The best expert in Battlefield 2042 for beginners and pros

A great start in Battlefield 2042 requires choosing the right specialist. So here we share our picks for the best professionals in Battlefield 2042 for beginners and professionals.

For the first time in more than a decade, Battlefield 2042 get rid of the old multiplayer role system and come up with a brand new expert system that makes every character feel unique without manipulating loads.

Therefore, it is important to know all the abilities and characteristics of specialists before entering the battlefield. This is exactly what we are doing here. Tells you how each expert plays and how they play.

Battlefield 2042 | Game Gate Trailer



Battlefield 2042 | Game Gate Trailer





What traits and abilities do experts have in Battlefield 2042?

Below, you can check out what each of the Battlefield 2042 experts is known for briefly, but we’ll take a detailed look at each of them later in this article.

Experts Specialize Characteristics
Angel Loading bins Trauma specialist
Boris SG-36 Sentry Gun Operator Sentry
Casper OV-P Recon Drone Motion sensor
Bulldozers Ballistic Shield SOB-8 Explosion Resistance
Mistake S21 Syrette Pistol Combat surgery
Irish people Fortification system Veteran
Mackay Grapple hook Nimble
Paik Scanner EMG-X Redemption
Rao Suite Cyber ​​Warfare Trojan Network
Sundance Smart explosives Wingsuit

5 best experts in Battlefield 2042 for beginners

Now, it’s time to get to know the best specialists. However, we’ve split them into two groups, which doesn’t mean a pro won’t play like Sundance or Falck. Anyone can be a pro player as one of the pros below, and all of these rankings here are just suggestions.


  • Specialize: Three types of throwable grenades
  • Characteristics: A set of wings that allow for rapid air movement

What makes Sundance our top recommendation for beginners is her ease of learning and her expertise. Not only will you have a lot of fun using the Wingsuit, but it’s also proven to be incredibly useful in most maps.

Sundance’s Grenade Belt includes very useful throws with the ability to damage and destroy any enemy vehicle, no matter how large it is.


  • Specialize: A fixed intelligent machine gun (Sentry Gun) fires at surrounding enemies
  • Characteristics: Plus Sentry Gun damage when standing near it

While Sundance is a great choice for players looking to roam the map, Boris is the dream expert for patient players who want to sit in the area and wait for enemies to appear.

With the Sentry Gun, Boris is both a friend and a guardian for the slaughter of careless enemies.


  • Specialize: Call to drop Loadout and grant ammo and armor to allies
  • Characteristics: Revive allies

Similar to the Support role in previous Battlefield titles, Angel is a specialist that everyone loves when it comes to teammates.

He not only provides ammo and armor to his teammates, but also has the ability to revive teammates.

He can also request a load reduction, allowing him and other teammates to change the load inside the battlefield.


  • Specialize: Heal yourself and allies with a special pistol
  • Characteristics: Revive allies to full health

Commonly known as Medic, Falck is a must for every team, especially in a game mode like Hazard Zone.

Playing Falck was easy. Fire your Syrette pistol at allies to heal them or revive them when they’re down by simply holding down a button.

Irish people

  • Specialize: Set up permanent shields and fortresses
  • Characteristics: Wear more armor

Irish is a tactical expert and our ultimate pick for beginners, but it’s still not too difficult to use his traits on the battlefield.

Irish can set up permanent shield-like defenses, giving you and your allies an advantage when defending or capturing an area. His shield will not be destroyed easily unless the enemy uses explosives or spends a lot of ammo.

The 5 best experts in Battlefield 2042 for professionals

The reason why we’ve put the experts below among the Expert’s picks is the fact that they either feed the team information or have more difficult specialties to learn.


  • Specialize: Use a flying drone to track passersby and get intelligence
  • Characteristics: A motion sensor allows hin to sense the presence of enemies

When it comes to gathering information, no one is as skilled as Casper. His drone allows him to scout a wide range around him then detect and reveal enemy locations to teammates.

In addition, his motion sensor is an extremely useful feature that helps you avoid being surprised by opposing soldiers. Additionally, Casper has the ability to use a Throwable Motion Sensor. A device that displays nearby soldiers on a miniature map of your party.


  • Specialize: A grappling hook
  • Characteristics: Faster movement in ADS state and faster zipline

While he’s not a tactical expert, it takes a considerable amount of time to learn when and how to use his grappling hook.

His specialty is a passive ability that doesn’t require any activation, so all the focus is on the art of grappling while playing Mackay. Once you learn it, you will discover many creative ways to surprise your enemies.


  • Specialize: Temporarily disable all enemy hardware
  • Characteristics: Reveal the location of the enemy when the target is killed by the attack

Playing as Rao, you should be quick and should hide from the enemy’s sights. After hacking the enemy’s hardware, it was time for Rao to appear.

Show up in front of enemies and do whatever it takes to eliminate them. If it’s a vehicle, use all your explosives and you can do your team a big favor.


  • Specialize: Wear a ballistic shield
  • Characteristics: Take less damage to explosives

Unfortunately, Dozer is only available for a short time in Battlefield 2042 before the devs removed his shield temporarily for an emergency balance. However, playing with shield-wielding characters is difficult in most FPS titles and BF 2042 not an exception.

Dozer is at his best when he has a friend by his side, so he can distract enemies and give teammates a chance to get things done.


  • Specialize: Reveal the enemy behind the cover
  • Characteristics: Detects anyone who deals damage to her instantly

Similar to Casper, Paik is also an expert at working with intel, however, she is more agile than Casper. Paik’s scanning ability allows her to get the exact location of nearby enemies camping or hiding.

Also, she can react much faster to shots fired at her, thanks to her trait.

Who is the best expert in Battlefield 2042?

That’s Casper. In a modern war, information is the most important factor in winning, and that is what has put Casper to the winning edge. His motion sensors and reconnaissance drones create a deadly combination that can easily disrupt any enemy’s plans.

Battlefield 2042 will launch on November 19 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Those who pre-ordered the game’s Gold or Ultimate Edition can now play it. Also, EA Play Subscribers are allowed to play for free up to 10 hours before launch.

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