The best fan theories about the sequel

The sequel to the icon Screaming The franchise is highly anticipated and it will be out soon. Based on the buzz surrounding the new posters and trailers, and the amount of discussion online, this is going to be a big movie. This will be the fifth film in the series and will come out more than 10 years after the fourth installment, meaning there’s plenty of time left for fans to get excited.

When Original by Wes Craven Screaming Released in 1996, it changed the horror genre forever. It’s an old-school killer satire that was seen in the late 80s and early 90s, but it’s also very much a teen killer movie. Since then, Screaming has grown into a franchise with three more films of fairly consistent quality. Nothing beats the brilliance of the original, but neither is it bad. Screaming 2022 will be released in just a few days, and it will be the first Screaming The film will be released after Craven’s death in 2015.


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Not too many details were given about the latest installment, but they did play a lot with the marketing. Apparently they predicted this movie would be a big release, and they were right. Had many trailers and posters, all of which provide a lot of teasers and misleading. It has been designed as a bit of a mystery and fans are discovering their capers. Searching on social media will provide those who want to find them many theories, from the style of the movie in general to who the new Ghostface is, who can return from the past. Are any of these fan theories plausible?

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One of the most popular theories regarding who the killer will be is that there is a Ghostface cult behind it all in this movie. Twitter users @Gazzz_Williams shows this, the theory that all the teenagers attacked in the movie are totally in it. They are obsessed with Billy and Stu, the killers from the first movie, and are making their own “Stab” movie.

Part of the reason why this is such a popular and potentially real theory is that a similar plot has actually been suggested for Scream 3. Writer Kevin Williamson wanted a Ghostface cult behind the murders, but failed. It will also serve as a commentary or satire on the fan culture that is at the heart of these films.

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Another popular fan theory is that one of the most likable successors will come to an end in this fifth installment. Officer Dewey, first a deputy and then a Sheriff, begins the franchise as a kind-hearted but goofy side character. In the end, he’s strong, mature and very important to the story.

With three successors confirmed for the movie so far, at least one of them is likely to be killed off. Reddit user u / crazyfan96 there’s good reason to believe it’s Dewey. Using the logic that at least one inherited character will die, he is the one with the most chance. Courtney Cox’s Gale Weathers is also a very popular character, and the mental impact of her death won’t be so intense for the series’ the last girl main Sidney. This movie may mark the end of Sidney herself, but when they portray her as a new mother, many fans feel that’s not the way to go.

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Stu is one of the original killers in Screaming In 1996 and because it was never technically confirmed that he was dead, fans and the character’s actor Matthew Lillard himself have long lamented that he might return. The question is always how and when.

Advertise for Screaming The year 2022 focuses a lot on Stu’s house, where the finale in the original film took place. While many believe it’s just an OG callback, some fans like Reddit user u / Elixah_h04 think he’s back for revenge. In this user’s theory, they say that Stu can come back and train a new generation of Ghostface assassins, but others have offered multiple reasons for the character’s return.

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Youtube Channel WeWeredAMovie has its own idea for the whole style of the movie and it can be divisive. They believe this will be a full-blown meta-drama, in which audiences are watching legacy actors and newcomers play as themselves trying to survive a real-life Ghostface attack.

This sounds like a really wild idea, but it actually has some rationale. Wes Craven himself did this with his A Nightmare on Elm Street series in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. That movie paved the way for Screaming in many ways, and since this is the franchise’s first time without him, it could be a neat way to pay homage if done well. Actor, writer and producer of Screaming 2022 also said a lot about how the movie meta is, it’s really not just “Screaming 5″, and it was different from what the audience expected.

However, not everyone will like the idea, and if it’s done badly, it can be downright terrible, so it’s going to be a huge risk for screenwriters and directors.


In what will be a first for the franchise, What if the bad guys win? to the end? Reddit user u / TabbyLore consider it a possibility. There is no reason to believe this cannot be true, although it does mean that the deaths of all three successors have been confirmed.

That would be something completely different and exciting for fans but could come with heartbreaking consequences. Done well though, those consequences might be totally worth it, and if there were many Screaming movies are planned for the future, it could mean a real new beginning for the series.

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