The biggest video game controversy of 2021

It’s hard to believe it, but 2021 has finally come to an end. It’s been a long, eventful year for sure and the promise of more great games coming out in 2022. But while 2021 is filled with great announcements and awe-inspiring games Surprisingly, it is also full of controversies from small things to shaking with huge impacts. Here are the biggest controversies.

Activision Blizzard Battles Workplace Harassment and more

Intervention of the ABK DFEH EEOC lawsuit

Nothing is more defining for the games industry in 2021 than Activision Blizzard’s Problems with Harassment, Maliciousness, and Sexism. The company has repeatedly failed to resolve the controversy, regularly taking steps that only add to its negative reputation. Employees have left, investigations have been opened, and both workers and the public are calling for CEO Bobby Kotick to be removed from his post. The company is embroiled in a protracted legal battle and does not seem to take employee complaints seriously, which has frustrated everyone involved in the situation.


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Ubisoft’s tumultuous year

ubisoft at E3

While struggling with many of the same issues as Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft’s case isn’t so dire. However, the publishing giant has made significant blunders over the past year, grappling with its own toxic work environment, major blunders with new game announcements, and hard-to-get notifications. Ubisoft Quartz, a new NFT initiative the company has created. Ubisoft has some big games on the horizon, but its reissue has been tarnished in the last year.

GameStop Stock Mess Stirs Wall Street

Complaints by GameStop employees

It seems like a long time ago, but no game-related 2021 event gets as much mainstream news as it does. GameStop stock trading failed, saw a group of investors from the r/WallStreetBets subreddit inflate GameStop’s stock price after learning it was being sold short by Wall Street bankers. Following that, a series of controversies poured into other areas, such as AMC securities and Dogecoin. This situation has prompted discussions about who should be allowed to invest and whether mass market manipulation by individuals should be allowed.

The Calamity of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy

The image shows the box shape for the Grand Theft Auto trilogy.

Rockstar Games is in an interesting, though certainly complicated, position. The company found lasting success in Grand Theft Auto Online, the platform that has become the current foundation for Grand Theft Auto as a franchise. However, fans are clamoring for Grand Theft Auto 6 and there is no real information about it. Released by Rockstar Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Final Edition to help retain fans, but it was a disaster. Each of the three games was plagued with issues, lackluster visual overhauls, and other issues that frustrated fans. Making matters worse, Rockstar pulled the original games from sale and took a tough stance against mods that remake the three games in the trilogy, often with better results than Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Definitive Edition .

Blue Box Overhypes and Under Delivery game when abandoned

blue box developer death threats abandoned

It’s not uncommon for developers to tease their games, but Blue Box Games has taken things too far with Abandoned, and in doing so, the company erased any good faith that the general gaming audience had in both its project, Abandoned, and the studio itself. The developer based on rumors that Abandoned is a reboot of Silent Hill, hyping up an earlier trailer and playing koi when it was rumored that the studio was related to Hideo Kojima. The entire downfall yielded no results for Blue Box, but rather the equivalent of the studio setting itself on fire.

PlayStation Try shutting down the PS3, PSP and PS Vita stores


Despite having a good year, PlayStation has its own controversies. Although it pales in comparison to some of the larger problems, PlayStation tries to close PS3, PSP and PSP stores was met with fierce criticism. Longtime fans reported concerns about the preservation of the game as well as the usability of older consoles in general. Apparently, Sony didn’t anticipate the reaction to be nearly as bad as it received, and the company ultimately reversed the decision. While the PSP store will still be down, PS3 and PS Vita will remain safe for at least a while.

Bungie report reveals toxic culture


One of the most recent entries on the list, Bungie has recently been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. A report published by IGN details problems Bungie employees face, including harassment, boys’ club culture and a host of other issues. In the time since, Bungie management has promised sweeping changes at the company. On Twitter, the developers shared about the situation, many realizing that there were problems, even if they weren’t directly affected by them. All of this happened against the backdrop of Bungie’s celebrations, complicating the situation even more.

