The biggest announcements from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s August trailer

From the announcement of the next Pokemon the region name to the new gameplay gimmick coming in Pokemon Scarlet and violet, August’s Pokemon Presents contained a ton of information. While the first half of the 19-minute presentation included news about The Pokemon Company’s other projects that have been updated this year, the second half was dedicated to the two main lines Pokemon Title planned for November.

Some of the information presented seems to confirm some of the leaks that have been spreading across the internet Pokemon Community, overall it gives players a good idea of ​​what to expect when diving into the Paldea region Pokemon Scarlet and violet start later this year. In fact, August 2022 saw a series of major revelations Pokemon Scarlet and violet Follower.


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Paldea: A region of freedom and discovery

Today’s trailer has been confirmed Pokemon Scarlet and violet takes place in the brand new region of Paldea. These new titles are the first Pokemon games will become true open-world role-playing games and will reportedly let players travel around the region without restrictions. Players start from one of two version-dependent schools, either Naranja or Uva Academy, to discover new Pokémon, meet friends and allies, and see everything the region has to offer. Several different biomes were shown in the new trailer, ranging from snowy tundra to rocky wastelands and lush plains. As expected, the Paldea region thrives with Pokémon in all different environments, and the player is tasked with documenting it.

Travel in style

The two Legendary Pokémon, Koraidon and Miraidon, the box art, are introduced earlier in Pokemon Scarlet and violet, and serve as the player’s adventure partner. Not only will they accompany the player on their journey, players can also ride these two Legendaries, each with unique forms that allow them to move quickly across land, sea, and air. You can even scale cliffs with ease, making traversing the Paldea region a breeze. While the rumored third Legendary Pokemon hasn’t been shown, the two main ones appear to be an integral part of the core gameplay of Pokemon Scarlet and violet.

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A new type of gym challenge and multiple stories

be an open world Pokemon Game means some important changes need to be made. In previous titles, players progressed in a set arena order. However inside Pokemon Scarlet and violetPlayers can tackle the Gyms in any order. The trailer introduced players to one of the Gym Leaders in the Paldea region: Grusha, Paldea’s Ice-type Gym Leader who runs the Glaseado Arena. While it’s currently unclear how the game will balance arena levels, this unprecedented freedom in arena challenge is certainly appreciated.

In addition to the arena challenge, players can also embark on two more untold stories to explore. The Pokemon Presents Showcase has been confirmed Pokemon Scarlet and violet contains three stories, and while not much is known about the other two yet, a few clips from the trailer give clues as to what players could expect. One shot shows a futuristic jet-like car possibly tied to one of them, perhaps alluding to the rumors that Pokemon Scarlet and violet show themes of the past and future.

After that, a separate shot shows one of the new characters, Arven, who is a high school student at the player’s school. Arven and the player character examine a bright pink plant that may be linked to the newly added Terastal mechanic scarlet and violet. It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if the game wanted to delve further into the regional gimmick and explain this new feature.

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New and returning Pokemon

It would be nothing new Pokemon Trailers if there weren’t monsters for fans to rave about. Today’s trailer showed off many fan favorites making a comeback, like Houndoom, Arcanine, Sawsbuck (with his multiple forms), and Scizor. Among the returning Pokemon is a regional form for Wooper. Paldean Wooper looks similar to his Johto counterpart, except it’s brown and features a new Poison/Ground-type combo not seen since Generation 1’s Nidoking and Nidoqueen. While fans currently don’t know if Quagsire will get a Paldean form or Wooper will evolve into a brand new Pokemon, this confirms that there will be more regional forms scarlet and violet.

In addition to the returning Pokémon, two brand new monsters were also shown in the trailer: Cetitan and Fidough. Cetitan is used by Grusha, a pure Ice-type Pokemon. It has the Fat Fat and Slush Rush Abilities, and hopefully this big whale is strong enough to make waves as a powerful Ice-type Pokémon for a change. The other newcomer is the adorable Fidough, a bread-and-bread dog who is a pure fairy type. Fidough has the Self Pace ability in-game, but his true power seems to be stealing the hearts of everyone on the internet. Hopefully Fidough will grow into an even bigger, cooler bread dog since he’s at home on every Pokémon team.

Tera Raids and Terastal Pokémon

Last but not least comes the new gimmick Pokemon Scarlet and violet: Terastal Pokémon. As with almost every other mechanic in the past, Terastal Pokémon only appear in Paldea, and when Pokémon Terastalize glow, they shine like crystals with a crown-like crystal formation above their heads. Terastalized Pokémon have stronger moves and improved stats, making them a potent threat in battle.

All Pokemon found in the Paldea region can Terastallize, and the process can even change a Pokemon’s typing. Every Pokemon has a Tera type, and the same Pokemon can be found in the wild with different Tera types. The example in the Pokemon Presents video is an Eevee that usually has a normal Tera type, but others can be found with types like Flying. Another example is the pre-order bonus, which gives players a Pikachu with a flying Tera-type.

In addition to Terastal Pokemon, Tera Raids are added scarlet and violet. In those raids that seem to share similar mechanics Pokémon sword and Sign‘s Dynamax Raids, players work together and fight against a powerful Terastal Pokémon. not how sword and Sign‘s raid battles, Tera Raids aren’t turn-based, as the four trainers can use moves without waiting. They can also “cheer on” their teammates to give stat buffs if their Pokemon don’t know supporting moves. There will be different ratings for the raids, just like in sword and Signand players can tackle them alone, through matchmaking, or with friends using link codes.

Many big changes are ahead Pokemon Scarlet and violet, from the new Terastal Pokémon to more details about the Paldea region. While many of the scarlet and violet Leaks are yet to be confirmed, some leaked information has been shown in this lengthy presentation. One thing is certain: Pokemon Scarlet and violet develop into quite a unique experience for Pokemon Fans, even walk away from this presentation alone. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait much longer for more information.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 18th.

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