The best weapon combinations in the new world

One of the most recent entries into the uncompromising arena of MMORPG, Amazon’s recent offer for conflict, New world, there were certainly some interesting highs and lows. As the game continues to evolve, so does the weapon selection. Characters can carry any two weapons at once, so, of course, there’s a lot of debate among players about which combination is best. Yes There are no classes in New world and thus there is no limit to what weapons and equipment the player can equip, providing adventurers in Aeternum with a multitude of exciting options. These weapons can be created by the player, awarded as a quest reward or dropped by a slain enemy.

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This is not about two-handed weapons, not a choice in combat based on reality and gameplay of New world. Debate rages on whether two-handed use is ever an option, but so far it’s seen as the very essence of the fantasy RPG genre and it’s unlikely to ever become an option. choose. Weapon Combinations is about which weapon will scale with whichever Attribute is the character’s strongest. After a few months of trial, error, and drama, here are some of the best weapon combinations in New world.

9 Musket, Rapier (Range DPS)

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The musket and rapier combination is one of the first and oldest combinations that players have discovered and developed in the past. New world. These weapons are already available since beta and despite some minor tweaks in recent patches, they are essentially the same for Talent Trees. The attributes that determine a character’s skills with these weapons are based on both Skillful as a main point and Intelligence as an extra, helping to streamline the leveling process.

The popularity of this combination is also due to how simple it is. Regardless of the Talent Tree used for either weapon, each role is a variation on damage per secondor DPS ratings, making it easier to experiment with different builds.


8 Warhammer, Sword and Shield (Melee/Tank DPS)

new world-needs-change

Players who consider Strength an Attribute instead of Intelligence can carry these impressive weapons. This construction ignores ranged damage abilities, but this type of role is more about PvP and party based content as expeditions and invasions are broken, so it’s a fair trade.

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As with many ideal combinations, both of these weapons have the same Key Attribute. Warhammer is the more effective of the two, relying only on Strength and no other points. Sword and shield proficiency also depends on Skillful as a Secondary Attribute point.

7 Life Staff, Void Gauntlet (Healing / Ranged DPS)

control the staff life area

The only healing weapon in New world also the sole beneficiary of Focus Attribute point. This is why the combination with Life Staff will be one of the more difficult combinations to define. However, the high Focus skill also means improved mana regeneration and magic rate, so it makes sense to equip another magic item as a secondary weapon.

Void Gauntlet, a new entry for New world armory, fits right here. This is the first weapon in the game that scales to both Intelligence and Focus. Ice Gauntlet is also a reasonable choice but that weapon favors crowd control (CC) as opposed to DPS and only uses Intelligence as its Main Attribute, so the choice is entirely up to the character’s unique build.

6 Hatchet, Great Ax (Melee DPS)

Hatchhet . new world visual and combat division skill screen

The hatch shooter isn’t exactly the most impressive or eye-catching weapon in the series New world, especially compared to large axes and hammers, which is why it tends to be overlooked. However, it is a great weapon to build strength, and while the player can equip any Dexterity-based weapon here, full ax use is more fun and looks better.

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Unlike other builds that rely almost entirely on Strength, these weapon combo-equipped characters are capable of ranged as long as they score a few points in the Throwing section of the Talent Tree.

5 Bandages, Musket (adjustable DPS)

split warrior musket with musket magazine gloves

Ice Gainlet has been a favorite magic weapon since the start of the game and it shares some useful Attributes with another popular choice for ranged DPS, the muskets. this is a great combo for players who don’t want to rely solely on energy or melee weapons when it comes to dealing damage.

The muskets rely on Skillful is its Main Attribute and Intelligence as its second one. Bandage Gloves for use only Intelligence. Both have ranged damage-focused abilities, and it’s necessary to use the Trapper portion of the Musket Talent Tree to give the character some additional crowd control.

4 Life Staff, Hatchet (Healing)

new world-weapons-lethal-type-1

For players who still want to be a devoted healer but still have their melee damage options open to them, it makes sense to combine a Lifesaver with a handy hatching gun. Strength or Skillful. Another good choice here would be a sword as an alternative to the barricade if the build had more emphasis on Dexterity.

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Smaller weapons like hatch covers give players better dodging and make them quicker to engage or try to avoid enemies. It’s a good skill to have for a healer, who often needs to dodge blows and put a lot of points in the Constitution to get more health.

3 Fire Scepter, Bandage (DPS range)

New World MMO screenshot p; ayer holding a firefighter

There aren’t any classes in New world, but players working in Rangers, Shamans, or other variations on a combination of elemental power and ranged DPS should consider this combination of ice and fire. This is one of the option for a pure magic construction, with a firefighter leading the way for damage and a Glove Bandage for CC.

Is one pure magic construction, these powers and abilities rely entirely on an Attribute, Intelligence. That makes it easier to raise a character’s Constitution and get all sorts of extra hit points, making the lack of armor less of an issue.

2 Spear, Bow (ranged / melee DPS)

new world afk timer

Build Barbarian, Trapper or Survivalist? Then it makes sense to equip a character with the most basic of weapons as they cut a path through the wilds of Aeternum. The spear and the bow have a lot in common when it comes to Attributes, sharing Skillful as the main one.

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The Bow skill relies only on Dexterity, so the player is free to give the character a few extra points in Strength. This is a secondary attribute of Spears and improves their damage output.

first Life Staff, Sword and Shield (Tank / Healing)

Screenshot of New World MMO players fighting with swords and shields

There are no classes in New world which means the player no longer has to choose between Perform and Heal. Life staff just ask Focus when it comes to Attributes, so players are free to score some extra points in Strength, the main point for swords and shields.

This combo is not only a great way to create your favorite build and play it, but it’s also a great build for solo players who want some healing abilities for PvE content.

New world available on Microsoft windows.

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