Battle Pass and Halo Infinite Evolution


Halo Infinite was well-received, but its monetization and progression were an entirely different story. Its multiplayer came as a surprise during Xbox’s Anniversary rollout, a huge win for Microsoft and a huge achievement for 343 Industries. Multiplayer gameplay is the perfect balance between modern and traditional gameplay. However, Iinfinite ‘s Battle Pass and progress was controversial when it was first released. Progress is slow, as players must complete super-specific challenges to earn their way through the Battle Pass. This has led to a general lack of trust between players and Halo Infinite’s monetization operations.

Metroid Dread fails with credit developers

meteor fear background

If anything is true about the game, it’s the people who make them work incredibly hard to make sure the game is the best it can be. This is also true for Metroid Dread, It has received glowing reviews and stands as one of the best demonstrations of why the Switch OLED is a meaningful upgrade. However, the developer MercurySteam drops the names of former employees from its credits, a move that has been widely criticized by both developers and the Internet at large.

Nintendo 64 expansion packs don’t exist to the point of hype

nintendo 64 . expansion pack control problem

The Nintendo 64 is a console favorite, so Nintendo’s announcement that the system will be added Nintendo Switch Online has some buzz. However, it also comes with the stipulation that fans will need to upgrade their subscription if they want access to each bundled game. For many people, the price hike is enough to turn their back on the service, but upgraded services run into a different set of problems. Emulators leave something unwanted, resulting in games that feel worse to play if they are included in a user-generated emulator.

Resident Evil Village’s plagiarism boss battle


Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of 2021, Resident Evil Village managed to earn a Game of the Year nomination at this year’s Game of the Year Awards show. However, Dutch filmmaker Richard Raaphorst alleges Capcom of the enemy plagiarism after that Resident Evil Village released, with some hard-to-dismiss similarities between the two. The incident involved an enemy with a computer turbine on his head, which Capcom also released.

Six Days in the Return of Fallujah

six days in Fallujah . soldiers

A realistic war game set during the Second Battle of Fallujah following the story of the soldiers there is obviously a bad idea, that’s why Six days in Fallujah was never released in the first place. However, 2021 sees the announcement that Six days in Fallujah is coming back, was immediately met with a wave of criticism. Since then, Six days in Fallujah It’s been more or less quiet, although it looks like its not-so-great release is still in the works.

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Twitch Hate Raids goes without clothes

Twitch logo

Ask Twitch streamers – and viewers – what are the hottest topics on the platform this year, and many will say hate raids. In the past, hacks were seen as a positive thing, as major streamers would direct their audiences to newcomers to help build audiences of newcomers. That has changed, however, and it is not uncommon to see a wave of harassment targeting a small channel, often those of the LGBT community or part of another disparaged group. Twitch has taken some small steps to fix the problem, but hate attacks are still a big problem on the platform.

The price of Xbox Live almost went up

xbox live logo

Xbox Live has become an interesting proposition in 2021, as fans are getting significantly more value from Xbox Game Pass for just a little more. Thus, Xbox could guess kicking the wasp’s nest when it tried Standard Xbox Live Gold subscription price increase this early year. While the price increase isn’t huge, starting at an additional dollar for the monthly option, Xbox hasn’t done anything to add value to the service. The internet immediately began comparing the value of PlayStation Plus, and the response was so negative that Xbox reversed course later that day.

God of War Ragnarok Reveals Controversy

features god of war ragnarok angrboda

If there’s one event that shows how vile and vile gamers are, it’s the “controversy” surrounding Ragnarok’s God of War disclosure. Fans criticized the role of Angrboda, who in Norse mythology is Loki’s mate. Angrboda is Black, which gamers from a particularly vocal subset of the Internet cling to and use as an excuse to spew hate. By Ragnarok developer and cast. It was a disgusting performance, but has become commonplace in the game industry.

Many of the entries on this list will stretch into 2022, as companies prepare for legal battles and work toward fixing their image. Unfortunately, 2022 will also have brand new controversies to deal with. For those who just want to relax with games at the end of a long day, the best thing to do is disconnect, sit back and keep a positive attitude while playing.

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Image from GTA Trilogy showing the three main characters in each game.
Rockstar offers free games to anyone who buys GTA Trilogy on PC

It looks like Rockstar is doing all it can to fix the damage the GTA Trilogy remaster has caused, including giving away a free PC game.

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