The best souvenir items to buy from the Eververse Shop

Eververse store is the main source for cosmetic items in Fate 2. While players can apply armor shaders and decorations to legendary armor and weapons, exotic armor pieces have specific decorations they can use and exotic weapons only decorations, not shaders, can be used. This means that any Guardian who wants to be able to fully customize their look in Fate 2 there might be one or two weird gadgets they want to decorate. Luckily, the Bungie 30th Anniversary event in Fate 2 opened up some new decoration options as well as some other content for fans to covet.


However, since the Eververse store is in Fate 2 Using Silver, a special in-game currency, many of the items the player might want will have to pay for them. Some Bungie 30th Anniversary items will likely be featured as part of the Bright Dust sales as the season progresses, but for players who invested their Bright Dust instead of saving it, The coming weeks could be a risk/reward game of chance. The advantage is that players want to get Aura Weapon in Fate 2 there’s no need to worry about buying decorations from the store to get a look reminiscent of John-117.

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Eververse Store Celebrates Bungie’s 30th Anniversary

New Comet Stir in Dreams armor decoration for Cuirass of the Falling Star in Destiny 2.

Two of the best cosmetic items to launch from the Bungie 30th Anniversary event are also cosmetic items for two of the most used exotic armors in PvE. The first is the weird armor that adorns Comets Stir in Dream’s weird armor for the Cuirass of the Falling Star’s weird Titan chest piece. The Cuirass of the Falling Star chest piece supports the super Titan the tree in the middle and helped make Super cool Thundercrash for new players. At 600 Silver, the ornament costs around $6 but due to the way Silver is priced, players will need to purchase a pack of 1,000 Silver, which also comes with an additional 100 Silver, for around $10.

Similarly, another splendid armor ornament that the player may wish to have is also 600 Silver. The Phoenixfall armor decoration adds an extra flair to the Phoenix Protocol armor that otherwise isn’t present in the weird Warlock armor set. With the forged metal wings of a phoenix wrapped around the player’s character, the Phoenixfall armor ornament is a notable step up from the armor’s usual look and feels like a puzzle piece when combined with the new armor from Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

For players who want to upgrade a few weapons though two different decorations stand out. Both of these options are also for weapons from the Forsaken expansion being built in February 2022. Both Strange Cannon Lumina and the Le Monarque bow received decorations that made them flashier than their standard appearance, enhancing the feeling they had when used by the Guardians.

Lumina’s new trim, The Pink Mist, costs 700 Silver and covers the gun in a shiny pink and purple skin that appears to glow. At 700 Silver, it’s a bit more expensive than the armor jewels above but the particle effects that appear on the weapons also look flashier. It can be a tough decision, especially for an exotic weapon that isn’t as common but hopefully, the new weapon. differentiated cooldown in Fate 2 Weapons like the Lumina shine in the future in Crucible.

However, Le Monarque’s new ornament may have the same price tag but switch roles as the Lumina. As an empty bow, Le Monarque can be extremely useful thanks to the Overload Champion mod in Season of the Lost and the bow’s poison-spread privilege. The purple pallet for the Poison Wings Spread is consistent with Le Monarque’s malicious nature and its Void elemental class while the ornament’s name is a fitting description of the weapon itself. It’s a solid choice as both a decoration, a weapon, and a great cosmetic for the Guardian that Le Monarque advocates. Fate 2 and are looking to buy a decoration or two for the 30th Anniversary event.

Fate 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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