The Best Ways to Styles Boys Haircuts

As boys grow, they want to be more independent and make their own decisions. You will start noticing that your boy is more comfortable choosing the boys haircuts themselves and deciding when to get a haircut. Going to the stylist every month can be expensive, but you can reduce the cost by doing it at home.

Cutting a boy’s hair is straight, but you must have the right tools and skills. You can learn these from your barber by watching what he does each time you take your teenager for a haircut or by researching and reading materials. You can also watch videos of boys haircuts to understand the process better. If you have decided to be giving your little boy a haircut, here is how to do it. 

  1. Using Electric Clippers

You can cut the hair using electric clippers or scissors. However, electric clippers are the better tool if you want to do it faster and make everything even. These steps will guide you. 

  1. Put A Towel On The Boy’s Shoulders

The towel ensures the cut hair does not fall on his clothes or other body parts. In addition, the cut strands are picky and can irritate the skin, so using a towel protects the little boy. It also reduces the amount of cleaning after the haircut because it is easier to put the hair on the towel in the dustbin. 

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  1. Choose The Clippers Number

The clippers number you choose depends on the boys haircut style you want to achieve. For example, if you want the boy to have shorter hair, choose clippers with a lower number. Also, ensure you read the instructions on the clippers, including how to use them. 

However, using clippers on a toddler’s hair is not a must. First, avoid using the clippers if they have thin or fine hair. This shaving tool only suits kids with thick and dark hair. 

  1. Choose Where To Clip To

You can use clippers on the sides and cut the top with scissors. This ensures you get the right length of your boy’s hair and achieves the boys haircuts he needs. However, you can use clippers on the entire head, depending on the haircut you want to achieve. If you use scissors and clips, choose where to start clipping. You should ensure a consistent transition where you finish clipping and start using scissors. Also, mark the point where you stop cutting with a washable marker or leave the hair at the same length.

  1. Start Clipping From The Bottom Of The Hairline

Start clipping by placing the clippers on the boy’s head at a ninety-degree angle and clipping from the back of the neck upwards. Shaving in this style ensures you go in the opposite direction of your hair growth, so the length will be the same. 

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  1. Continue Clipping Around The Head

Take your clippers around the head, and maintain the exact height of the clipped hair. Ensure your cuts are smooth and even all the way to get an asymmetrical cut. Also, start cl0ipping from the bottom of the head upwards, and keep holding the clippers at 90 degrees until you finish the cut. 

  1. Using Scissors

When using scissors to style your boys haircuts style, you must first decide the size of hair you want to be left on the kid’s head. However, when you start cutting the hair, leave it a longer size than you want. Then, you can slowly trim to the size you wish to until you achieve the desired look. When using scissors, ensure the hair is dry. Wet hair will be challenging to cut, and you might not know how the final look will be. 

Before cutting, hold the hair between your index and middle finger, leaving the desired size. You should then cut it parallel to your fingers for an even length. Alternatively, you can use a comb to measure the size to cut. When you comb the hair, cut the strands above the comb. Ensure you lift the comb on the same level throughout the head to leave the same hair size.

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