The best quotes from the Netflix series

Netflix‘s simultaneously whimsical yet somber series, lock & key, follows the Locke family as they move into the childhood home of their recently deceased father, Keyhouse. The Locke Siblings; Tyler Kinsey and Bode soon discover that keys with all sorts of magical powers are hidden in the house.

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They quickly learn that the keys unlock more than fun adventures, as demons from a mysterious dimension crawl out of the shadows and are willing to do anything to get their claws on the Locke’s keys. The series enchanted viewers with a creative premise, captivating visuals and an amazing soundtrack. Now that the Locke’s story is complete, here are ten of them best quotes to look back.

Spoilers ahead!


10 “Yes, I can get hungry. I’m so hungry sometimes.”

This is one of the first lines of dialogue from Dodge, the main antagonists of the series, and one that not only defines her character, but the demons that live behind the Black Door as a whole. Their first instinct, after acclimating to a human form, is almost always to shovel food down their new throats, and when their stomachs are full, they indulge in their desires without restraint.

In Dodge’s case, she drools for power. She never hesitates, and she never stops, not until the Lockes put her down. But even then, she rarely stays in bed for long.

9 “Is it weird that I think you look more like yourself when your hair is dyed that unnatural color?”

Nina hits the nail on the head with this observation when she sees Kinsey and her new entourage of pink highlights. This is the moment on the series when Kinsey, for better or for worse, decided to literally kill her fear and stand up for the things she wants.

While viewers can’t get inside their heads and break their inhibitions, many can relate to the feeling of expressing who they are through a change in their appearance, especially when that change is unconventional.

8th “Our brain is an imperfect machine. They do all kinds of crazy things all the time.”

Scott comforts Kinsey in this scene, who berates herself for having distorted memories of her mother. He reminds not only Kinsey, but viewers as well, that human minds are not cameras. They are subject to bias, alteration and misrepresentation.

It’s important, Scott adds, not to be too hard on yourself because you don’t have a steel trap. But it’s also important to remember that one must be willing to highlight those imperfections in hopes of making a correction because one’s mind is imperfect.

7 “There’s a reason nobody loved you, Sam. That’s because you’re not special at all.”

Sam Lesser committed unforgivable crimes, but it’s difficult not to feel sympathy for him when Dodge delivers this gruesome sentence after stabbing him in the stomach, especially after learning his backstory. Sam fears that his fate is nobody’s business, even his last name seems to indicate his little worth in the world.

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While it doesn’t excuse the pain he caused them, it’s easy to see why he envied the Lockes, who seem to embody love and wonder. In a few lines, Dodge confirms every insecurity Sam has ever had, and moments later he’s just a ghost, the Locke family united, staring in the distance.

6 “My grandma always has ice cream cones and magic shells. For example at her house.”

lock & key is a series that blends childhood magic with gruesome realities. Jamie’s reminiscence of her trip to her grandmother’s house offers a refreshingly sweet and humorous moment to indulge in pure pre-adolescent joy. Amidst an unimaginable chaos engulfing the Lockes, this line takes the viewer back to more innocent times when dipping an ice cream cone in chocolate at home was the most fantastic experience.

The fact that Jamie has actually experienced the power of the buttons is still stunned by Magic Shell that despite difficult experiences, she is still a kid at heart.

5 “You were already a monster before you went into that cave. I have no word for what you are now.”

In a show where literal demons make up the majority of the villains, Captain Gideon reminds viewers that evil exists in the human world too. Gideon sets in motion the magical destiny of the Locke family by finding the opening to the Omega world, but it comes at the expense of the Locke family’s beloved patriarch, Peter Locke.

Gideon allows a demon, a god in his own world, to enter his body in hopes that its power will help him escape. A game made in hell.

4 “That’s why we have to protect our parents. Because they don’t understand enough to protect themselves.”

It’s not often that kids talk about the need to keep their parents safe, but it’s a recurring theme on the show as adults forget all about the keys and expose them to dangers they latch on to can’t remember. This line stands out not only for expressing an unusual sentiment, but because it implies more than just looking out for monsters.

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Something lost on the journey from adolescence to adulthood has a deeper meaning, something only a child can remember. A different kind of magic.

3 “You haven’t been drinking, but you still found a way to relapse.”

In this heartbreaking scene, Kinsey gently confronts her mother about the fact that only without alcohol is she reverting to her earlier self-destructive behavior. It’s hard to see but easy to sympathize with Nina as she relives all the mistakes she made in her life, especially with her children.

It’s a reminder that addiction consumes and clings like a parasite. It’s a reminder that swapping one addiction for another doesn’t solve the problem at its rotten core. And it’s a reminder that to truly heal, you have to keep going.

2 “Even background characters matter.”

Gordie, a classmate of the original Keeper of the Keys but never part of the exclusive group, steps into the spotlight in the final few episodes. As the main cast searches his head for the final key, the audience learns about Gordie’s life and how he always felt destined to be backstage, whether in theater or in life.

Although the curtain falls on Gordie after helping drive the trio insane, and he ultimately doesn’t get much screentime on the show, this “background character” won viewers’ hearts in his all-too-brief appearance.

1 “That was the real magic. That was all I ever needed.”

Before throwing the keys forever, the Lockes use the Timeshift key to say goodbye to Rendall Locke, the father and husband they lost before the series began. Bode asks him if he is okay with the end of the magic that has ruled most of his life. Rendall assures him that while the keys were exceptional and he was treasured most of the time he had them, there are better things in life.

This line wraps up the series perfectly, telling the viewer that while the Lockes may have lost their keys, they still have each other.

lock & key Stream on Netflix.

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