDZ’s Winding Cove, or Nessus ‘Watcher’s Grave), Xur remains his cryptic self, and he doesn’t seem to be. want to joke, unfortunately.

Fate 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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