The big pitfalls that Dead Space Remake must avoid

Dead space is a venerable classic of the survival horror genre, and sci-fi shooter that has been terrifying players since its release in 2008. It has spawned two sequels, as well as two sequels. a manga prequel, an anime adaptation, and a Dead space The remake is slated for release in 2022.

However, the new title will face stiff competition from other sci-fi horror games like Callisto . protocol, the developer of Striking Distance Studios founded by one of the Dead space co-creator, Glen Schofield. If Dead space rework, do it again To recapture the success of its predecessor, it must avoid a number of pitfalls that threaten to drag it into the void.


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How Dead Space Became a Horror Classic

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The first Dead space has been released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and is an attempt to implant the survival horror gameplay and atmosphere of titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill into an outer space context. Developed by EA Redwood Shores – later known as the Visceral Game before the final closure – the title features a silent protagonist, Isaac Clarke, exploring a troubled mining ship. USG Ishimura.

On board, he battles not only the ship’s terrifying legion of Necromorphs, but also his own deteriorating state of mind. The game’s puzzling story unfolds through a third-person perspective similar to Resident Evil 4and there are environmental puzzles to break through the frenetic and scary shooting action.

Dead space received rave reviews for its creepy atmosphere, creepy creature design, stress-inducing soundtrack, and creative split mechanics. It was also praised for its immersive HUD, with mission objectives and main story cadence communicated through a three-dimensional overlay to avoid game interruptions, and Isaac’s health depicted through a colored tube in the background. the back of his suit.

The game’s sequels differ from the original’s formula, with Dead Space 2 silent Isaac Clarke says more personality (and humorously defamatory), and Dead Space 3 includes an additional protagonist to support its co-op mode. However, the third installment was not a commercial success, and the closure of Visceral Games sent the franchise adrift in the abyss.

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The pitfalls that Dead Space Remake must avoid


The revival of the horror series delighted fans of the original trilogy, but Dead space The remake might not be as successful as the most recent installment in the series if it doesn’t avoid some potential problems. Producer, EA’s Motive Studios, must resist the urge to imitate other modern AAA releases and keep in mind what was created Dead space very popular from the very beginning.

The first and foremost risk is that the developer decides to follow Dead Space 3 sample and make the new game focus on action rather than horror. Dead space is a scary game and a slow-paced opening, followed by a sudden and brutal reveal of Necromorphs is one of the the best intros in game history. The Last Of Us 2 demonstrated that horror games can still be cinematic and action-packed without sacrificing the occasional tension and horror that determines their effectiveness, which Dead space remake should simulate

Another problem that can occur on reboot is too much buffering. In spite of first person Dead space At the time, its main game lasted about 11 hours, which would be considered short by modern standards. AAA developers often pack hours of content into modern titles, but what if Dead space the remake turns out to be a clunky open-world game, or in other words if it’s overstated how welcoming it is, the atmosphere can completely evaporate. Fans of the franchise will expect a light, unsettling, perfectly paced survival horror experience.

Silent protagonists are less fashionable in modern games than they were in 2008, and fans have been told that Isaac Clarke will be more talkative in Dead space rework, do it again. However, if the game is set to increase the amount of dialogue, Motive must ensure that the text follows the standards of the names of Isaac Clarke, Arthur C, and Asimov. Another slick or substandard scenario can quickly erode any fear of the game. brilliant creature design, the light in the air and the haunting environment manage to evoke, turning the title from a sci-fi horror epic into a bloody space opera.

One final issue that must be addressed is the inclusion of microtransactions Dead Space 3. This decision is certainly a final nail in the game’s coffin, and has received heavy criticism from reviewers and fans alike. Microtransactions are simply not suitable for an action-adventure game that not only immerses players but also runs the risk of being seen as a shameless game of money. It seems clear that if the Engine wants its Dead space rework for success, including microtransactions in the game could prove more destructive than a cargo hold full of Necromorphs.

Dead space remains a truly classic survival horror, and Motive Studios faced the challenge of creating a remake that was both faithful to the original and appealing to a modern audience. The fact that the first game is less than a decade old brings even more difficulty, as a simple graphical overhaul won’t be enough to convince gamers of the quality of the remake. Developers will need to go the extra mile and take risks if they want to succeed, while avoiding some of the pitfalls that have plagued other remakes. Fans eagerly await the results of Motive’s efforts in 2022, when they hope – contrary to the old adage – that in space, there’s plenty of shrill screams.

NS Dead space rework, do it again release late 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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