The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 1 Review

After almost a year of waiting, Disney Plus fans have finally seen the first episode of Books by Boba Fett. It’s a safe bet that longtime fans of the bounty hunter were delighted to see that he was tough as nails. On the other hand, the show raised the question of whether this Star Wars The story will essentially try and rewrite the character entirely from what the fan base knows of him. It feels like Lucasfilm understands the genre hit it have on it’s hand with Mandalorian but it feels as if the show is trying to walk on already good ground.


There is some real danger in seemingly following the exact same formula that has worked so well for so long Disney Plus Star Wars spinoff hits. The most important issue that the showrunners should stay away from at all costs is making it feel as if the stories and adventures are embodied in Books by Boba Fett just a little different about the adventures that took place in Mandalorian. It seems the curators of the new streaming series need to take note that The Mandalorian is a blank canvas. He’s a brand new character in the Star Wars universe and that means they can let his character go any direction they want. With Boba Fett, at least some familiarity with the character. Have an understanding of his motives. Ignoring that entirely and seemingly pretending as if he’s also brand new can be a pretty big mistake.

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Filling in the gaps in Boba Fett’s book


One thing that Books by Boba Fett did a great job is the answer one of the bigger questions in the Star Wars universe. How did Boba manage to get out of that Sarlacc’s stomach? The series showed in gruesome detail how he tried to escape. Waking up in the stomach of a massive monster, he saved himself using the equipment of a storm jumper who was not as lucky as he punched through Sarlacc’s stomach lining and eventually exploded. using his flamethrower. Obviously, it’s a big plus that the show doesn’t leave questions in the air for any real time. It’s interesting that that question arose in Boba’s time Mandalorian. It would be much less interesting if the bounty hunter’s escape remained a lingering question after the show’s first episode.

While watching him pull himself out of the Sarlacc pit is a good way to start a new series, the rest of his backstory feels a bit hollow. After escaping that peril, he was eventually captured by a tribe of Sand people, who essentially used him as a labor slave along with another prisoner. This is where the show doesn’t seem to attempt to subtly rewrite Boba Fett Star Wars fans know and love. It’s true that this character actually has quite a bit of screen time in the movies, he has shown enough that people can understand his character. That is to say, he doesn’t have much.

There’s a reason Boba Fett is a bounty hunter and not because he follows a code the way he does. Mandalorian To be. This is a spot where it looks like Disney is trying to walk same path for Books by Boba Fett as it did in the previous program. In a nutshell, Boba trying to help another prisoner when he could have simply escaped doesn’t feel like the man the audience met in the movie. The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. If that’s the only time the program tries to rewrite the previous bounty hunter, it can be ignored.

Betrayal of Boba Fett?

boba fett's book review

Either way, the secret shape or form isn’t a Disney Plus show that will see the character flip a new leaf. Few Books by Boba Fett rickshaw made it very clear to him that he wanted to be a kinder, gentler mob boss. That doesn’t make the way they’ve done it so far, quite troubling. There is a scene when a visiting dignitary begins to take the new criminal down to his own throne room. That takedown attempt was met with a polite “no thanks” and then sent messengers on his way.

Even if Boba Fett doesn’t want to dominate with the same kind of iron fist that Jabba the Hutt did, it feels like there is a happy medium between everyone who is always afraid for his life and no one who is afraid for his life. In what universe does a crime lord rule by letting people show no respect for them? Definitely not Star Wars The universe. There are other ways in which the show has made it clear that Boba is different from Jabba. He refuses to shoulder the staff’s shoulder into town. He says he prefers walking instead. That difference is enough to prevent the former bounty hunter from needing to transform into Mr. Rogers’ version of Tatooine.

There’s also the fact that the show doesn’t seem so sure about how consistently it wants to keep the kinder, gentler Boba. In the big fight scene of the first episode if Books by Boba Fett, the new crime boss completely annihilates one of the retreating attackers with a rocket. Later, when Fennec Shand was chasing some other members of the outlaw gang that attacked them, he yelled at her and told her not to kill them. That seems to be in direct contradiction to his approach. Perhaps that slip was supposed to show that Boba Fett was still struggling with his old self, but if it was, it was far more subtle than it should have been. It seems that the writers are not interested in his new creed because they want to show off his wonderful toys.

Hitherto, an episode of Books by Boba Fett which seems to suggest that a person who turns pale whenever he has to use deadly violence seems so far away for the Star Wars universe. The fact that they did it with a character who had no problem with any form of violence the last time he appeared on the big screen made the whole effort feel particularly daunting.

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3 out of 5 (Good)

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