The Best Sub-Job For Each Character

Octopath Traveler is an RPG video game developed by Square Enix and released on Nintendo Switch in July 2018, PC in June 2019 and Google Stadia in April 2020 and Xbox One in March 2021. takes place in the land of Orsterra and follows the journal of eight adventurers, all of whom have different backgrounds and characteristics.

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Each character has their own set of skills and weapons that fit their job. There are eight starting jobs in the game: Cleric, Scholar, Merchant, Warrior, Dancer, Apothecary, Thief, and Hunter. Each job means different talents and thus different play styles for the character. On top of that, characters can occupy one of the Octopath Travelerside jobs to bring out their full potential in combat.

Updated on July 17, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: Octopath Traveler is easily one of the most modern JRPGs of all time. Regardless of one’s opinion when it comes to the story, there’s no denying the fact that Octopath Traveler’s gameplay represents a brilliant evolution of the JRPG series. This is especially evident in the workflow system, which feels familiar in its implementation yet unique in its execution. Players who want to know the best Octopath Traveler side jobs for each character just have a look below.

9 Olberic Eisenberg, The Warrior / Apothecary

Octopath Olberic Eisenberg Traveler

Olberic Eisenberg was a famous knight. He once served the king of his homeland, protecting him with his life, but they were betrayed from within and the country went down. Players follow Olberic’s story – years after his life changed – in the village of Cobblestone. He is a Warrior, using swords and weapons (and brute force) in combat.

Olberic’s best side job, complementing his Warrior job, is actually Apothecary. This is because he was very strong and strong. Olberic will have access to axes and healing commands but most importantly more HP, more Crit, more Attack and more Defense.

8 Cyrus Albright, Scholar / Merchant

Octopath Traveler Cyrus Albright

Cyrus Albright is a teacher from Atlasdam and one of those enthusiasts. While intelligent, he lacks common sense. The player encounters Cyrus on a quest to find a missing book stolen from his research library by a colleague. He is a Scholar, identifying the weak points of his enemies and then using elemental spells to destroy them.

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The best Octopath Traveler side job for Cyrus, complement his Scholar work, is the Merchant. He already has access to a lot of elemental attacks so getting the bonus for Elemental Attacks (and SP) is the best move. Cyrus will have access to the Rest ability, restoring HP and SP before attacking again with full force.

7 Tressa Colzione, Merchant / Thief

Octopath Traveler Tressa Colzione

Tressa Colzione is a young but experienced negotiator from the town of Rippletide. She used to enjoy a peaceful life, but Tressa’s world is turned upside down when a band of pirates plunder her hometown. This leads her on an epic treasure hunt. Tressa is a Merchant, which, like her parents, allows her to use bows and weapons as well as Airbending.

Octopath TravelerTressa’s best side job that perfectly complements her Merchant job is the Thief side job. In addition to bows and weapons (and Airbending), she will be able to wield swords and daggers. In addition to being able to dodge like a madman and use debuffs, Tressa can steal items while still being able to scratch in the powder (leaves).

6 Ophilia Clement, Chaplain / Dancer

Octopath Ophilia Clement Traveler

Ophilia Clement is a kind, caring healer from the town of Flamesgrace. She was an orphan but the Archbishop took her in. The player encounters Ophilia when she starts on a dangerous pilgrimage to the holy land of Orsterra (instead of letting her sister Lianna go). She is a Cleric, keeping herself and her party healthy during battles, while also guiding them and performing Light Magic attacks.

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The best side job for this Cleric is of course Dancer. She heals everyone (including herself), possibly letting her buff them (and herself). Also, Ophilia will be able to use daggers if the party needs more damage.

5 Primrose Azelhart, Dancer / Scholar

Octopath Traveler Primrose Azelhart

Primrose Azelhart is a dancer by profession but only because she was hunting to get revenge on the men who murdered her father (a nobleman). The player encounters Primrose while she jumps to the top but finds herself stuck because of her loathsome master, Helgenish. Primrose is a Dancer, wielding a dagger and Dark Magic as well as buffs and Allure – convincing NPCs to join the party and fight for her.

