The best horror games on PC

What are the perfect horror video games on PC? Horror video games have a tendency to show conventional motion ideas on their heads and drive you to run and conceal out of your enemies. Scary video games go away you feeling weak relatively than empowered, and greater than most, they’re the gaming experiences that hang-out you lengthy after you play.

After all there may be much more to horror video games than soar scares and gore, too. So whereas we now have included a couple of apparent picks like Outlast and Amnesia, you can too anticipate finding video games that use completely different ways to lift your heartbeat and get your palms sweating. Don’t fear about this checklist getting old-fashioned, both: we hop again into our lists repeatedly so as to add new scary video games.

Bear in mind, as Roosevelt as soon as mentioned, “we now have nothing to worry however that bit in FEAR the place you’re going up a ladder and Alma all of a sudden pops out and you’re all like argh!” Listed below are the perfect horror video games on PC.

The most effective horror video games are:

The inside of a ghost-hunting van, complete with CCTV monitor and tv monitors


Phasmophobia has climbed quickly in reputation since its Early Entry launch, outselling the likes of Balder’s Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam. Phasmophobia has grown past a cult following and is displaying no indicators of slowing down, so what makes it so good?

Though Phasmophobia is primarily a horror sport, you would take a look at it as a co-op detective game as you and as much as three different investigators discover a haunted location in an effort to infer what type of ghost is spooking out the premises earlier than reporting again. It requires teamwork, your greatest detective hat, and regular nerves to navigate the darkish, tight corridors and eerily quiet rooms.

Utilizing tools, akin to ouija boards, a spirit box, a crucifix, and smudge sticks – you and your group want to research the haunting and full duties akin to taking a picture of dirty water, or asking the ghost questions. Watch out, although, all of your prying will doubtless upset the ghost, and also you don’t wish to be round when it begins searching.

Unsettling skeletons in one of the best horror games, Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is various video games packed into one inviting post-apocalyptic slice of Russia: it’s a story-focused household drama as a lot as it’s a Wolfenstein-esque, heavy metal-scored FPS. Nonetheless, there are many spine-tingling horror sport sequences creeping en path to the climactic Metro Exodus ending.

4A Video games’ irradiated outing lets you select whether or not you need Artyom’s journey to be a guns-blazing assault or a stealthy affair shrouded in darkness because of the sport’s day/evening mechanic. However, if you happen to select to sleep by the sunlight hours to creep up in your opponents in pitch darkness then anticipate a a lot scarier expertise. Human enemies may be on the again foot, however the chill of a howling Watchmen or the cost of a Humanimal is excruciatingly unsettling.

But, as we identified in our Metro Exodus PC review, this can be a sport that’s at its most terrifying when it modifications the foundations. Early levels of the sport educate you to extinguish mild and grasp the shadows. Then, within the spider-infested bunkers beneath the Caspian Sea, it turns into your weapon. Your arachnid foes are fatally weak to mild, in order that they skulk about in any dimly-lit crevice they’ll discover. As their disgusting, bushy legs scrabble madly in opposition to the partitions, it turns into obvious that, in Metro Exodus, you possibly can by no means let your guard down.

Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters looking down on the player in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village

It by no means will get any simpler for Resident Evil Village’s primary protagonist, Ethan Winters. We first meet Ethan in Resident Evil 7, when his lengthy misplaced spouse mysteriously makes contact, and he units out to search out her, main him to a creepy bayou cabin and a nasty run-in with the unsavoury residents, the Baker household. Fortunately, Chris Redfield swoops in to avoid wasting Ethan, and his life regains some normality, if not for lengthy. Ethan’s world is as soon as once more turned the other way up in Resident Evil 8. This time he’s caught in an remoted village inhabited by monsters and feral villagers. Resident Evil Village could also be remembered for its alluring antagonist, the tall woman, however this first-person survival game quickly lets free the scares.

Resident Evil has an extended, storied historical past of excellent and dangerous video games, with Resident Evil 6 being a low level within the sequence. This sport is up within the greater echelons, as seen in our Resident Evil Village review. It’s a tense journey the place you might want to have your wits about you to outlive hordes of werewolf-like creatures, undead thralls, and different horrifying monsters. Even the tall woman has lengthy, sharp claws able to slicing limbs off. Should you can’t abdomen physique horror and dismemberment, this will not be the proper Resident Evil sport for you.

