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For many fans of the franchise, it was a relatively dark day when Fallout 76 has been released. It’s the most dramatic change made to the post-apocalyptic blockbuster in over a decade, introducing an online-only MMORPG platform to the lineup. It’s a title that was hit hard at launch and has been in constant battle ever since, with Bethesda Game Studios not wanting to give up on the game.

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Since 2018, when Fallout 76 has been released, one thing that is relatively consistent in the game is the constant addition of world events. From the most meaningless events to the most impactful ones in the game, there’s a huge list of world events for players to enjoy. While some of these events are seasonal and others are brought in and out of the rotation for no real reason, they are all unique in their own right.

ten Horde’s Enemy

First introduced when the game launched, the Enemy Horde world event is one of the best for three main reasons. Firstly, the nature of the event provides the player with a guaranteed Legendary kill, as well as an event marked as inevitable of the ‘daily challenge’ type. Furthermore, it can often bring in more than a dozen enemies, depending on the type of enemy that swarms. Actually.

As players can imagine, this is a boon for any MMORPG player, as it guarantees a significant XP boost and loot boost in a very short window. If a player is logged in and the first thing they do is join an Enemy world event, they can overcome several challenges in a single sweep.

9 Back on the Beat

Back on the Beat is cute but intense Fallout 76 The world event sees the player defending a friendly robot as he inspects safe rooms around a town. It’s your typical escort mission, but instead of a cranky, weak character, players are protecting Steelheart, a cute police-themed robot who is determined and desperately just wants to maintain the useful.

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For the newcomers Fallout 76, it’s an easy world event that offers high rewards, including hats, XP, and most importantly, loot. There should be a waste to over two dozen ghouls during the event, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get land in Morgantown.

8 Violation and clarity

Located in the smoldering Ash Heap region of Appalachian, Breach and Clear is a brilliant world event for any cesspool dweller looking for crafting ingredients. In Breach and Clear, a mining machine appears, opening up ore stores and crafting supplies for lucky players. There’s a hitch, though – to secure the payload, players will need to fight off waves of Mole Miners.

This is a world event that is suitable for relatively new players and features a real loot party to be collected. Since there are many Mole Mines to fight, there are plenty of weapons and items to pick up, as well as dozens of items that you’ll secure from the miner.

7 Uranium Sauce

If there’s a better event to antagonize Mole Miners, we don’t know what it is. In Uranium Fever, located in the Blackwater Mine, the player must protect uranium harvesters from bloodthirsty Mole Mines. By activating these harvesters, players will ring the bell for what can sometimes be hundreds of Mole Miners, which will spawn for the duration of the event.

It’s a great event for ‘agriculture’, as players will completely end up killing dozens of Mole Miners before the event ends. As an added bonus, many of these Mole Miners will be legendary enemies, always appreciated in a Fallout 76 world events.

6 Fasnacht Day

Fasnacht Day is a major symbol in the world Fallout 76, despite being a seasonal world event. It was first introduced in the Wild Appalachian update that aired in 2019, and since then, the seasonal event has appeared at least twice a year. It’s an engaging and fun event with a lot of focus on community collaboration, which is a real winning point for players.

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On Fasnacht Day, the player must complete a series of quests before the Fasnacht Day parade can begin, with bots being walked around the Helvetia settlement. It’s a great world event for collectors, as there are several Fasnacht masks to randomly collect that drop at the end of the event.

5 A huge problem

It could be argued that the Colossal Problem is perhaps the most terrifying world event of all Fallout 76. Not only is it set in the deep darkness of the Monongah Mine, but it’s also billed as an ‘endgame’ world event, with players needing to battle one of the toughest bosses in the entire game. Did we mention that this boss is an extremely strong and resilient wendigo, about 20 feet tall and boasting three heads?

There’s an intense fight going on as part of this event, introduced in June 2020 as part of the The Legendary Run update. It doesn’t end there, though, as there are dozens of glowing, acidic wendigos around, making your life hell. However, all of these high level creatures make great XP gains and valuable loot opportunities.

4 Invaders from outside

Nearly five years after the game launched, Bethesda Game Studios finally brought the presence of aliens into the world. Fallout 76. The heart of the Invaders from Beyond update (released in 2022), this eponymous event sees every player on the server fight off an overwhelming alien invasion. At the time of its release, it was one of the most dramatic, most ambitious world events ever seen in Fallout 76.

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While the event goes live, the entire environment will change, an alien mother will hover in the sky and aliens will plunge dozens of people. It was an extraordinary event for Fallout 76 fans who have been waiting for the addition of alien content for a long time, even if it was relatively short-lived.

Test Your Metal, introduced in June 2022, is at the heart of the update of the same name. This was one of the first world events designed by Double Eleven, a development studio that Bethesda hired to create more content specifically for Fallout 76. It’s also one of the most exciting world events ever added to the game, introducing a whole new area of ​​the map.

In Test Your Metal, the player is thrown into a gladiator area, tasked with protecting the ‘Brotherhood of Steel’ warriors. There’s a twist here, as the warriors are not fighting other human enemies, but a bunch of death-handling robots. It’s a particularly exciting event that boasts cooperative efforts, more risk than players are used to, and great rewards.

2 Burning Earth

Scorched Earth was and will always be the original end-game world event in Fallout 76. Once the player has completed what can be classified as the main quest, they can launch the kernels – and a kernel in the bottom right of the map will launch Scorched Earth. It was a legendary event in Fallout 76and it has been a fan favorite since the game first launched.

There are several world events in Fallout 76 with more diversity than the scorching Earth. During this event, the player can literally fight, as the ‘Queen of Scorchbeast’, statistically the toughest enemy in the game, can appear not at all creatures like a crowd. Where the event takes place, many high-ranking Legendary enemies can spawn, and the Queen often drops extremely valuable loot.

first Rumble . Radiation

‘Rad Rumble’ is easily the best Fallout 76 world events only for the absolute value of XP. If a player enters Rad Rumble with as many XP-boosting buffs as possible, they will level up several times before the event ends. Not only that, they’ll secure dozens, if not hundreds, of lives, and more loot than they can carry without getting too cramped.

This world event was introduced in the Wastelanders update in 2020, and it sees players spending ten minutes protecting a group of scientists as they work in an underground facility. It’s a truly challenging, intense world event that requires ingenious teamwork – and often, you’ll have a packed room rocked by gunfire as multiple players join in. a time.

Fallout 76 available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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