The Best Way to Craft Levels in Final Fantasy 14 for Beginners

Crafted in Final Fantasy 14 more accessible than before, but it’s still hard to figure out the best way to level up. Pretty much everything in the game grants XP for combat jobs, but only a few specific activities will grant crafters. It can be a challenge to figure out how to make the best use of a player’s time when working on the Disciple of the Hand classes. Fortunately, we have found a process that allows beginners (among them many people today the game available for redemption) to level their crafters quickly without too much grinding.

Readers should note that our method is not the most efficient. However, it ensures that players spend only a fraction of their time each day leveling up Disciples of the Hand and avoids any MMO player’s biggest enemy: burnout.

What’s the best way to level up in Final Fantasy 14 for beginners?

FFXIV Grand Company

We recommend that you don’t even worry about crafting in Final Fantasy 14 until players have unlocked their Great Companies and Chocobos. Fortunately, as soon as the player joins Grand Company At level 20, the quest to get the Chocobo will also unlock.

After completing the above, the player should go to Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul’Dah and unlock each of the eight classes of Tay’s Disciple by accessing different guilds.

Mission to provide and deliver

FFXIV Supply and Supply Mission

When players join the Grand Company in FFXIV, they unlock the ability to complete Supply and Supply Quests by talking to the Grand Company Human Resources Officer. These requirements require the player to hand over a specific item in exchange for the Company Mark and a large amount of experience. Each day, there will be eight supply requests to complete, one for each crafting class and three provisioning requests, one for each gathering class.

The great thing with Supply and Supply Quests is that providing a high-quality item doubles the XP and seals the player gets. These requirements are also always related to the player’s level.

To level crafters quickly, simply fulfill these requirements by providing high quality items every day. Only this will give the player multiple levels per day in each set class. As long as the player completes their quest after each of the five levels with each class, they will have the crafting stats to get through everything up to level 50.

The trick to completing Supply and Supply Quests is to find crafting materials. We usually take a photo of the requests for the day and go to the local market board. Often it is much cheaper to buy raw materials from the market and then refine it into the necessary ones than to teleport somewhere and find a crafting button. Also, every 5-10 levels, each layer will switch to a higher level material, so don’t feel the need to stock up too much.

Rest when needed

FFXIV NPC Supply and Redundancy

Between completing the Supply and Supply Quests, the quests for each of the five levels, and crafting materials and items, it only takes an hour or so a day in a week or two to raise each crafting class to level 50 Unfortunately, this is where things get more complicated. Materials will start eating into the player’s pool at this point. My special recipes began to call for elemental crystals instead of splinters, which were very expensive in the market.

After players hit level 50 in their crafting classes, we strongly recommend taking a short break until they’re level 50 with Mining Classes. As we said above, crafting past that level starts taking Crystals and the only way to reliably find it without spending a lot of money (at this point in the game) is mining .

Most importantly, if players start to feel exhausted or they’re not making progress, they should pause crafting. You can find it difficult to stack level crafting classes at times, so do a raid or some MSQ to break the monotony. The Best Way to Craft Levels in Final Fantasy 14 for Beginners


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