The best M5A3 assault rifle payload

Battlefield 2042 Load capacity M5A3

  • Sight: Fusion Holo
  • Ammunition: Close combat
  • Lower bin: Laser irradiation
  • Bin: Compact box
  • Secondary Weapon: M44
  • Utilities: Pen Med
  • Can throw: EMP . Grenade

Interestingly, the expansion patch makes it relatively easy to apply pressure on distant targets regardless of the load. Therefore, it makes more sense to cover up the M5A3’s weakness at close range than to try to make it even stronger at long range.

For this reason, download the best M5A3 in Battlefield 2042 use some close range accessories like Close Combat ammo. This ammunition significantly improves fire rate, recoil control and reload speed at the cost of effective range. The longer range damage loss isn’t ideal, but the attachment reduces recoil anyway so it doesn’t make as big of a difference as you might expect. Contrary to its name, this ammo is powerful despite the distance.

Battlefield 2042 M5a3 download attachmentContinuing with the theme of close-range accessories, it’s best to use the Laser Sight and the Miniature Barrel. The shortened barrel increases the fire rate of the M5A3. This adds up to the bonus given by Close Combat ammo and makes the M5A3 very forgiving.

These attachments combine well with the Laser Sight for more precise horizontal flame propagation. This is great for playing aggressively as you can reliably kill enemies without having to aim close. As for sights, it’s best to use Fusion Holo for close and mid-range skirmishes. However, it is well worth using 2042System Plus for switching attachments on the go in situations where a higher zoom lens might be beneficial.

Battlefield 2042 M5a3 In-game gun battle

To get the most out of this M5A3 download, it is important to use all the tools available in the Battlefield 2042. For example, the M44 revolver is a great secondary weapon for finishing off targets at close range. The other second guns are pretty decent as well, but the M44’s one-shot kill makes it the best pistol. Players who are not confident in their mechanical skills may prefer the G57 due to its larger 30-round empty magazine. Although, to unlock that attachment requires 180 kills with the G57. Take a look at our test Quick weapon level guide to speed up that process.

Since it’s such a strong play-focused payload, the Med Pen is a great choice for a utility slot. This acts as a stimulant and allows you to heal on the go without depending on someone else’s Health Crate. Unfortunately, this makes this build vulnerable to vehicles, which is why I also recommend the EMP Grenades. This can be thrown to temporarily disable vehicles from opening windows to back to a safe location. The best M5A3 assault rifle payload


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