The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 4 Easter Eggs

The latest episode of the Disney Plus show Books by Boba Fett there are plenty of easter eggs that serial Star Wars followers will have a lot of fun enjoying. Some of those Easter eggs were well hidden and hidden. Others in Episode 4 of Books by Boba Fett was left out there open for anyone to see.

Of course, that’s the route any good easter egg hunt should take. In order to attract people and ensure that they really pay attention, there needs to be some experts on Star Wars source material can find. There also needs to be something well hidden so that the truly experts can be challenged and even have some bragging rights when it comes to the latter episode. The fourth episode of the season combined the two very well.


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Boba Fett’s Ship Appears

bobba fett ship's book

It seems funny to think that episode 4 of Books by Boba Fett This is the first time this particular ship has appeared in the Disney Plus show. It’s true that Boba and Fennec Shand pretty much walked everywhere they went and didn’t need to fly much, but given how iconic this ship is to Star Wars fans, it still stands out. .

Used to be called Slave 1, it’s now simply called “Boba Fett’s ship” but whatever it’s called, anyone who’s watched the former bounty hunter travel the galaxy knows this particular craft. It’s such a big reveal on the show that the two main characters pause for a moment and just move on.

A Nod To Aristotle

the book of the lynx get the easter egg

Is not all the easter eggs hidden in this episode belong to Books by Boba Fett back to other Star Wars stories. There was at least a little bit of a pretty deep dive. It’s also admittedly a bit stretched and more like a nod than a direct reference to Aristotle, but it’s certainly there. When Boba and Fennec Shand were discussing the fact that Tatooine’s crime bosses needed to come together and actually have someone take over, the former bounty hunter told the woman on his right that “right force hates a void.”

If this quote sounds familiar to the viewer, it’s because it’s a bit misleading about a famous quote by the Greek philosopher. Aristotle took a slightly different view when he famously said “nature hates a vacuum.” However, the feelings are roughly the same: a vacuum cannot exist in it because there is always something or someone there to fill the void. Boba hopes he is like that.

Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner

book boba get easter eggs volume 4

One of the first Easter eggs to appear in this episode of Books by Boba Fett was a guest from a very talented musician. When Boba delivered the critically injured Fennec Shand to the operator to replace enough of her body to keep her alive, the last person to perform the surgery was none other than Stephen Bruner, a.k.a. Thundercat . The Grammy Award-winning bass guitarist has even had little interest in Boba, commenting that he thinks the former bounty hunter is too old to be looking for body mods.

The performer who started with the group Suicidal Tendencies has since gone solo and has worked with such names as Erykah Badu, Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar. Had a lot of guests in Books by Boba Fett, but this seems to be the first time a Grammy-winning musician has appeared.

The Child and Boba Fett

The Book of Boba Fett Episode 4 Easter Egg Child

While Grogu is an important part of Mandalorian, he hasn’t appeared in the spinoff series… at least not yet. That’s not to say there weren’t a few winks and nods at the character on this week’s episode of Books by Boba Fett. In a scene where Fennec and Boba are trying to take down Sarlacc so the latter can try and get his armor, Fennec takes control to launch a bomb.

While the plot works and appears to kill the big beast, Boba makes sure his coworker doesn’t think she can fly hip, telling her not to touch his controls. This seems to be a callback Mandalorian when the header character delivers a similar line to Grogu. Of course, in The Child’s example, the character immediately touches more controls.

Peli .’s motto

boba's book take the easter egg motto peli

There were actually some callbacks Mandalorian this week though most of them are pretty vague. In a scene where Fennec and Boba are discussing repairing his ship, Fennec tells him that there are “good mechanics at Mos Eisley.”

This is almost certainly related to Peli Motto, a mechanic who assisted The Mandalorian and Grogu back in that series. Interestingly, this could be Second consecutive episode of Books by Boba Fett where Peli Motto was already an easter egg when viewers believed they spotted her walking in the background of a scene in Episode 3.


Boba's Book Gets Mandalorian Easter Eggs

The most obvious easter egg when it comes to Mandalorian was when Boba and Fennec were discussing how they could build an army to take over the Pyke Syndicate. She told the former bounty hunter that “credits can buy you muscle if you know where to look.”

As soon as she provided this line, the theme song for Mandalorian starts playing, with the obvious hint that the character will appear in an upcoming episode. The crossover makes sense since Boba Fett first appeared on that show again and Mandalorian Season 3 currently in production. The big question now is whether he will appear in Episode 5 or if he can be the big surprise that Temeura Morrison has hinted will appear in Episode 7.

Books by Boba Fett stream new episodes every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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