The best techniques of all main characters

live one life is a time-jumping JRPG from Square Enix, remastered and remastered in 2D HD style 28 years after its original SNES release. During gameplay, the player switches between protagonists from different time periods, using the same grid-based combat system but specializing in a variety of different moves.

Each protagonist has a specific “ultimate attack”. These are usually long-range moves with a long charge time that deal massive damage to enemies and may require some extra effort to acquire, but each character is unique. Here’s a quick rundown of the entire set, for players who only settle for the best.

8th Pogo: bing bang boom

With this simple but devastating attack, Pogo repeatedly slashes his ax at an adjacent enemy, ending with a particularly powerful slash. Attacks accumulate damage values ​​that quickly run into the hundreds. It combines well with its high physical attack stat and is easy to earn: it’s learned automatically at level 16.

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Unlike many ultimate attacks, Bing Bang Boom only hits one target but has no loading time. Using it all the time is not safe as it temporarily lowers Pogo’s stats afterwards, but it is possible to bypass this limitation by using it at the end of a fight or using buff skills or items afterwards.

7 Earthen Heart Master: Heavenly Peaks Descent

This attack is the signature art of Earthen Heart’s martial arts and a focal point of Imperial China’s storyline. The Master targets an enemy a few squares away with a colossal attack storm. It only hits a single target but has no loading time. Players lucky enough to get this move can use it repeatedly.

The master learns this move at level 16, like most other ultimates, but it is also given for free in the final confrontation of the Imperial China scenario. However, there is a catch: it can only be used once during this final fight, so the player should be prepared to finish it using normal techniques.

6 Oboromaru: Death Blossom

The ultimate ninja technique, Death Blossom is a swirling barrage of blows. Similar to Heavenly Peaks Descent, it’s a special attack that hits from afar, but this one affects an area, allowing it to hit multiple targets for big damage.

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The downside is the loading time. It’s not much, but it prevents the attack from being used repeatedly without consequences. Additionally, despite its power, players may prefer more specialized attacks that inflict status effects or floor tile changes since Oboromaru has so many of these types of moves in his arsenal.

5 The Sundown Kid: Hurricane

Sundown’s attacks are all variations of Shoot with Gun, and Hurricane is the culmination of it. After a charge, Sundown repeatedly fires at all targets in a moderate area. Despite its simplicity, it is one of the most powerful attacks in the entire game. A high-level Sundown can reach 999 damage.

It’s ranged and hits a wide area, but it’s another charge attack. Aside from taking longer to activate, an attacking character can be interrupted by certain enemy attacks, resulting in a wasted turn. But it’s definitely worth it: Even under ultimate attacks, it’s particularly powerful. That’s lucky for Sundown as he doesn’t have much else.

4 Masaru Takahara: Wrath of the Worldbreaker

Masaru’s Ultimate Attack is one of the most powerful fighting techniques. He hits the ground so hard that boulders are thrown out and flood the area around him. It’s a powerful area attack, notable for a character that specializes in single target attacks. In the final chapter, Masaru can learn this move like the others at level 16. Finding it during its own chapter, however, requires some extra effort.

Usually, Masaru learns new moves by getting hit by them in battle, and that’s the case with Worldbreaker’s Wrath. However, this attack is not listed as being trainable in the game, so many players may not be aware that it is a trainable attack. Also, its owner, Jackie Iaukea, won’t even use it unless forced to by disabling both arm and leg attacks. Ultimately, however, the attack is a bit unwieldy due to its loading time, so it’s not worth looking for anyone other than accomplishers.

3 Akira: Judgment day

A powerful psychic, even Akira’s starting attacks tend to degrade full-screen status and affect enemies’ minds. His ultimate is the most powerful version of it: a vision of Armageddon, depicted as an angel descending from above. It deals the rare holy damage type and, similar to its other psychic attacks, lowers the stats of every enemy on screen.

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It’s learned at level 16 as usual, but it doesn’t appear during Akira’s own final confrontation, as that fight involves a giant robot instead. It’s still worth it though, as it comes in handy in the final chapter.

2 Cube: Maser Cannon

Cube is a special case as most of their abilities come preinstalled. The most powerful of these is Maser Cannon, a long charge that results in a devastating laser beam. With luck, Cube can use this ability to defeat the Distant Future boss in a few turns.

A long, penetrating shot, Maser Cannon can take out multiple enemies at once and can be used from Cube’s preferred range. However, players should be careful not to be interrupted during the long attack and be aware that the attack only fires at diagonal lines. Proper positioning is key, as usual for live one life.

1 Örsted: Sign of the Archon

The ultimate technique of the hero Hasshe is also learned by Oersted at level 16. Described as a legendary demonic technique, it deals evil damage directly related to the nature of Hasshe and Oersted. The attack only hits one enemy and its range is limited to two diagonal squares, but its massive damage is worth the setup.

This move, despite its power, isn’t exactly one to learn because Oersted can’t be used in the last chapter and the player has already seen Hasshe use it, so it’s no secret. However, it is an appropriate passing of the torch from hero to hero.

The reissue of live one life is available on Nintendo Switch.

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