The Best Weapons In Biomutant, Ranked

THQ Nordic’s unique action RPG Biomutant lets players pick up control of an anthropomorphic critter and wander a bright, colorful, apocalyptic wasteland. Though reception has been a bit more mixed than expected, Biomutant still offers a variety of combat options for players. Apart from designing an original character, players will also pick up and even craft a variety of weapons, from typical to bizarre.

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Each weapon in Biomutant is defined by its rarity level, which increases depending on the quality of the item and add-ons. Rarity levels range from Common to Ultimate. Ranking the best weapons means taking into account all the varying factors, from damage to accuracy. Some players may prefer different weapons for different reasons or may favor a certain type, such as ranged or melee. However, players choosing the best weapon to grab for their strange little adventure will be up to them.

Updated September 22, 2022 by Jason Van Duine: With a new console generation just beginning, the action-adventure RPG Biomutant has now migrated to next-gen consoles. With that, many players who might have missed out on Biomutant’s initial release may now be interested in picking up this title.

With that, players will want to know which weapons are going to best suit their playstyle as well as help them survive this furry critter-filled world. With so many weapons for players to choose from, it’s best to know which ones are the finest as well as where to find them.


15 Pufoper

As it stands, the Pufoper is one of the best ranged weapons in Biomutant. There are several standout attributes for the Pufoper; to start, it has the highest possible range. It also has incredibly high accuracy and a fairly decent reload speed.

There’s also a pretty good chance at a critical hit when using the Pufoper. The Pufoper can also be fitted with any of the ranged weapon modifiers, making it potentially more powerful.

How To Get The Pufoper

The Pufoper can be found throughout the world by looting chests, containers, and enemies. It can also be purchased from the Pew Pew Broker.

14 Scatterskrek Lukspewbor

The Scatterskrek Lukspewbor is a unique weapon in Biomutant, and it’s a decent ranged weapon. The Scatterskrek Lukspewbor’s strength is in its high accuracy, though it also has a fairly decent reload speed as well.

What’s more is that, unlike many unique weapons, the Scatterskrek Lukspewbor can be modded. Various mods that can be added to the Scatterskrek Lukspewbor include magazines, stocks, and various top mods.

How To Get The Scatterskrek Lukspewbor

The Scatterskrek Lukspewbor can be acquired at Bangshelter 5B. In order to unlock Bangshelter 5B, players will need to complete the Klick side quest. Players can start the Klick side quest by talking to Klick.

13 Blaze Gloves

Most of the time, players in Biomutant will be using either ranged or melee weapons for combat. For players wanting unarmed, hand-to-hand combat, there aren’t a lot of options other than the Blaze Gloves.

Fortunately, the Blaze Gloves are also a pretty good weapon to have. The Blaze Gloves have a high attack speed and deal out 35 heat damage, with a slight chance at armor piercing as well.

How To Get The Blaze Gloves

The Blaze Gloves are unique weapons, and can be acquired by completing the Boom side quest. To start the Boom side quest, players will need to complete the Boom Spider side quest, which is given randomly by civilians.

12 Jagni Tribe Staff

One of the better tribe weapons in Biomutant is the Jagni Tribe Staff, fittingly belonging to the Jagni tribe. This is due in part to the various Wung-Fu combos that will be available to the player if they equip this weapon; there are more than a few fun combat moves that can be pulled off exclusively with this weapon.

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Apart from its combat abilities, players can also use the Jagni Tribe Staff to glide. It should be noted that the Jagni Tribe Staff cannot be upgraded, however.

How To Get The Jagni Tribe Staff

To get the Jagni Tribe Staff, players have to first capture two enemy Outposts for the Jagni tribe. The Jagni Tribe Staff can also be acquired by defeating the Jagni tribe, which involves capturing all four of their Outposts.

11 Old World Klonkfist

One of the finest unique weapons in the game, the Old World Klonkfist has uses both in and out of combat. In combat, the Old World Klonkfist has a series of Wung-Fu combos that players will find to be effective in combat and a blast to pull off.

