The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 1 Easter Eggs

Now it’s the premiere of Books by Boba Fett out there in nature, Star Wars fans can see that there are all sorts of different easter eggs hidden in its footage. There are callbacks to the original trilogy, as well as more recent pieces of content, including those seen in The most recent season of Mandalorian. Some of those easter eggs are more popular and obvious than others. Some are quite a bit more subtle.


When it comes to Star Wars universe, there’s quite a bit of content to take from. Because Lucasfilm wanted to make sure that Boba Fett was properly included in this particular universe’s rules, director Robert Rodriguez included in the first episode of the season a few callbacks. Part of that is things that Boba has been particularly present in in the past. Others have given a nod to what fans of the series have seen even in the character’s absence.

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Bacta Pod

Bacta Pod

While the inclusion of this particular tool Books by Boba Fett used to help Boba recover after he spent days (or weeks, not entirely) in the desert, Star Wars fans may have recognized the Bacta Pod from many earlier versions in the series. Franchising. This medical device is also the tool that brought Luke Skywalker back from the brink The Empire Strikes Back. That makes this a bigger easter egg than one might think at first, like Empire was the first time Boba Fett was seen on film.

Stranger in a Strange Land episode name

stranger in a strange land book

Not all easter eggs in Books by Boba Fett Episode 1 handling Star Wars History. In fact, the title is a very obvious name for two literary works. The first is the scriptures, specifically a phrase spoken by Moses in Exodus 2:22 as his people walked through the desert. It is also the title of one of the great science fiction novels in history, Stranger in a Strange Land. Robert Heinlein’s novel concerns a character stranded on a largely desert Mars. In that book there is a scene where the hero shares some water with others as a sign of brotherhood, just as Boba did with the chief of the Sandman near the end of the episode.

Jabba’s barge

Jabba's barge in The Book of Boba Fett

One of the biggest fan service easter eggs in the entire first episode of Books by Boba Fett happens when the former bounty hunter is emerging from Sarlacc’s stomach and slithering through the sand. In the background, viewers can recognize some debris. However, these are not any old debris reclaimed by the desert. This time, that crashed ship is none other than the barge with a lot of action at the top Return of the Jedi took place. This particular barge exploded during the fight and also injured Boba in the Sarlacc crater in the first place.

The Helper Droid

droid torture in book of boba fett

That droid is help Boba and Fennec Shand welcome visitors to their newly acquired palace called 8D8. Turns out this isn’t the first time this particular droid has appeared in Star Wars The universe. However, the first time the audience sees him, he is practicing the rather disgraceful profession of torturing droids. It seems that his inclusion in this new job was quite intentional, as it served to represent the “new leaf” that had been turned over in Jabba’s old palace that Boba was in charge of.

New (Old) Sarlacc . interface


Looks like director Robert Rodriguez threw a bit of shade the way George Lucas did in the premiere of Books by Boba Fett. Lucas is a popular creator when it comes to his first trilogy and several re-releases. That tinkering included changing the look of Sarlacc from the first time it appeared on screen, to new versions of the same movie. The final redraws added a beak-like appearance to the creature in the pit. However, when Boba Fett managed to explode the way he came out of the creature’s stomach, the wide photograph shows that there is no beak. It seems that Rodriguez decided to go with the original appearance of the creature and essentially try to wipe away the changes George Lucas made.

Return of Max Rebo

max rebo

One of the more cheerful easter eggs in Books by Boba Fett was when former bounty hunter and Fennec Shand visited one of the clubs they now own in Mos Espa. Among the tamer-type entertainment is some live music performed by none other than Max Rebo. The blue creature was last seen playing his music in Jabba’s palace. It seems he had no trouble finding work even after his boss passed away.

Use chains to kill monsters

Boba Fett uses chains to kill monsters

Like sharing a water source with one of the Sandmen, one of the coolest things about easter eggs is more about the parasite than anything else. During the great fight that allowed Boba to gain his freedom, he used a chain to strangle the monster that was overpowering everyone around. It’s like a very clear nod to Return of the Jedi and how Princess Leia finally kill Jabba the Hutt. In fact, he managed to get behind the creature and strangle it using the same type of move that knocked Jabba down. There are all sorts of connections here, including the fact that both murders took place in the same desert and that Boba actually attended the party that Jabba threw on his barge and then was killed.

Mos Espa

Mos Espa

There are actually two Cities on Tatooine are famous among Star Wars fan. Mos Eisley may be best known, as that’s where Luke visits with Obi-Wan, but Mos Espa, the city Boba goes to in this first episode, is also very scandalous. That’s where Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) was born.

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