The best sauna blanket for weight loss and detoxification

I’ve always been intrigued by the natural and highly toxin-releasing benefits of jumping in a sauna or steam room at the gym (they’re especially soothing for my chronically inflamed sinuses). me), but, unfortunately, I have a very low tolerance for overheating and dizziness — especially when I’m half-naked and surrounded by sweaty other exercisers. foul. When I discovered that a home sauna blanket is indeed an item, I was delighted to own one (I tried HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna for the first time, I now use it). used almost every day and completely swear via.)

These infrared sauna blankets are basically tiny steam rooms like a giant sleeping bag that you can literally use while watching TV on the couch, meditating and even sleep on bed. These detox sauna blankets are designed with infrared technology and emit spa-grade far-infrared light as well as heat energy to simulate the effects of a full-body sauna. When released, heat energy helps increase heart rate and overall blood circulation (just like when you’re exercising or having sex), thereby helping the body release pleasant neurotransmitters. , like dopamine and serotonin, also act as natural pain relievers and provide a highly natural feeling.

One of the main reasons I fall in love with sauna blankets is that they also help “trick” the body into thinking it’s working due to elevated body heat, which can help you burn calories without losing weight. need to move — game- people change! And honestly, anything that says it can just help me burn calories without actually moving my body is sure to pique my interest. One of the best things about a sauna blanket is that because your head isn’t exposed to infrared light and accelerated heat, you won’t get the mind-blowing dizziness that can happen at a spa or sauna gym. . In fact, all I personally feel after a home sauna session is a naturally high and overwhelming feeling of patience. I really look forward to using mine every time.

Now, while I’m pretty loyal to my HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna blanket, there are plenty of highly rated options on the market to choose from — many of which are a bit more affordable. If you’re looking to invest in your health or are just looking for a natural altitude without having to jog five miles to get those endorphins, scroll down below to see the best sauna blankets on the market.

Higher thanDOSE Infrared sauna blanket

The HigherDOSE sauna blanket really gives me the natural feeling it promises, and I feel my anxiety is more manageable when I use it consistently. Even my fiancé can tell when I use the blanket because I’m calmer and less irritable for the rest of the session after the sauna (so yes, he’s a fan now, too. tomb!).


REVIIV . Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

According to the brand, a 30-minute session in this far-infrared sauna blanket can burn up to 600 calories (ref. 30-minute jogging burns about 300 calories). In addition, infrared heat is seven times more detoxifying than conventional heat.

“I use this as part of my post-workout routine. I do 30 minutes at 75-80C and it feels great. I read that infrared saunas can help you burn burns more calories so I like to use it after cardio and strength training to keep up. Metabolic burn is in progress. This sauna blanket is spacious and heats up pretty quickly,” one reviewer said. Amazon price five-star write.


Vanello Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly infrared sauna blanket, Vannell’s is a great one for just under $170. It is equipped with both front and back heat and is also designed with built-in safety features.

“I’ve used other sauna bags in spas with what I think are pretty good results. Let me tell you – this one puts those people to shame. It comes in an unbelievably large package. Suspicious,” wrote one Amazon shopper.


AYNEFY Far In Frared Sauna Blanket

For just under $100 (it’s on sale right now), you can score this detox infrared sauna blanket. It has all the same premium specs you’d expect including customizable time and temperature settings, but for a fraction of the price.

“Really amazing for the price!! So happy with this purchase. I can’t speak for durability because I’ve only used it a few times, but for the price, I’m very pleased with it. It heats up quickly and is very relaxing. I use it for quick muscle recovery after workouts and lymphatic drainage/detox. It’s like 20-minute sky training sessions without the need to walk. go to the spa for a sauna,” wrote one Amazon reviewer, “a quarantine purchase you won’t regret.”


MiHIGH . infrared sauna blanket

MiHIGH’s premium infrared sauna blanket is almost identical to the HigherDOSE blanket – price point included. It’s designed with a durable faux leather exterior and a waterproof, non-toxic interior, plus a handy travel bag.

“I’m addicted. I feel like a normal infrared sauna – and it fits in my bed,” said one reviewer.

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