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Burn decks have developed a lot because the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh!

The previous technique was once to stall your opponent for so long as attainable with playing cards like Swords of Revealing Gentle, then slowly whittle their life factors down with numerous burn spells.

It’s a stable technique for certain.

However what if you wish to be a bit extra aggressive?

Trickstars are a burn deck which might be loopy enjoyable to play. They make use of the newest summoning mechanic launched in Yu-Gi-Oh (Hyperlink summoning) to make some loopy overpowered boards, making monsters that’ll burn your opponent for harm (in addition to having superb assault stats!)

Should you’re trying to give this deck a strive, right here’s some Trickstar playing cards value testing.


15. Trickstar Lilybell

Trickstar Lilybell Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Trickstar Lilybell is among the few Trickstar playing cards that doesn’t burn your opponent for harm, nevertheless it does have a good way of constructing board presence.

When this card is added out of your deck to your hand (besides by drawing it) you may particular summon it straight to the sphere.

Like most trendy decks, Trickstars have a complete bunch of how of getting playing cards out of your deck to your hand – making Trickstar Lilybell a tremendous card to run.

What’s extra, whereas Trickstar Lilybell is on the sphere, it could possibly assault your opponent immediately.

Whereas 800 harm isn’t a large assault, mix that with the burn energy that this deck has and it could be sufficient to get you near successful.

When it does inflict harm to your opponent, it’s also possible to add one Trickstar monster out of your graveyard to your hand – setting you up completely for one more play.


14. Trickstar Crimson Coronary heart

Trickstar Crimson Heart YGO Card

As an alternative of burning your opponent, Trickstar Crimson Coronary heart truly replenishes your life factors.

It’s all effectively and good to burn your opponent many instances over. But when your life factors aren’t excessive sufficient, you’ll be out of the sport earlier than you realize it.

Right here’s the way it works:

Every time a Trickstar monster is summoned to a zone this card factors to, you acquire 200 life factors.

Trickstars are a deck that may hyperlink summon time and again, so you may acquire some critical life factors with this potential.

On high of that, you may discard a Trickstar card to let each gamers draw a card, with the added bonus that in case your life factors are 2000 or extra factors larger than your opponent, you may draw 2 playing cards as an alternative.

This can be a smart way of eliminating useless playing cards, drawing new ones, and recovering life factors, multi function neat little impact.


13. Trickstar Magical Laurel

Trickstar Magical Laurel Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Right here’s an equip spell that provides a tremendous approach to flood the sphere with monsters.

By concentrating on a Trickstar monster in your graveyard, you may particular summon it to your facet of the sphere, with this card outfitted to it.

If that Trickstar monster inflicts harm to your opponent (both by battle or card impact), then you may then particular summon any Trickstar monster out of your hand!

This equip spell fills your discipline with extra Trickstar monsters than you’d ever count on.

And you’ll both maintain these playing cards on the sphere to utilize their burn results, or use all of them to Hyperlink summon among the severely highly effective Hyperlink monsters this deck has in its arsenal.


12. Trickstar Rhodode

Trickstar Rhodode YGO Card

Typically even the very best methods get disrupted in Yu-Gi-Oh, and also you’ll find yourself shedding your finest monster to some obscure card impact.

Trickstar Rhodode is ideal for this precise scenario, permitting you to particular summon any Trickstar Hyperlink monster out of your graveyard on the low value of discarding a Trickstar card.

On high of that, every time a card(or playing cards) will get banished out of your opponent’s graveyard, you may inflict 200 harm straight to their life factors.

There are a number of playing cards that banish playing cards from the graveyard. However if you wish to velocity up this course of, you may at all times use playing cards like D.D Crow or Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer to banish these playing cards your self.


11. Trickstar Narkissus

Trickstar Narkissus Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Trickstar Narkissus is among the finest burn playing cards on this technique, burning your opponent for 200 harm each single time they activate a monster impact of their hand or graveyard.

As of late, Yu-Gi-Oh is all about loading your graveyard up with monsters, then utilizing graveyard results to deliver them again.

So having Trickstar Narkissus on the sphere is a good way to punish your opponent for one thing they’re nearly assured to do.

What’s extra, Trickstar Narkissus is ludicrously straightforward to deliver out onto the sphere.

At any time when your opponent takes impact harm, you may particular summon this card totally free out of your hand – just about each Trickstar card inflicts harm indirectly or one other, so this will likely be on the sphere very quickly in any respect.


