The Book Of Boba Fett: Fennec Shand Deserves Better

At this point, the cast of characters in the Star Wars franchise is ridiculous. Some characters simply never get their day in the sun, no matter how close they come, or how fans want them to appear on stage. Books by Boba Fett is an entire show built around one character with minimal importance to the plot of the original series, who was completely attached to the love of so many fans. Fett’s first solo outing comes with second fan treat, new fitness director role for breakout Mandalorian supporting character Fennec Shand.


Fennec Shand was introduced in season 1, episode 5 of Mandalorian, titled “The Gunslinger.” In the episode, Shand is a high-priced bounty that Din Djarin accepts as a target. Mando takes the job with an upstart, eager to make a name for himself by bringing in an extremely dangerous bonus. Some gimmicky dialogue brought fans to tears Information about ShandMando describes her as an assassin employed by every major crime family and a major threat.

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Fans first saw her in action when she shot the famous bounty hunter with a modified sniper rifle from a great distance. Mando devises a clever plan to overtake her, slamming into her high-speed bike while firing lightning bolts into the air to temporarily blind her. Rookie misfires on a charge, and in just one apparent moment, she can blow up Mando’s grounding plane while it’s in motion. The rookie approached her, and after a brief skirmish, which she easily won, Mando held her back with a gun and handcuffed her for transport. Shand convinces the rookie to turn against Djarin, but, instead of releasing her, the novice shoots her in the stomach and leaves her to die.

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She reappears the following season, complete with magnetically-controlled replacement organs and a new job as muscle for Boba Fett. The famous bounty hunter who saved her from a macabre fate and provided her with the technology to ensure her survival led her to join Din Djarin’s quest to rescue the Child from Moff Gideon. As a result, Shand is present in most of the late game battles throughout season 2 of Mandalorian. This allows her to show off her skills, but that’s the anime series Bad lot that explored a bit of her backstory.

Shand appeared at the height of his bounty hunting career in the animated series, making his debut as a villain against the famed crew. Shand dueled the famous bounty hunter Cad Bane and won. She’s performed some truly amazing feats of skill in her first few appearances. She doesn’t win every fight, but she’s established and re-established as a strong and interesting character. So when things become clear, she will get a little more attention as a planetary campaigner. in Books by Boba Fett, the fans were very excited. Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite like the level of focus she can guarantee.

Fennec Shand is a fun character, but she really stands out thanks to a stellar performance. Ming-Na Wen is one of the of those performers must really be a bigger problem than hers. Her biggest claim to fame is probably still her 1998 role in Magnolia Flower, but she excels in a variety of roles. From her exciting transformation as Chun-Li in the 90s Street fighter film in her seven years The leader’s minions to dozens of interesting parts on comedies over the years. Her performance as Shand isn’t entirely new to her, but she’s a great fit for the part. Fascinating, funny, confident, she’s the perfect shield for Fett while also being fun to watch for herself. Her performance alone conveys a lot of what fans love about the character.

For the first three episodes of the series, Shand really didn’t have much to do. She’s clearly not in the flashbacks that make up half of the show, and when it comes to the screen, she mostly just punishes Fett for looking weak. Her role in the story is primarily about pointing out all the ways in which Fett’s leadership differs from previous criminals. She does participate in a few fight scenes, even ending the first fight with Krrsantan, but she doesn’t do much to move the plot. Episode four is closest to the series being about her because it focuses heavily on the early stages of her relationship with Fett. Despite her almost regular presence, she mostly provides commentary or does what she has to say. The role of Shand could be taken by almost any character, and that’s a pity.

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Of course, the series with Boba Fett in the title would focus almost entirely on his actions, but it would be a waste to put a character as interesting as Fennec Shand and give her so little work to do. . It points to a bigger problem with Star Wars as the franchise, filling every role in the story with recognizable characters just to score points with longtime fans. Hope, Books by Boba Fett will give Fennec Shand the attention she deserves in its final episodes.

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