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It additionally has maybe the scariest second within the sequence so far; we definitely received’t spoil it for you right here. We advise that whenever you enter that home, you must play with the lights on, until you’re feeling a little bit braver than ordinary.

A horrifying enemy in The Evil Within 2, one of the best horror games

The Evil Inside 2

The most effective horror video games preserve you up at evening. By that metric, The Evil Inside 2 screams itself to the highest. You’ll definitely wrestle to get to sleep after you have got seen a pile of severed our bodies skitter throughout the ground and assemble themselves into the type of a pale, fleshy mass of limbs with a number of faces – all of them laughing – and a buzzsaw instead of a proper arm.

The Evil Inside 2 is full of skin-crawling set-pieces like this, each as ingenious because the final. However Tango Gameworks’ impeccable sequel is way more than a listing of the best moments in horror games. Slaying bosses and exploring spooky mansions are separated by open-world sections the place you by no means know what’s ready for you: some much-needed shotgun shells or a devious spectre that may proceed to hang-out you for the rest of your playthrough.

Beneath the whip-smart enemy and stage design, The Evil Inside 2 stays true to its survival horror roots, all the time pitting you in opposition to another crazed enemy than you have got bullets for. If that’s nonetheless not sufficient to persuade you then check out our The Evil Within 2 review.

A scanner being held up, hopefully revealing the location of what is hunting you

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is among the many best games of 2014. It’s a horror sport about being caught on an area station with a (spoiler) massive scary alien, which, because of some devious AI and stage design, is extra terrifying than it ever has any proper to be. As we found whereas writing our Alien: Isolation review, this horror sport is successfully a first-person hiding simulator – your monstrous stalker can’t be crushed, shot, or bashed into submission.

The most effective horror video games make you’re feeling completely powerless, and in Alien: Isolation it’s your wits, your knack for crawling below desks and into lockers, and a wide range of distractions that may prevent from the hulking, Gigerian horror. A lethal creature who can seem at any second, unscripted, and with out warning: what extra may you ask for from a horror sport antagonist?

Taking aim in Condemned: Criminal Origins, one of the best horror games

Condemned: Prison Origins

Like your horror video games unflinchingly violent and heart-grippingly tense? Monolith’s Condemned: Prison Origins is an completed and easy first-person frightener value searching for out regardless of its decade-old graphics.

Here’s a homeless-person-fighting simulator wherein you play the function of nocturnal crime scene investigator and human punching bag Ethan Thomas. Most outstanding for its lack of weapons, Condemned: Prison Origins is correct flashlight horror, with terrifying, unwashed males leaping out at you from round corners and out of shadows. Popping out of a brawl alive means fastidiously timing your punches and patiently blocking your opponent’s assaults, and in encounters with a number of enemies your best choice is commonly to run away.

It’s unconventional as police games go, however the horror video games style may do with a little bit extra Condemned: Prison Origins of their bloodstream.

poorly-lit roots


Sound doesn’t get sufficient credit score in horror video games, and if you happen to ever want a reminder of how highly effective a easy scratching noise or a distant knock could be, search out one of many best indie games to delve into the horror style, Darkwood. It is a top-down horror sport a couple of mysterious man cooking mushrooms in a home proper in the midst of a plague-infested forest.

When it’s mild outdoors you’re free to roam the festering woods, combating off rabid canine, accumulating assets, and making an attempt to determine who you’re and the way you ended up right here. By evening, nevertheless, your solely possibility is to get again to your home and look forward to the horrors of the evening to cross you by. You’ll be able to load up your generator with gasoline to chase away enemies, barricade the home windows to cover your self, and set traps as a final line of protection – however they’re coming for you, regardless of how effectively you have got ready.

Darkwood’s potential to seep into your pores and hang-out you with out displaying you as a lot as a limb is uncanny. Rustling sounds, inhuman shrieks, and creaky doorways had us smashing the Esc key and strolling away from the desktop time and time once more. Don’t let the top-down perspective idiot you, this is likely one of the greatest horror video games on the market.

Two weapon-wielding humanoid monsters on a spaceship

System Shock 2

System Shock 2 kicked a specific flavour of first-person survival horror video games into gear. It boasts an open-ended construction, with an countless maze of decks and quarters that promote exploration and discovery. It’s a lot like being caught in a haunted John Lewis, besides with psychic demise monkeys.