10. Trickstar Foxglove Witch

Trickstar Foxglove Witch YGO Card

Going second in Yu-Gi-Oh! is usually a actual ache.

Your opponent has had a whole flip to arrange a board, will most probably have some monsters already on the sphere, and a complete backrow of spells and traps to mess up your gameplan.

Properly Trickstar Foxglove Witch truly makes going 2nd in a duel really feel like an awesome technique.

When this card is particular summoned, you may inflict 200 harm to your opponent for every card they management.

So letting your opponent arrange an enormous board turns into a large bonus – the extra playing cards they’ve, the extra harm they’ll be taking.

On high of that, when this card leaves the sphere, it doesn’t go away you empty handed…

When Trickstar Foxglove Witch is destroyed by battle or card impact, you may particular summon any Hyperlink 2 or decrease Trickstar monster out of your additional deck, in addition to once more burning your opponent for 200 harm for each single card they management.



9. Trickstar Bella Madonna

Trickstar Bella Madonna Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Trickstar Bella Madonna is the boss monster for Trickstars:

A Hyperlink 4 monster with a whopping 2800 assault!

And whereas this card factors to no monsters, it features some highly effective results.

Firstly it’s utterly unaffected by different card’s activated results. This is among the strongest types of safety you may get in Yu-Gi-Oh.

A number of “indestructible” playing cards have clauses akin to “can’t be focused by card results”, leaving them weak to board-wipes like Raigeki.

However Trickstar Bella Madonna is totally unaffected by all different results, which means this card goes to remain on the sphere for a very long time!

Moreover, it’s also possible to inflict 200 harm to your opponent for every Trickstar monster in your graveyard – as soon as per flip.

Contemplating this can be a Hyperlink 4 monster, you’ve in all probability obtained at the very least 4 Trickstars in your graveyard to summon this card. That means on the naked minimal your opponent will likely be taking 800 harm each single flip!


8. Trickstar Divaridis

Trickstar Divaridis YGO Card

This insanely highly effective Hyperlink 2 punishes your opponent for the best factor attainable – summoning.

That’s proper, each single time your opponent regular or particular summons a monster, they’ll be taking 200 harm from this card’s impact.

Trendy Yu-Gi-Oh! is all about combo decks akin to Rokkets and Salamangreats.

So in case your opponent desires to get their finest monsters out, they’ll should take some hefty harm for them.

The truth that this card is simply a Hyperlink 2 monster as well (requiring solely 2 monsters to Hyperlink summon) makes it really easy to summon, and a great choice for any extra deck.


7. Trickstar Pageant

Trickstar Festival Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Though the period of Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS is over, that doesn’t imply the period of Trickstars is over!

In actual fact this card is the newest Trickstar card to hit the scene – making its debut in Daybreak of Majesty.

This spell card makes Hyperlink summoning a breeze, by particular summoning two Trickstar tokens to your facet of the sphere.

Tokens can be utilized as materials for a Hyperlink summon, so this spell card could make Hyperlink summoning excessive link-rating monsters like Trickstar Bella Madonna turns into one million instances simpler.

In actual fact, Trickstar Pageant alone is a 1-card Hyperlink 2 monster – permitting to get playing cards like Trickstar Dvivaridis onto your discipline totally free.

This additionally protects your monsters from destruction whereas it’s within the graveyard:

At any time when a Trickstar additional deck monster can be destroyed by battle or card impact, you may merely banish Trickstar Pageant from the graveyard, preserving your additional deck monsters protected from hurt.


6. Trickstar Holly Angel

Trickstar Holly Angel YGO Card

Trickstar Holly Angel is definitely the very best additional deck card that this archetype has.

Not solely does this burn your opponent for immense quantities of injury, nevertheless it additionally acts as an awesome beat stick for the deck.

Right here’s what it does:

At any time when a Trickstar monster is regular or particular summoned to a zone this card factors to, you may inflict 200 LP harm to your opponent.

Trickstars are a deck that may summon monsters time and again – which means you may inflict some critical harm with this impact.

And on high of that, each single time your opponent takes harm because of a Trickstar monster’s impact, you may have this card acquire that harm in assault till the top of this flip.

