The Book Of Boba Fett Book Review Volume 6

Is the sixth episode of the Disney Plus series Books by Boba Fett has come and gone, one that seems to be slipping into focus. What the public thinks is the point of this program may not be the issue. Perhaps this is never the beginning of another TV series that will have multiple seasons and truly examine a bounty hunter’s journey to becoming a crime boss.

Maybe the show was always meant as a way for Lucasfilm and Disney Plus to set the stage for what happens next. If the hosts had been upfront and honest about it from the start, perhaps the perception of the show could have been different. It will still be annoying and some episodes will still be terrible, but at least it won’t be too confusing.


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Now that the program’s goals seem clearer, there are still plenty of questions about why the people in charge do things the way they do. At the top of the list of questions is why Boba’s Book tend to want to spend more time on the least interesting aspects of the story each week. It could simply be a by-product of the program’s larger goal. The series is all about establishing the myths of display as Ahsoka and Obi-Wan. There is also the question of why in the world, for the second week in a row, the protagonist hasn’t had a single line of dialogue. The series is seven episodes long and two of them don’t have Boba Fett saying a thing. At least he showed up this week? Although it only lasted for a second and his countrymen had all the lines.

Is Easter already?


Episode 5 of Books by Boba Fett made it clear that even though the show is supposed to be a spin-off, Mandalorian will play a major role in the final episodes of this first (final?) season. He’s once again front and center at the beginning and end of this episode and luckily, Episode 6 has been quite a bit better than its predecessor. There are still some really, really serious pacing issues, but at least the change in tone from extremely serious to slightly comical isn’t too jarring.

Mando isn’t the only person in the Star Wars universe to appear in this particular episode of The Book of Boba Fett. The official title of this episode may be “From the Desert Comes a Stranger”, but it may also be called “From Dave Filoni Comes Comes Massive Fan Service.” The promotional image could be Oprah telling people they all received an Easter egg.

Apart from Mando, there is not one, not two, not three but five appearances by celebrities Star Wars other personality Star Wars Franchising. There’s even more than a nod to the animation Clone Wars series. While it’s always great to see the entire Star Wars universe tied together with a nice and neat bow, two full episodes of this seem like a bit much. Especially when spending so much time on the wrong part of that universe.

Make time for the wrong things…again

Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 Skywalker

At the beginning of Books by Boba Fett, there is some concern that too much time will be spent in flashbacks than what is happening in the “now”. The previous two episodes had a very similar problem, even if the stories being focused on were different. Episode 5 spent way too much time watching Mando build his new ship. This episode spent too much time on Grogu training to be a Jedi. While again, those scenes are a great fan service, doesn’t it seem like it’s not just not particularly entertaining but perhaps all for naught? Why spend so much time on plot that the show itself tells the audience not to go further?

On the other hand, there wasn’t nearly enough time for Boba to fight the Pyke Syndicate. Each scene that spends time on that particular story is interesting and engaging. One by one. And yet, it takes up about 10 minutes of the entire show. It’s clear that Episode 7 will focus on that plot, but there could certainly be more stories in that direction and the episode could have of Books by Boba Fetthitherto.

It continues to be interesting to watch the writers of Books by Boba Fett obviously more interested in others. They seem to be trying to convince the audience to do the same. There are easily the best lines of the show and probably the entire series was delivered in this episode and they were delivered by people who weren’t the main characters. In fact, Episode 6 went a long way to making it clear that it should have created a spin-off series that focused on a different character altogether and not Boba Fett.

When dust settles on this particular episode of Books by Boba Fett, it shows a slightly better episode than the one immediately preceding it. However, it also shows an episode where the people who put the show together seem to spend too much time on the least enjoyable aspects when there’s so much time and energy to spend elsewhere. The good news comes out that the end of the season or the end will focus on much of what could have made this episode so great. The bad news is that there’s absolutely no guarantee that will actually happen considering how many mistakes they’ve made along the way so far. Finally, it looks like this is the sixth time in a row Books by Boba Fett go out of its way failed to capture the success of the show it filmed.

Books by Boba Fett airs every Wednesday on Disney Plus

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3 out of 5 (Good)

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