The faster-than-light Von Braun is a persistent world that seems to exist and unfold even whereas your again is turned – constructing a heightened sense of place aboard the scarcely populated starship.

However it’s corrupted synthetic intelligence SHODAN who makes System Shock 2 one of many best horror video games to have ever graced our truthful platform. Proper up there with HAL 9000 within the soothingly voiced but subtly evil pc stakes, she torments and methods you endlessly, reworking an already terrifying survival RPG into an isolationist horror traditional. Few space games match System Shock 2’s sense of isolation.

Dead, rotting pigs, some on the floor, some hanging.

Amnesia: The Darkish Descent

Nightmares aren’t very similar to horror video games; they don’t are likely to have guidelines that make sense. However Amnesia: The Darkish Descent is genuinely nightmarish. It is a horror sport wherein monsters can get at you it doesn’t matter what, wherein sneaking and hiding from these creatures is your solely technique of self-defence, and wherein merely wanting on the monsters can drive you insane.

You virtually actually curl up right into a ball and shut your eyes when Amnesia: The Darkish Descent’s monsters are within the room, utilizing audio cues to guess after they have left. Few horror video games are as unnerving as Amnesia: The Darkish Descent, which sticks by the golden rule of horror: worry of the unknown is probably the most highly effective worry of all.

There’s a sequel, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, which is simply as psychologically arresting. However we wouldn’t advocate mainlining them one after the opposite – similar to Amnesia’s primary character, you might want to handle your sanity.

an ominous figure at the end of a sewer passage


Using the ‘discovered footage’ model of latest horror cinema, Outlast is a first-person exploration sport set inside an deserted psychiatric hospital. Like all deserted psychiatric hospitals in horror video games, this one is populated by a forged of deranged sufferers and merciless employees, whom it’s essential to keep away from with a purpose to survive with all your guts nonetheless inside your physique. These tropes may be effectively and actually lined in cinema, however horror video games can take advantage of out of those clichés, and Outlast is the proof.

As a way to discover your manner round Outlast’s darkish corridors it’s essential to cautiously peer by your camcorder’s green-tinged infrared mode. This offers Outlast a distinctly eerie visible id, whereas leaving you feeling weak to baddies creeping up behind you. Your digital camera’s batteries solely final a couple of minutes, so it’s a small mercy that the hospital you’re exploring is filled with batteries that match the precise make and mannequin of your digital camera. Phew.

Two individuals looking particularly unwell

Lifeless Area

Just like the horror sport adaptation of Occasion Horizon that by no means was, Lifeless Area is the story of a enjoyable cabal of ne’er-do-well cultists who carry a deep house mining ship to its flickering, malfunctioning knees.

You’re a mechanic armed with a laser cutter able to strategically dismembering the legions of already malformed alien creatures who now infest the ship, however regardless of your highly effective weaponry, you’re by no means near being comfortable.

Like all the perfect horror video games, Dead Space’s brand of horror is disturbing and sometimes lashes out at your psyche, subtly mixing violence and paranoia to create an atmospheric and unrelentingly bleak miasma of despair. All aboard a traditional haunted home spaceship with darkish corridors and barely too many corners for spooky issues to cover behind.

A safe, with various pieces of 90's-looking tech to each side

Tales Untold

Tales Untold is a fiendishly imaginative package deal of 4 small horror experiences, each advised utilizing a unique piece of retro tech as the principle automobile for its twisted tales. The opening episode plonks you in entrance of a chunky outdated CRT monitor and taking part in a horror textual content journey referred to as The Home Abandon. It’s not lengthy earlier than the atmosphere round you begins to reflect that of the story you’re studying as lights start to flicker, mysterious thuds go unchecked, and imagined noises preserve you pinned to the display screen in anticipation of a jump-scare that by no means comes. This methodical tempo units Tales Untold other than most different horror video games in that it’s 4 episodes care extra about temper and environment than low cost thrills.

The spooky tales additionally span a variety of genres and mediums, from a menacing thriller that’s revealed by way of the method of decoding radio transmissions, to an elaborate sci-fi yarn that sees you finishing up an experiment on a mysterious artifact utilizing a bunch of machines and contraptions. And whereas every episode feels separate, they’re tied collectively in delicate methods and the ultimate act delivers a twist so punchy it will go away M. Knight Shyamalan reeling.

