The Best One-Handed Slash Weapons In The Game

Arming yourself is always important when starting an adventure, as there are countless threats in the New World that can lead to the death of the careless. Players in Biological substances Luckily, there are plenty of ways to defend yourself with a wide variety of weapons to suit the style and needs of any mutant looking to head to a place reclaimed by nature.

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One-handed slash weapons, while often lacking in overall power, possess some of the fastest attack speed and best critical hit chance of any weapon available that can be found or purchased. While a weapon’s true potential can only be achieved after upgrading and practice, there are 10 out of 21 Basic One-Handed Slash Weapons that stand out as particularly viable due to their faster-than-normal attacks. normal, armor penetration and chance to hit a critical hit.

Updated on July 21, 2021, by Reyadh Rahman: Players should keep their build goals in mind when deciding and upgrading weapons, as their character’s attributes matter when it comes to a weapon’s damage output. Players looking to do the most damage with a One-Handed Slash Weapon will be able to do so with a character with High Strength, Agility, and a bit of Luck.

Strength is to increase base melee damage, Agility is to allow one’s mutants to quickly move into the battlefield between lightning-fast attacks, and Luck is for an additional critical hit which the One-Handed Slicing Weapon had mastered. at delivery.

ten Smilesharper

Smicksharper Weight Class – Medium

Smicksharper attack speed – 45/100

Smicksharper Critical Attack Chance – 5%

With a moderate pace for the One-Handed Slash Weapon, players in the previous seasons of Biological substances Smicksharper can be used as a good weapon base to build some kind of solid sword. A good base critical strike chance also offers good potential, especially if players upgrade their weapons with add-ons that also have this trait. It is also possible that this sword is related to other popular video game swords, as it looks like the blades of many greatswords found in other action RPGs.

9 Scrap rack

many small blades attached to two straight pieces of metal.

Scrap rack weight – Light

Scrap Rack Attack Speed ​​- 75/100

Scrap Rack Critical Hit Chance – 3%

Being fast and light enough allows the Scrap Rack to be a viable option for a weapon base, however, its looks are the biggest draw for some mutants. There’s no denying that a melee weapon formed from its many sharp and small edges would look scary and cool. The fact that it can also turn out to be a great weapon with the correct upgrades and add-ons is another reason to consider using the Scrap Rack. Aesthetics play an important part in Biological substances, because there are so many options for customization that players can make and look however they like and still get the best build.

8 Dropspike

The blade looks typical with a rusty brown color.

Dropspike Weight – Light

Dropspike Attack Speed ​​- 80/100

Dropspike Critical Hit Chance – 3%

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Very quickly, Dropspike allows one to form a fast blade to slash non-stop at enemies. A weapon made with this as its base would be a great weapon for an Agility-dominant mutant, as sometimes speed is king on the battlefield. Enemies won’t know what to do when all they see is the player rushing in and shredding the enemy like a sentient tornado. Although the Dropspike looks quite generic, don’t underestimate its power, as very few Single-Handed Slash Weapons can allow players to attack as quickly as this weapon in battle.

7 Nessmunk

One-handed slashing weapon with a rusty orange blade.

Nessmunk Weight Class – Heavy

Nessmunk attack speed – 75/100

Nessmunk Critical Hit Chance – 3%

Despite being one of the heavier One-Handed Slash Weapons, the rusty Nessmunk offers a solid and quick blade to start upgrading into one of the best. Its high attack speed allows its user to launch multiple attacks quickly; faster than most other weapons of its kind, and even has a slight chance to land a critical hit for a subtle but useful passive effect. With that said, Nessmunk doesn’t excel in any area, and the lack of armor-piercing armor makes it possible to pass on if the player has a more specialized weapon.

6 Pikeaxe

Simple ax head for a one-handed slash weapon.

Pikeaxe Weight Class – Heavy

Pikeaxe’s Attack Speed ​​- 35/100

Pikeaxe Critical Attack Chance – 8%

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Compared to the previously mentioned heavier blade weapon, Pikeaxe is much slower, however, comes with a much greater critical hit ability. Players who have invested some attribute points in the main stat of Luck will be good to pick up this weapon, as frequent critical hits will make up for the lack of attack speed. Out of all the axes in the One-Handed Slash Weapon class, the Pikeaxe is arguably the best.

5 Hackgrind

The saw was simply a one-handed slashing weapon.

Hackgrind Weight Class – Light

Hackgrind Attack Speed ​​- 65/100

Hackgrind Critical Hit Chance – 5%

Overall, the Hackgrind is a lightweight saw that can be great for upgrading into anything one wants, since it doesn’t have the same heavy bugs as a weapon. The only area it lacks is the armor piercing part, like most One-Handed Slash Weapons, however, this can be partially mitigated if one finds or purchases a Hackgrind possessing an elemental damage of some sort.

4 Umph

The strange orange blade is a one-handed slashing weapon.

Umph Weight Class – Medium

Attack Speed ​​Umph – 40/100

Critical Hit Chance Umph – 9%

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Umph is named after the sound enemies make when the player slashes them with this bladed weapon, as it can wreak havoc with the right build. Possessing a crit chance that almost guarantees an attack that’s harder than normal about every 10 hits means that Lucky-minded characters will be especially deadly with this in hand. Its passive but light armor penetration is also a great trait, especially since one can attach 2 summoner spells to Umph as opposed to any other Single-Handed Slash Weapon that can only attach one Summoner Spell sole aid.

3 Cut out

very sharp one-handed slashing weapon.

Cutout Weight Class – Medium

Cutout Attack Speed ​​- 55/100

Cutout Critical Hit Chance – 3%

Yet another great item, the Cutout is an extremely pointed weapon that has a moderate attack speed and a slight chance to land critical hits on enemies, however, Its best player attraction is the second highest armor penetration of all the One-Handed Slash Weapons. As for versatility, this is the ideal small wing weapon to choose from, although its aesthetic qualities also make it a great reason to pick up a Cutout at the store or loot it from enemy ruins.

2 Short cut

the simple blade of a one-handed slashing weapon.

Clipcut Weight – Light

Clipcut’s attack speed – 95/100

Critical hit chance by clipcut – 0%

For those who minimize their characters for as much speed as possible (builds focus on agility), Clipcut is definitely the fastest way to hit enemies in Biological substances thanks to its completely absurd attack speed. Once fully upgraded, players can destroy opponents on any battlefield before most of the unfortunate enemies can blink. However, the biggest drawback of Clipcut is that it does not have the opportunity to make important shots with the easiest armor penetration of all the One-Handed Slash weapons, the lack of a cot shouldn’t be much of a problem.

first Point

bloody and powerful one-handed slashing weapon.

Pointed Weight Class – Light

Spearhead Attack Speed ​​- 75/100

Spearhead’s Critical Hit Chance – 9%

It wasn’t the rust on the Spearhead, it was the blood of the countless enemies it took down. Considered by many to be the premier balance between speed and chance of a critical hit, those looking for the best One-Handed Slash Weapon should look for this one. However, most weapons of this type tend to lean towards speed, critical chance, or average these traits to being an almighty weapon, The Spearhead breaks this mold by being stacked in both parts while also possessing some armor penetration that solidifies it as the ultimate One-Handed Slashing Weapon for the majority of builds.

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