Outside of combat, the Old World Klonkfist is used to break down walls, which is required at many points during the game. While it can’t be modified, it can be upgraded to level two by completing the Klick side quest.

How To Get The Old World Klonkfist

While completing the Another World side quest, players can find the Old World Klonkfist while on their way to their first rival Outpost just beyond the Childhood Village.

10 Bangbitsky Jupspitko

Players will find the first weapon on this list in the Souipholeup region of the map. There, they’ll find a bunker, and inside one of the lockers, they’ll find the Bangbistky Jupspitko.

The gun may have low armor-piercing, but it makes up for it with a medium-range, high fire rate, accuracy, and reload speed. Bangbitsky Jupspitko also does a fair amount of damage, inflicting 82-141 amounts of damage on its victims.

How To Get The Bangbitsky Jupspitko

The Bangbisky Jupspitko can be obtained by defeating enemies or looting chests and lockers. It can also be purchased from Pew Pew Brokers.

9 Sparkatron Hypicskromp

The Sparkatron Hypicskromp is a unique weapon as well as a fun weapon to use. Using the electric element, it deals damage at a 282-395 output. It has fair reload speed and armor-piercing but also has insanely high accuracy. Along with a 6% critical chance, this is already a gun worth going after.

However, there’s also the gun’s special ability. Called Momentum, this allows every bullet to increase the fire rate by 10%; the effect resets each time the magazine runs out.

How To Get The Sparkatron Hypicskromp

The Sparkatron Hypicskromp can be found at the Suburbia Vault. To access it, players will need to Schacky Trunkgnut during the Moog side quest. To initiate the Moog side quest, players need to talk to Moog after finding the Sqvips. Moog can be found at Steepdeepo.

8 Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin

Where finding most weapons involve defeating bosses and raiding vaults, the actions needed to get the Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin are mundane by comparison. Players will first need to find a Spark Plug for Lump Muffin, and then the Wiffle Dust. Upon giving him these items he will reward the player with the Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin.

It isn’t a particularly remarkable weapon, but it does stand out a bit from the others. With 1 add-on slot, it deals radioactive damage with a 661-1054 output. It also has high accuracy, as well as medium armor piercing, fire rate, and reload speed. Any damage done with the Rolling Pin also has a 6% chance to critically hit.

How To Get The Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin

The Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin is given as a reward for completing the Lump side quest. Players can start the side quest by talking to Lump, located in Floatboat.

7 Ancient Hilt Moo-Blade

The Ancient Hilt Moo-Blade, at first glance, seems similar in its stats and damage to the Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin. However, it has its key differences that make it a superior weapon.

It deals 661-1054 damage within the cold element and has a medium attack speed and armor piercing. Along with having an add-on slot, it also contains the Wired ability, which restores 20% of the player’s Ki-Energy with melee attacks. It also has a 7% critical chance, whereas many weapons in Biomutant only have 6%.

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How To Get The Ancient Hilt Moo Blade

The Moo Blade can be obtained by defeating enemies or looting chests and lockers. It can also be purchased from Brawl Ware Broker. The Ancient Hilt is a handle that is found separately and added to the Moo Blade. It can be acquired in the same manner as the Moo Blade.

6 Knok Umph

Players will surely get a kick out of the Knok Umph, a deadly and powerful melee weapon. Players can acquire it by defeating the boss Sparky Twigsnout, and found in the Sparkplant vault during its associated side quest. Dealing heat damage, it packs a high damage output of 871-1309. It also has a medium attack speed and armor piercing.

What really makes this weapon stand out however is the Remedy ability, in which kills with the weapon will heal double for the damage inflicted. Players may also appreciate the weapon sporting 2 add-ons and a 12% chance for a critical hit.

How To Get The Knok Umph

The Knok Umph can be obtained by completing the Sparkplant Vault side quest. To begin the quest, players first need to complete the Moog side quest mentioned earlier.