Additionally from the Tales Untold studio is the horror sport Observation, a sci-fi thriller the place you assume the function of an AI making an attempt to avoid wasting an area station in disaster.


Little Nightmares

Though Little Nightmares is on its second outing, it’s nonetheless value choosing up the primary sport within the sequence – it not solely units the scene for a climactic showdown in opposition to The Skinny Man within the sequel, however it’s maybe much more terrifying. Set within the claustrophobic corridors of The Maw, you play as Six, a small baby making an attempt to flee the horrors of the distant vessel, a spot steeped in thriller and malevolence.

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You’ll want to resolve puzzles with a purpose to transfer by a treacherous maze of rooms and corridors, avoiding the inhabitants that dwell all through. The grotesque Twin Cooks are after you with their sharp butcher knives, and The Janitor’s lengthy arms wind by the air vents after you as you desperately attempt to escape. It could be a comparatively brief sport, however Little Nightmares manages to ramp up the strain in a grim, unsettling world, whereas making a harrowing storyline and taking us on a ghastly journey that ends in an epic finale.



Much like Little Nightmares, our protagonist should escape a darkish world, the place he’s hunted and alone, transferring by lethal obstacles and avoiding detection. Utilizing a thoughts management helmet, he can management the hapless, unwitting crowds of individuals discovered huddled all through, to assist him transfer objects and clear up puzzles. You’ll additionally in all probability die loads, and like its predecessor Limbo, all of the methods you possibly can die are graphic and cruel earlier than the display screen fades to black.

Inside’s artwork model makes use of monochromatic backdrops and sporadic flashes of color to create a very unsettling expertise, together with the sparing use of sound and ambient lighting – this sinister, narrative-driven platformer is a horrifyingly haunting trip.



The story begins – like most cabin within the woods model horrors – when an unsuspecting group of buddies journey to a distant island to occasion, however as soon as they step off the ferry onto an island suffering from forgotten horrors, this occasion takes a sinister flip. You play as Alex, a rebellious teen, who opens a rift to a different world, shaping the story by selecting dialogue snippets and making selections that decide how the sport performs out.

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It’s a supernatural thriller that switches between a magical horror and stress-free journey sport, to create a tense, disconcerting environment that carries all over to the dramatic finale. Oxenfree manages to style bend into one thing magical, stunning, and completely terrifying.

An arachnid threat - the Trite

Doom 3

Doom 3 is sort of as outdated to us now as the unique Doom was when Doom 3 got here out, however as is the case for the entire greatest horror video games, all that issues is how scary it’s, and Doom 3 continues to be scary as balls.

As conventional a shooter as they arrive, the main target right here is on a quickly escalating armoury of weapons with which to slaughter a military of hell demons, upside-down baby-face spiders, and peculiar alien-bears. The id Tech 4 engine was a marvel of its period, bringing an unfathomable stage of element to what had beforehand been an array of flat brown sprites.

Greater than a decade on, the exact timing of Doom 3’s soar scares and pop-up monsters nonetheless feels borderline merciless – and its number of nightmarish enemies excellent horror video games fodder.

YouTube Thumbnail

Man of Medan

PS4 unique Till Daybreak was a shock hit again in 2015, telling a ‘cabin within the woods’ model teen horror by letting you make all of the tough selections. The intention is straightforward: get all of the characters out alive. So if you happen to’re all the time the one calling out silly selections characters make in horror motion pictures, now you possibly can lastly see how far your decision-making would get you.

Creators SuperMassive video games take this a step additional of their long-awaited non secular successor, Man of Medan, stranding our group of 5 buddies on a ghost ship after a vacation diving journey takes a flawed flip. The alternatives you make will resolve the destiny of the 5 buddies, as you progress by a cinematic story, and regardless that you already know your crusing headfirst into horror, the trip continues to be shocking as it’s terrifying. Man of Medan does play on soar scares, however it’s a worthy observe as much as Till Daybreak, and it’s additionally a horror sport obtainable on PC.

That’s all from us, the easiest horror video games obtainable on PC. Should you’re in want of a little bit R&R why not take a look at the best card games or building games on PC? It’s OK, you possibly can come out from behind no matter piece of furnishings you’ve been cowering behind, that basically is every part – we’re not going to throw an affordable soar scare into the credit or something like that.

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