‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Targets A Drunk Storm Hunter

Who is Boba Fett really? Most Star Wars icons gain such status with their role in the larger story or the performers behind them, or both. But the bounty hunter’s dual intro, first in animated form on Special for the Star Wars holiday, and then more formally in The Empire Strikes Back, has yet to respond to anything of properties beyond the Extended Universe (no longer canonical). Hell, Boba Fett’s death in Return of the Jedi mainly played for laughs, as Han Solo’s blindness temporarily pushes him into the Sarlaac Pit. In a moment of clarity foreshadowing George Lucas’ direction after the initial trio, pit after eating Boba.

Nearly 40 years after that digestive gag was once considered Fett’s last rite, Books by Boba Fett dropped on Disney+ for this sequel to this swashbuckling saga that fans have long loved. Immediately, the filmmakers show us the anti-hero (Temuera Morrison) emerging from his conqueror’s stomach. Watching this scene reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio leaning forward through the clear mud Avenger, only any hint of physical coercion is hidden beneath that iconic helmet. One thing’s for sure, kids: there’s no burping in this star wars.

Since then, the series premiere of the series, directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Jon Favreau, “Strangers in a Strange Land,” continues the tedious self-serious narratives across two timelines: immediately after. Return of the Jedi and right after the post-credits tease that limit A rather satisfying second part of Mandalorian, in which Boba Fett plays a key role. In the latter, Boba and his fierce ally Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen, a highlight) have taken over the palace of the late Jabba the Hutt on the desert planet Tatooine, presumably taking control of the throne. of dead slugs and criminal jurisdiction.

As the premiere focuses on shifting power in Tatooine’s criminal underworld, it shows some potential. It’s interesting to watch the different Tatooine residents define their relationship with Boba. Once in its groove, there’s a chance Books Boba Fett can grow into The Sopranos in space. But sadly, most of these 38 minutes are spent in flashbacks, which show Fett as a prisoner of a tribe of Tusken Raiders (I see we’re still ignoring that these people have only a bit of a connection problem). regarding Middle Eastern prejudice…) and how he earned their respect. This brutal plot story has all the plot of a series that makes fans so scared that it’s silly. What is it Mandalorian might look like without Grogu drinking soup or eating eggs is forbidden.

Like when we met Din Djarin, we got hints that Boba might not be such a bad guy. He offered to release a fellow prisoner in the Tusken camp. He also doesn’t seem to mind when the mayor of Mos Espa (a large town on Tatooine) looks down on him, sending his servants peacefully along the way instead of killing him. Morrison does his best to anchor it all, but it’s fleeting moments that don’t break the chilling tone Favreau and Rodriguez set. In a hilarious, unintentionally told early moment, Ludwig Goransson’s score spikes when a pair of droids don armor to Boba Fett. This character is treated as if he has gravitas in his DNA. It was the beginning of Batman and Robin without any cheeks.

And act dry like the overall vibe of the show unless Wen is in. A violent situation in the middle of the episode doesn’t spark interest until it turns into a rooftop foot chase that causes Fennec to leave Boba in the dust. Instead, the anti-hero is returned to his bacta tank, no longer the forces of evil fans shining on him. Part of Boba’s arc in the seven-episode season may have been to regain his fitness, which seems like the least enjoyable way to go about anything featured here, considering this show maybe it is in Sopranos in space.

“Morrison does his best to anchor it all, but it’s fleeting moments that don’t break the chilling tone Favreau and Rodriguez set.”

But fans wanted the “real” Boba Fett: not what the movies gave them, but what they imagined. This is the sad state of Star Wars today: writers consider its symbols sacred after fan backlash to Luke Skywalker showing the classes of man and making mistakes in The Last Jedi. And so here we are, a new series with no real identity. Even the concept art on the ending credits can’t escape the feeling of being borrowed from Mandalorian.

This premiere isn’t a total disaster, hinting at an impending larger crime story. But there’s nothing to chew on from this first chapter of Books by Boba Fett. Fingers announced that this is going to be the series to do, whatever with the character, but “Stranger in a Strange Land” is not an encouraging start. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but there’s nothing in this launch that you can’t get from the cover. And that’s been the case for Boba’s entire career with the excess fandom. It looks beautiful, but now that the creators of this program have had the opportunity to fill in the pages inside, it is annoying to read words that make no sense. ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Targets A Drunk Storm Hunter


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