5 Srik Gongmace

The Srrik Gongmace is labeled as a unique weapon, and it certainly lives up to that title. It can be accessed in one of the Old-World vaults in Chudgepot. Guarding the vault is Chug Swollaft, who players will need to defeat in order to get this weapon.

The main appeals of this weapon are its ability and damage. Its glacial abilities can freeze enemies in place, while its whopping damage of 1013-1191 is sure to crush any enemy in the player’s way. While it may not feature as many add-ons as other weapons, it still has a slot for players who wish to upgrade the weapon.

How To Get The Srik Gongmace

The Srik Gongmace can be obtained by completing the Chug Depot Vault side quest. Players can start the side quest by defeating Chug Swollwaft in Chugdepot.

4 Hyprozapper Ozarhypro

Ignore the silly name – the Hyprozapper Ozarhypro is as deadly to wield as it is odd to say. To get this, players should head over to Sludgegush Fields where they’ll need to defeat the Emergent Bulgtusk boss. Afterward, they can find the vault key to unlock the Unwell Place Vault where they’ll find the weapon.

The Hyprozapper is a beast of a weapon, dealing 156-256 damage. It also boasts high accuracy and range, and a medium armor-piercing, fire rate, and reload speed. Easily one of the top guns in the game, players wielding this should find no problem traversing this apocalyptic world.

How To Get The Hyprozapper Ozarhypro

The Hyprozapper Ozarhypro can be obtained by completing the Unwell Place Vault side quest. The quest can be initiated by defeating the Emergent Bulgtusk at Sludgegush Fields. Players will find the Hyprozapper Ozarhypro in a locker inside the vault.

3 Ankati Bow

The world of Biomutant is split into various tribes. If players aid a specific tribe, they’ll be rewarded with that tribe’s corresponding weapon. The best tribe weapon is the Ankati Bow, and by a long shot.

With very high accuracy, fire rate, and reload speed, along with a medium amount of range, this weapon makes the other tribe weapons look like toys by comparison. It also deals a ton of damage, inflicting 600-800 damage on unlucky enemies.

How To Get The Ankati Bow

The Ankati Bow can be obtained by joining the Ankati tribe and capturing 2 enemy outposts for the tribe. For players not in the Ankati tribe, the weapon can be obtained by capturing the Skypook, Wingo, and Whiffwhaft outposts as well as the Ankati fortress.

2 Contagion Flurpskruckis

Players who are looking to turn Biomutant into a shooting gallery should look no further than the oddly-named Contagion Flurpskruckis, the deadliest gun in the wasteland. It’s found in Fume Foundry over in Sector 11G. After defeating the boss and getting the Fume Foundry key, players can start the Fume Foundry Vault quest, which will reward them with this fine piece of weaponry.

Shooting it at enemies will deal biohazard damage, at a whopping 391-521. While it has a low range, it also sports a high accuracy, along with medium amounts of armor-piercing and fire rate. Like many weapons, there’s also a 6% of dealing a critical hit.

How To Get The Contagion Flurpskruckis

The Contagion Flurkskruckis can be obtained by completing the Fume Foundry Vault side quest. Players can initiate the quest by defeating Farty Bulbaplod at Fume Foundry.

1 Pri Murgel Sword

Arguably the finest melee weapon players can wield in this furry wasteland is the Pri Murgel Sword. It’s a unique weapon that can be found east of Domp Outpost, which will require players to have gotten the Googlide. Heading east will eventually land them at an island with a lighthouse, which contains the side quest for the Pri Murgel Sword.

It’s a weapon that deals heat damage, with 2 add-ons slots so that players can constantly upgrade it. The sword has a decent attack speed and armor-piercing, and a 6% chance to have a critical hit. Players will also enjoy the high damage output of 287-354, which is sure to make their critter a force to be reckoned with.

How To Get The Pri Murgel Sword

The Pri Murgel Sword can be obtained by completing the Illumination side quest. The quest can be initiated by talking to Mui at Anywhere, located in the Whereabouts Biome.

Biomutant is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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