The best side job for Primrose is none other than Scholar. She will be able to use Fire Magic, Ice Magic, and Lightning Magic (in addition to her Dark Magic). Despite being very adept at empowering herself and others, Primrose also became a powerful witch.

4 Alfyn Greengrass, The Apothecary / Cleric

Octopath Traveler Alfan Greengrass

Alfan Greengrass is a pharmacist, a path he chose since being healed by a stranger when he was a child. He has a good heart but is quite naive. The player meets Alfyn in the town of Clearbrook, where he begins his journey to develop an antitoxin to heal his friend Zeph’s sister because she was bitten by a venomous snake. Of course, he’s an Apothecary, using Inquire in the underworld and gathering ingredients to craft healing potions that are also decaying.

The best side job for Alfyn is Cleric. This is because he is great at healing from the very beginning. So Alfyn can also go all out with some Holy Magic and Light Magic in addition to Concoct, his only (main) skill.

3 Therion, The Thief / Hunter

Octopath Traveler Therion

Therion was a rogue, infamous throughout Orsterra and feared by the rich. He is a lone wolf that can infiltrate any place and steal any item he puts his mind to. The player encounters Therion during his heist at Ravus Manor in Bolderfall, where he is in big trouble. He is apparently a Thief, using swords and daggers as well as Firebending against his enemies after stealing their HP and SP and defeating them.

The best side job for this Thief is obviously a Hunter. He can use bow and ax as well as get more options when it comes to debugging. Synergy is out of this world when it comes to Therion causing mayhem on the battlefield.

2 H’aanit, Hunter/Warrior

Traveler Octopath H'aanit

H’aanit is a follower and one of the last members of her class in the town of S’warkii. She can tame beasts and loves nature (as does her owner, Z’aanta). The player encounters H’aanit on a quest to take care of a local monster. She is a Hunter, using bows and axes as well as Lightning Magic against her enemies; However, at best, she can tame wild animals to fight her.

H’aanit’s ideal side job is Warrior. She hits like a truck, so why not allow her to zoom in and hit even harder? H’aanit will be able to wield swords and spears, making her the ultimate physical attacker.

first Secret work

Along with the classic jobs that the player can get across different areas of the world map, there are also some secret jobs that the player can get after fighting some super heroes. certain multiplier. These bosses aren’t easy, but it’s well worth fighting them out so players can unlock some of Octopath Traveler’s best side jobs. Here are all the secret jobs that players can unlock, along with Octopath TravelerThe best character suitable for each job.

Masters of War

  • Best suited for: Olberic & H’aanit

Warmaster is easily one of the best Octopath Traveler side jobs for characters that can easily deal the most physical damage. In that respect, both Olberic and H’aanit can be said to be perfect for this particular job.

Of course, when it comes to these powerful jobs, there really aren’t any limitations. Characters like Alfyn and Therion are also good candidates for this job, with the increased strength gained from this job being extremely beneficial for characters with decent physical stats.


  • Best suited for: Primrose & Tressa

Runelord is easily the best support class in the entire game. This work not only allows characters to buff party members easily, but also allows players to use the powerful Transfer Rune to enhance individual support skills.

This is exactly why this job is especially perfect for Tressa. Her Rest and Share BP skills make it possible for every party member to enjoy the rewards of these powers without any problems. This also applies to Primrose, who also has powerful abilities of her own.


  • Best suited for: Alfyn & Therion

Most people consider Starseer to be the weakest Octopath Traveler secondary Jod. However, it is a testament to the immense power of these secret jobs that Starseer is still an extremely powerful job that players should use in the game.

Both Alfyn and Therion are good candidates for the job. However, any character with strong magical powers is a good candidate for the Starseer job due to its elemental leanings.


  • Best suited for: Ophelia and Cyrus

Easy witch OctopathThe best side work of a country mile when it comes to elemental damage. The sheer amount of damage a player can unleash with the right setup is nothing short of amazing.

It goes without saying that characters with high primes should be prioritized for this job, with Ophelia and Cyrus both fitting the bill in this respect. With the right settings, the Sorcerer can attack enemies of Octopath Traveler without any complications.

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