With all of the burn playing cards this deck has in retailer, Trickstar Holly Angel can get to some ludicrously excessive assault stats. Which makes it a critical menace to be reckoned with – and it’s solely a Hyperlink 2 monster!


5. Trickstar Reincarnation

Trickstar Reincarnation Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Looking has grow to be more and more important in Yu-Gi-Oh.

It’s widespread for decks to start out their flip by seeking out the precise playing cards they want from their deck, earlier than getting on with any combos.

Trickstar Reincarnation is essentially the most brutal method you may punish your opponent for looking out.

It banishes your opponent’s total hand, then permits them to attract the identical variety of playing cards from their deck.

If you realize your opponent has some highly effective playing cards of their hand, then Trickstar Reincarnation is the proper approach to eliminate these threats.

This lure card additionally offers a approach to revive your used-up Trickstars too:

By banishing this card out of your graveyard, you may particular summon any Trickstar monster you want out of your graveyard.


4. Trickstar Candina

Trickstar Candina YGO Card

You’ll discover that this deck doesn’t regular summon monsters typically.

However while you do summon, you need it to be Trickstar Candina.

When Candina is regular summoned, you may add any Trickstar card out of your deck to your hand.

This lets you search not solely Trickstar monsters to hyperlink summon with, however it’s also possible to get your hands on of this deck’s strongest spells and traps, akin to Trickstar Reincarnation and Trickstar Lightstage!

And it doesn’t cease there:

Whereas Trickstar Candina is on the sphere, your opponent will take 200 harm each time they activate a spell or lure.

Spells and traps are extra highly effective than ever in Yu-Gi-Oh – so it’s virtually assured your opponent will run just a few of their deck.

And also you’ll be getting some critical harm off with Candina in your facet of the sphere!


3. Trickstar Corobane

Trickstar Corobane Yu-Gi-Oh Card

As if Trickstars weren’t a strong sufficient deck on their very own, additionally they include their very own in-archetype hand lure.

At any time when your Trickstar monster battles an opponent’s monster, you may discard Trickstar Corobane out of your hand to the graveyard to have that monster acquire assault equal to this card’s assault till the top of the flip.

This presents a sly method of baiting your opponent into taking harm.

Merely go away a weak-looking Trickstar monster out on the sphere, wait in your opponent to assault it, then discard Corobane to quickly bump up your monster’s assault and defeat your opponent’s monster in battle. Straightforward!

On high of that, Corobane additionally offers a good way to Hyperlink summon – by particular summoning itself from the hand whereas all monsters you management are Trickstar monsters, otherwise you management no monsters!


2. Trickstar Lycoris

Trickstar Lycoris YGO Card

Trickstar Lycoris punishes your opponent for one thing that actually each duelist does in Yu-Gi-Oh:

Including playing cards to your hand.

This may be by way of looking out or drawing. They’ll be taking 200 harm both method!

And the very best factor about this card is that you may drop it onto the sphere throughout your opponent’s flip.

Merely return one Trickstar monster you management from the sphere to your hand, then you may particular summon Trickstar Lycoris out of your hand totally free.

The very fact this card burns your opponent for one thing they should do, simply makes it the very best burn card this deck has – and simply the very best Trickstar monster ever launched.


1. Trickstar Gentle Stage

Trickstar Light Stage Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Trickstar Gentle Stage may be the very best discipline spell ever printed.

As of this writing it’s been restricted to 1 copy per deck within the TCG, and for good cause!

First off, when it’s activated you may search any Trickstar monster out of your deck so as to add into your hand.

I’d personally advocate looking out Trickstar Lilybell, who particular summons herself from the hand when searched.

This discipline spell additionally has two extremely potent talents:

You possibly can goal a set card your opponent controls, stopping it from being activated till the top section.

After which through the finish section, your opponent should activate it, or it’s instantly despatched to the graveyard.

You’re mainly forcing your opponent to activate their spells and traps, in addition to utterly shutting off battle traps like Mirror Drive or Magic Cylinder that have to activate through the battle section.

And concerning the second impact:

Each single time a Trickstar monster inflicts harm to your opponent by battle or card impact, Trickstar Gentle Stage inflicts an additional 200 harm straight to their life factors!

This successfully doubles the burn energy that this deck can obtain, in addition to burning your opponent each single time they take battle harm.


However this card is actually the centerpiece of the deck, and indubitably a must have. | The Greatest Trickstar Playing cards, Ranked – FandomSpot


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