The best words in Witcher: Monster Slayer, ranked

Recently released location-based mobile game The Witcher: Monster Slayer brings a lighthearted RPG system to the popular GPS gaming formula. During the player’s journey across the real world, they will collect materials, items, and gold. Gold can be earned in a number of ways (or bought with real money) and is used mainly to buy better equipment in the shop.

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Three types of equipped equipment are available in The Witcher: Monster Slayer, are Steel Swords, Silver Swords, and Witcher School Armor. There are a total of 16 swords available between the Steel and Silver types, and while they don’t have the upgraded base stats found in the main games, their only player Bonuses make them different from others.


Updated November 27, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: There are many types of swords in The Witcher: Monster Slayer, each with their own unique effects related to their school (with the exception of swords named like Caerme). The Witcher: Monster Slayer’s best swords are swords that offer meaningful bonuses relative to their gold price, as well as enemy types that will likely be weaker on some weapons than others. Others. Although both the Silver sword and the steel sword share the same attributes if they are of the same class, players often find that just because the spells are similar, their effectiveness against different types of enemies is also the same. different.

Steel Sword

The Witcher Monster Slayer Steel Rated Best Swords

Steel Sword in The Witcher The series has long been associated with non-monster enemies and tends to have a longer blade and a flat horizontal shield. They are special effective against humans and non-humans (which is a different category from Monsters) and the player automatically starts with one.

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There are only some differences between the rewards granted by the Steel Swords and the Silver Swords of the counterpart of the same Wizarding Vocational School. However, it’s best to choose different bonuses on each one that suit one’s preferred playstyle. The exception to this is the experience gain, which every player should try to get first to speed up the level up significantly.

6. Kaer Morhen Steel Sword

  • Cost: Can only be purchased through specials The Witcher: Monster Slayer event

  • Reward: Monster killing experience increased by 10%

Unfortunately, the Kaer Morhen Steel Sword is no longer purchasable in the game. It was given to players for free in the first week of The Witcher: Monster Slayerwas released, and it is unknown if it will return. NS Increases monster slaying experience by 10% is a pretty good and early starter buff players take advantage of.

5. Manticore Steel Sword

  • Consumption: 3200 Gold

  • Reward: Cooldown when using Marks is reduced by 30%

The Manticore Steel Sword is a very powerful weapon against fast and weak enemies thanks to it Reduces Mark’s cooldown by 30%. When used with Igni, this results in a much faster spell casting (and therefore higher damage), but the Aard and Quen signs can also be used more often for other effects. their interruptive and defensive responses.

4. Wolven Steel Sword

  • Consumption: 3200 Gold

  • Reward: Critical Hit Meter charge rate increased to 10%

Wolven Steel Sword increased the rating that Vital Traffic Meter charges with each hit. It’s a small bonus, but important enough that a player can get to the critical Critical Hit phase with one or two faster turns than usual.

3. Griffin Steel Sword

  • Consumption: 3200 Gold

  • Reward: Effect of the Mark increased by 30%

The Griffin Steel Sword is a weapon similar to the Manticore Steel Sword, in that it has the effect of supporting the player’s ability to use the Mark. However, instead of reducing the cooldown, this sword is simply increase the effectiveness of the signs. Igni deals more damage, Aard interrupts longer, and Quen becomes a near-invulnerable buff to himself.

2. Dawnbringer

  • Cost: Obtained through the in-game Sword in the Stone quest

  • Reward: Damage at night increased by 10%

Dawnbringer is probably The Witcher: Monster Slayer The best sword for players who like to go out into the streets in search of monsters after dark. It increases all nighttime damage by 10% when used at night, although this limitation renders it functionally useless to players who only attack enemies during the day. However, for those who don’t mind chasing Him and Non-Man at night, Flat 10% more damage greatly improves the Witcher’s winning prospects.

1. Caerme

  • Consumption: 6400 Gold

  • Reward: Increase Critical Damage by 50%

Category Steel Swords in The Witcher: Monster Slayer Only one sword is named: Caerme. Caerme is one of the most expensive items in the game, and 50% bonus for all critical attacks equally huge. Just be prepared to farm Gold for a few weeks (or buy some Gold with real money) to be able to use this impressive steel blade.

Silver Swords

The Witcher Monster Slayer Ranked Best Swords Silver Wendigo

Silver Swords in The Witcher The series is often associated with higher damage to Monsters and often features an iconic forward-facing fender. If it doesn’t look human or anthropomorphic, one can safely bet that the Silver Sword will get the job done.

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Unfortunately, players don’t start with a Silver sword right away – even with the Kaer Morhen type original for players Free is a Steel sword. However, it doesn’t take too long playing regularly to accumulate enough Gold to buy a monster slaying sword, and a sword can also be picked up in the Starter Pack available for $4.99 in-game .

6. Wolven Silver Sword

  • Cost: 3600 Gold

  • Reward: Increase Critical Hit Meter’s charge rate by 10%

The Wolven Silver Sword functions the same as its equivalent sword in the Steel category, although it is 400 gold more expensive. It increase the rate at which Critical Hit Meter charges for both fast and strong attacks equal to 10%, although it costs a whopping 3600 gold to add to the inventory. It’s not the most powerful Silver Sword, but it’s still a huge improvement over the special Witcher Silver Sword that comes with Witcher: Monster Slayer starter pack.

5. Griffin Silver Sword

  • Cost: 3600 Gold

  • Reward: Effect of the Mark increased by 30%

The Griffin Silver Sword is the equivalent of the Steel Sword of the same School of Witchcraft. It Increases the effectiveness of the Mark by 30%, which is especially useful against Monsters as many monsters are weak against Fire damage and greatly improve the Familiar and Aard signs. However, it is 400 Gold more expensive than its counterpart.

4. Feline Silver Sword

  • Price: 1800 gold

  • Reward: Increases Quick Attack Damage by 15%

Feline Silver Sword’s reward is quite simple increased damage dealt with Quick Attack (quick swipe, no time limit). It seems like such a small buff that it doesn’t matter; however, when one considers it reduces battle time by 15% as it means less swinging to take down Monsters, its self-survival benefits become clear.

3. Ursine Silver Sword

  • Price: 1800 gold

  • Bonus: Increases damage from strong hits by 15%

Similar to Feline Silver Sword, Ursine Silver Sword gives small damage bonus for the player, this time for powerful attacks. If a player happens to have both of these Witcher: Monster Slayer swords are available, they should always make sure to equip their swords with the type of damage their enemies are weak at before starting combat.

2. Mellith

  • Cost: 7200 gold

  • Reward: For each attack there is a 15% chance to add Fire damage

The Silver Sword category is where the two weapons are named. Mellith is the second most expensive weapon in The Witcher: Monster Slayer, and it gives a pretty good bonus to every attack, no matter Fast or Strong. NS chance to deal Fire damage is small, but considering how many spins it takes to take down some Monsters, it’s almost guaranteed to proc at least a few times.

1. A’Baeth

  • Cost: 12000 Gold

  • Reward: Increases all Experience when killing monsters by 25%

A’Baeth is both the most expensive item in the game and is said to be Witcher: Monster Slayer Best silver sword, too. This silver sword gives a 25% off all Experiences to kill monsters. It’s a far cry from the odd 10% offered by the Kaer Morhen Steel Sword, and it’s well worth the investment (if the player can hang around long enough to save up the gold to buy it).

The Witcher: Monster Slayer available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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