The Biggest Game of February 2022 Might Not Be Elden Ring Or Horizon

Even with Saints Row delayed in August, February 2022 still looks to be a big month for video games. Near the end of many companies’ fiscal year, February presents an opportunity for publishers and developers to get a full month’s worth of revenue before the book closes in 2021.

However, with so many games being released in February 2022, it’s still unclear which could actually become the best-selling titles this time around. There were at least three major game drops at some point in February, as well as a highly anticipated expansion, making things even harder to predict. However, chances are the game no one expected will actually be the most successful.


Dying Light 2 is the Dark Horse

Last month, Dying Light 2 Techland developer announced that it would move from a December 2021 release date to a February 2022 release date. It seems like an odd shift since February is already so crowded (this was announced in advance. Saints Row delay, by the way), but think about it more, it can actually still work in Dying light Preference of 2.

For starters, Dying Light 2 is currently the first major game to release in February, on the 4th. For many people, the first game available is hard to resist, regardless of quality. Not to mention, coming out in a relatively mild fall 2021, many gamers will likely be excited to get their hands on something fresh. Dying Light 2 swooped in to fit that bill.

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Another advantage Dying Light 2 there is its hybrid state. Techland plans to release Dying Light 2 on every major platform, Nintendo Switch included. So no matter what platform gamers own, there will be a new game for them on February 4th. Admittedly, Elden Ring is also a cross-generation game, but it has no plans for a Switch version.

In ours preview of Dying Light 2 in the first day of this month, we played the PS4 version of Dying Light 2 and it runs surprisingly well. Obviously, there have been some visual downgrades compared to the PC and next-gen versions of the game, but it’s a positive sign that Techland is ready to introduce final-gen versions. Whenever a developer prepays a game, there are less Cyberpunk 2077 feeling.

More, Dying Light 2 have broader appeal Elden Ring. Most Games from best selling software and even win tons of prizes, but they’re not for everyone. For example, the difficulty curve is widely known to be a deterrent for some players. On the other hand, Dying Light 2 less focus on being challenged, and more focused on killing zombies.

Horizon: Forbidden West’s PS5 Sales Potential

Horizon Forbidden West's Giant Settlement Improvement

Another big new title to be released in February 2022 is Horizon: Forbidden West, but it is exclusive to PlayStation. Correct, Horizon: Zero Dawn sold over 10 million copies for PS4 and Western Forbidden are most likely on PS4 and PS5, but exclusive features are often limited in their overall reach. For the curious, first Dying light Reportedly sold 17 million copies since launch.

When Horizon: Forbidden West and Elden Ring can be considered as Dying Light 2is the biggest competition, it will also compete for attention with Fate 2Witch Queen Expansion. However, mileage may vary when investing in a Sorceress Queen, so it is possible to combine both games.

Which game should you buy in February 2022?

For many gamers, the choice will be easy: take them all. But for those on a tight budget or only interested in a particular genre, perhaps one of these options will suffice.

However, when it comes to which of these games are likely to sell best, Dying Light 2 could very well surprise everyone. It has quite a few factors that work in its favor, even if both Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West can get more attention online.

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