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Each single Pokémon journey begins with a single choice: Grass, Fireplace, or Water.

Regardless of which area you select, the journey begins the very same method.

And it’s an necessary choice contemplating this may have an effect on your complete Pokémon expertise!

However not all beginnings are created equal. And the identical goes on your starter choices.

Whereas you will have nostalgia for a selected trio, it’s only a undeniable fact that some are higher than others. So after method an excessive amount of analysis, I’m able to let you know which starter trio is the perfect.

And the reply might shock you.

On this listing, I’ll not solely be making the choice based mostly on their in-game usefulness in opposition to fitness center leaders and the Elite 4, but in addition contemplating their aggressive prowess as nicely.

To actually be thought-about the perfect starter trio of all of them, you’ve gotten to have the ability to cowl each side of that Pokémon coin. So with out additional ado, let’s get these trios ranked!


8. Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile

Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver Starters screenshot

Increase your hand in case you’re stunned.

Johto simply has the worst beginning Pokémon, stats-wise, and that is largely due to the Chikorita line.

Chikorita is a cute little bean with legs. However it’s undoubtedly the least efficient starter Pokémon.

It resists none of the fitness center leaders or Elite 4 members (critically!) whereas being weak or resisted by just about each fitness center chief and Elite 4 member.

And it’s simply as unhealthy competitively!

Cyndaquil and Totodile are higher, however not by a lot.

The Cyndaquil line has nice pace and respectable Particular Assault that’s nice when mixed with the transfer Eruption. It’s additionally simply the perfect of the three choices in-game.

The Totodile line just isn’t fairly pretty much as good in-game, however may be fairly respectable competitively.

Its mixture of Dragon Dance and the power Sheer Power makes for a really highly effective late recreation sweeper.

Nonetheless, none of them are actually nice – particularly when in comparison with the opposite starter Pokémon.


7. Snivy/Tepig/Oshawott

Pokemon Black and White Starters screenshot

The Unova starters are most likely essentially the most forgotten ones on this listing.

And whereas the Black and White video games are a few of my private favorites, I can fully see why.

Within the recreation, all 3 starters are at a huge drawback since they’re weak to or resisted by at the least 6 of the most important battles.

Additionally, they’re not that nice competitively.

The Oshawott line isn’t actually in a position to benefit from the Shell Armor capability with its mediocre defenses.

The Tepig line has insane Assault and nice Fireplace/Combating STAB protection, however it’s too sluggish to really wreck store.

However luckily, the Snivy line has a very enjoyable technique to play out.

With the Opposite capability, Serperior can spam Leaf Storm and repeatedly enhance its Particular Assault. Mix that with respectable pace and defenses, and Serperior is definitely a reputable menace!

Sadly, this doesn’t make up for the truth that none of those Pokémon are notably helpful in-game.

You simply have so many higher choices with the likes of Whimsicott, Darmanitan, and Jellicent.

Which is an actual disgrace.


6. Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle

Pokemon FireRed Starters screenshot

Lots of people are going to be mad about this one.

However details are details, and the very fact of the matter is that not one of the Kanto starters are notably good in-game.

That is clearly true with the Charmander line, which has at all times been thought-about “exhausting mode” because of its weak point to the primary 2 gyms.

However the different two starters aren’t nice both.

Whereas the Squirtle line is sweet in opposition to 3 fitness center leaders, it’s resisted by 2 Gymnasium Leaders and a pair of of the Elite 4 members.

Even the Bulbasaur line, which is the perfect starter selection for Kanto, suffers with 3 “massive groups” it’s weak in opposition to, and a pair of extra that resist it.

However I’ll give credit score the place credit score is due:

All 3 Pokémon are respectable competitively.

With varied Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax types, all 3 have seen respectable aggressive use, particularly since Blastoise can now study Shell Smash.

However the truth stays that in-game, the Kanto trio wants lots of assist.


5. Treeko/Torchic/Mudkip

Pokemon Emerald (ORAS) Starters screenshot

I’m not gonna lie, I wished this one to be larger.

The Hoenn starters are my private favorites. And I like the whole lot about their designs and inspirations.

However the numbers don’t lie.

And the very fact of the matter is, as a trio, Treeko, Torchic, and Mudkip should not as sturdy as some others.

The Mudkip and Torchic traces are nice.

Mudkip is clearly nice too with its superior Water/Floor dual-typing, solely being weak to 2 or 3 complete Pokémon in all the fundamental RSE/ORAS story.

Mudkip I s additionally nice competitively due to its bulk, and the aforementioned dual-typing.

Torchic is nice as a result of Fireplace/Combating can also be a terrific dual-typing.

This cancels out the unique Rock weak point and provides a ton extra protection.

Mix this with the unimaginable Pace Increase capability that will increase its pace each flip, and you’ve got an actual pressure to be reckoned with.

Then why isn’t the Hoenn trio larger?

Nicely, that’s due to the Treeko line.

Treeko, Grovyle, and Sceptile all look superior. However they simply aren’t efficient in-game or competitively.

Even Sceptile’s superior wanting mega evolution is fairly lackluster, and it features the Dragon-type!

Blaziken’s nice. Swampert’s nice. Sceptile actually brings this group down.


4. Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble

Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Options Screenshot

It’s now time for the latest starters within the listing (as of this writing). And what an fascinating group they’re!

Whereas none of them are notably efficient in-game, Sword and Defend really feel fairly balanced, and this trio has some actually fascinating aggressive use.

The Scorbunny line is a large menace with its nice bodily protection, and the power Libero which modifications the Pokémon’s sort based mostly on the transfer it’s utilizing.

This implies the insanely quick Cinderace is getting STAB Pyro Ball, Excessive Soar Kick, and U-turn. That’s insane!

The Grookey line is essentially the most stunning, although. Because it has the power Grassy Surge, it could actually benefit from precedence Grassy Glide. This transfer is completely unimaginable and permits Rillaboom to deal huge injury earlier than every other Pokémon may even contact it.

Alongside Wooden Hammer and Faux Out, these gorillas acquired recreation.

Whereas the Sobble line is the weakest, it does have a very enjoyable area of interest.

Mix its Sniper capability with a Scope Lens, Focus Power, and Inteleon’s signature transfer Snipe Shot, and you’ve got a critting machine. Plus it’s really the perfect one to make use of in-game!

All 3 of those starters are lots of enjoyable – and are a good way to push us in direction of the highest of the listing.


3. Rowlet/Litten/Popplio

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Options Screenshot

The Alolan starters had been exhausting to rank, since there aren’t any gyms within the seventh technology.

As a substitute I based mostly their rating in opposition to the Island Kahunas and the Elite 4.

When there was overlap, I solely counted the coach as soon as. That leaves 7 complete trainers in comparison with the 12 present in different video games.

That being mentioned, all 3 of those starters do extremely nicely in-game!

Every has excellent STAB protection, that means that there aren’t any trainers who resist them. And that is the one trio the place that occurs!

Rowlet is the weakest of the three because it isn’t that nice competitively, and is weak to half of the Elite 4.

The Popplio line is surprisingly nice, having favorable sort match-ups in opposition to 5 of the seven main battles! Actually, it’s solely weak to five complete Pokémon. That’s insane!

However the actual energy right here comes from the Litten line.

Not solely does it do decently in-game, however Incineroar is arguably the perfect Pokémon in VGC.

With its nice Fireplace/Darkish-typing, entry to the power Intimidate, and nice strikes like Faux Out, Parting Shot, and Flare Blitz, it’s used on virtually each single aggressive staff.

With all 3 being nice in-game and having among the best aggressive Pokémon of all time, it’s no surprise that the Alolan Starters are within the high 3 right here.


2. Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Starter Options Screenshot

I don’t find out about you, however I’m stoked for the Diamond and Pearl remakes.

And one of many massive causes for that is gaining access to among the best starter trios within the collection.

The Turtwig line might be the weakest, however it hits like a truck with STAB Earthquake and Wooden Hammer. Additionally, it has unimaginable bodily bulk.

The Chimchar line is a fan favourite that’s the uncommon mixture of being glorious in-game and competitively.

It has the identical nice protection because the Torchic line, besides it already begins off actually quick. Its Iron Fist capability permits it to make use of strikes like Ice and Thunder Punch for nice protection.

However most significantly, the ultimate evolution Infernape is simply the perfect Fireplace-type in its technology. This monkey is unimaginable!

However don’t sleep on the Piplup line simply but.

The ultimate kind, Empoleon, has the distinctive dual-typing of Water/Metal. This implies it has a whopping 10 resistances. That’s insane!

And because it already can deal with certainly one of its weaknesses with STAB Water strikes, you solely really want to fret about Combating and Electrical Pokémon.

All 3 of those Pokémon are unimaginable, each in-game and competitively.

Nonetheless, there may be one trio that’s higher.

A lot better.


1. Chespin/Fennekin/Froakie

Pokemon X and Y Starters Screenshot

I used to be simply as stunned as you might be.

Sure, this trio has Greninja – who’s arguably the best beginning Pokémon of all time with its unimaginable pace, and the skills Protean and Battle Bond.

However the different two Pokémon greater than maintain their very own.

Chespin is an underrated aggressive Pokémon, with its eventual Grass/Combating dual-typing. It has nice bodily bulk and is a superb utility Pokémon with strikes like Spikes, Spiky Defend, and Leech Seed.

It additionally has a terrific hidden capability with Bulletproof. This prevents the usage of “ballistic” strikes.

Whereas this may occasionally sound complicated, it implies that the Chespin line can’t get hit by strikes like Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, and Aura Sphere.

However the actual shock right here has acquired to be Fennekin.

The Fennekin line has at all times been dismissed competitively – and I perceive why. Its stats aren’t that nice, and its Magician capability is just about ineffective.

Nonetheless, I used to be shocked to study that Fennekin and all of its evolutions are simply the perfect in-game starter Pokémon.

Not solely can it deal with 5 of the necessary trainers within the Kalos area, however the Fennekin line resists 7 of these trainers as nicely – and will get excellent protection with its Fireplace/Psychic dual-typing!

Meaning regardless of who you battle, this starter goes to be helpful.

It was a shock to me. But when we think about each in-game and aggressive play, the Kalos starters are simply the perfect starter trio in all of Pokémon. | The Greatest Pokémon Starter Trios, All Ranked – FandomSpot


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