The best possible location for the next Far Cry game

Ubisoft has been known for its epic open-world action games. While Assassin’s Creed is its bread and butter, Cry away The franchise doesn’t fall far behind with its own solid release track record. It was until Year 2012 Far Cry 3 that the series has raised itself into the spotlight, and that each successive game sends players to new exotic locations, pitting them against ruthless warlords and mingling with new cultures.

Latest entry in Cry away Franchising, Far Cry 6, which launched last October and is well-reviewed. The real star of the show is its location, this time on the fictional island of Yara (obviously Cuban inspired). Considering the series’ continued success, a Cry away The game will probably come in the future. Whether it’s a main entry or a subtitle like Far Cry: Primal, there are a number of places that can be a source of inspiration.


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North Pole

ubisoft remote arctic tundra location setting

Before Cry away games have snowy areas and harsh, cold environments, but there’s never been a game that fully embraces that. Without having to contend with ruthless warlords and criminal organizations, it will be interesting to see the chosen environment play a more active role in challenging the player. Use the frozen landscape of the Arctic as a set in one Cry away game would be an interesting change of pace for the series.

The cold can add a whole new layer to the gameplay, encouraging players equipment upgrade and handling icy environments. Snowstorms can also cover the world, reducing visibility and causing some intense gunfights against enemy militia groups or sneaking into bases. When there is no conflict, seeing the Northern Lights can create a beautiful, peaceful sight.


ac origin 60 fps

Ubisoft is no stranger to the amazing sights of Egypt, like 2017 Assassin’s Creed: Origins is an ambitious venture and has completely revived that franchise by turning it into an open world RPG. That location has proven to be such a fascinating experience, it would be a waste to only explore its mysteries and locations once. Will a Cry away Games set in ancient Egypt or more modern versions, will be a treat.

To add to the fun, the creative team can even hint at theories about a Ubisoft’s Shared Universe. This doesn’t necessarily affect the plot, but while looking around it would be a neat easter egg to find a fleeting reference to Bayek and other familiar faces. Similar to the Arctic, Egypt’s hot climate can also directly affect gameplay, with intense sun and intense sandstorms being factors to keep in mind.

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Amazon Rainforest

remote rainforest location ubisoft amazon forest setting

Far Cry 3 beautiful at the time, offering a beautiful open world with tropical foliage. Nearly a decade later, Far Cry 6 enhance the ante and show what a similar setting would look like on higher end hardware. As video game technology continues to evolve and become more impressive, it will be amazing to see what else Cry away game in a forest area can do.

There is perhaps no forest in the real world larger and more stunning than the Amazon. A large, crowded and vibrant environment, the Amazon rainforest would be a perfect location for a future Cry away. As titles like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Red Dead Redemption 2 demonstrated, rendering a near-realistic forest was at the forefront of push graphic boundaries. In addition, dense forests and swamps can create new areas to perform stealth operations.

Outer space

Have you seen it?

While this may seem like an odd choice, Cry away no stranger to whimsical creative decisions. Far Cry 5DLC’s includes the low-gravity Martian setting, while Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a tribute to ’80s action movies. As the main games tend to cling to some form of reality, a full sci-fi setting for a futuristic future. Cry away title can best be served in a subsection.

Based on the previous release, Ubisoft seems to be coming up with a smaller side game about a year after each main title. Far Cry 4 followed by Primordial, and Far Cry 5 be continued with New dawn. If a similar tactic were to be taken up again, it would be interesting to see Ubisoft pull something completely unexpected out of there. Cry away is all about creating mayhem and have weird fun, and what better way to experience it than using jet packs, laser guns, and rocket ships. Cry away Fans will just have to wait and see.

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