The Best Hunter’s Build in Destiny 2

All classes in Fate 2 offers high-damage builds, but none have as extensive a roster as the Hunter class. Hunters are a formidable DPS option for PvE options and are a formidable opponent in any PvP action like Crucible or Gambit.

With the perfect combination of layered tree abilities and uncanny armor, any Hunter can go from a good damage dealer to a massive damage dealer. Here are some of the best Hunter builds on Fate 2.

Gunslinger + Ophidia Spathe + Monte Carlo

It is the knife to satisfy you. One of the benefits of the Gunslinger subclass, the Sun subclass for Hunters, is that there are many knife throwing options. Each Gunslinger offers a different knife variation that adds either explosion damage, fire damage, or precision damage — and this build maximizes the number of knives you can throw.

Ophidia Spathe’s breastplate gives you a second dagger throw. Combined with the Monte Carlo automatic rifle that can quickly recharge your melee with damage and kill, the Gunslinger Hunter becomes a swift knife throwing machine. For PvE operations, Way of the Outlaw maximizes this subclass build, with explosives and Golden Gun six-shot guns built for mass destruction of enemies. Way of the Sharpshooter is also ideal for PvP or taking down big bosses.

Arcstrider + Raiden Flux

The Arc Staff superpower is one of the most powerful skills in the game, dealing a lot of damage through wide area melee swings and Arc damage that can be linked to multiple enemies. In essence, it has had a decent amount of time, but it becomes even more powerful when equipped with the Raiden Flux chest armor piece.

With the Raiden Flux equipped, the Chained Arc Staff increases its damage and duration, extending the super’s length and power. This is best amplified by the Way of the Warrior tree, which adds a lightning aftershock to Arc Staff’s attacks when used after dodging.

Nightstalker + Graviton Forfeit

The Way of the Wraith tree of the Nightstalker subclass converts Shadowshot to a brand new masterpiece, Spectral Blades. Summoning this skill allows you to become invisible until your next attack. And if you right click with your heavy attack, you can disappear again. It’s useful for killing priority enemies in PvE operations and can be a game changer in various PvP modes. Wraith players can also become invisible when killed while crouching.

Like with the Arc build, we wanted to maximize this masterpiece as much as possible—And for that, we need the Graviton Forfeit helmet. This weird helmet increases the duration of any stealth effects, and while stealthy, they recharge their melee energy faster, reload weapons, and improve Recovery. This means the superman’s stealth effect will last longer, and Hunters can get all of those benefits just from crouching and killing.

Revenant + FR0ST-EE5

With so many variations available to unlock and use in the Hunter Stasis, Revenant class, you want something to amplify the freezing and slowing effects that also give you a significant mobility boost. To do this, you need the weird boots FR0ST-EE5, which can sprint to increase your grenade’s healing, melee, and dodge ability.

Dodging also increases your sprint speed, so if you’re freezing an enemy with your grenade or super, you can quickly close the gap and use Shatterdive to take out a huge group together. a time.

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