The best expert for each playstyle

Because the Battlefield 2042, developer DICE chose to replace the franchise’s traditional rating system with experts. Support, Engineer, Recon and Assault are all gone and replaced by a collection of elite soldiers. However, not everyone is in favor of this change. But whether you like it or not, it’s still important to understand Battlefield 2042 Professionals are best to use.

There are ten specialists available in DICE’s first-person shooter, but I’ll just break down five of them. The other five can be a lot of fun to play, but they’re never going to be top picks regardless of play style. Feel free to try other ones, but don’t expect anything too dramatic.

Angel (Medic)

Regarding the ability to heal and revive teammates, perhaps Maria is the best choice. However, thanks to Angel’s all-trades skill set, he’s versatile enough to fill the role brilliantly. So much so that I recommend playing him in place of Maria even if you want to play as a doctor.

Battlefield 2042 The Best Experts Angel Medic

Angel’s passive ability allows him to revive any ally that is knocked down instead of just the ally. Furthermore, teammates he revives will gain bonus armor. Even better is his add-on, Loadout Crate, which allows Angel to swap his entire load on the go. This means you can change your playstyle whenever necessary to best support your team.

Irish (Sniper)

Again, it’s no expert who intends to reign as king. Even though Caspar is the supposed AD carry, I recommend playing the Irishman. His Fort system is amazing for snipers looking to lock down an area. This ability definitely makes him one of the best professionals in the Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Best Expert Irish Sniper

His shield can be used as a cover anywhere on the map, which is great if you set it up in locations where enemies might not expect it. Furthermore, his APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel acts as a loot system that prevents enemies from using launchers and grenades to discharge you. He’s an incredible pick for anyone who loves slower gameplay.

Mackay (CQB)

Given how powerful a submachine gun is right now, Mackay might be the best expert in Battlefield 2042. His Nimble passive increases movement speed while you’re aiming down the line of sight. This is great for both moving and pushing enemies. But that’s not what makes Mackay so good.

Battlefield 2042 Best Expert Mackay Cqb

His device of choice was the Grappling Hook, and it was exactly what it sounded like. As for why, this allows Mackay to climb to any location on the map. The potential to defeat enemies who do not expect you is huge. It is the best infantry fighting tool in the Battlefield 2042. Clever use of the Grappling Hook to control locations of interest will help you dominate the hallways.

Rao (Anti-vehicle)

Honestly, there aren’t any great anti-car specialists in the game right now. That’s probably something DICE needs to consider implementing in the future. Regardless, if this is your favorite playstyle, then Rao is a decent pick despite his limitations.

Battlefield 2042 The Best Experts Raise Anti-Vehicles

His Cyber ​​Warfare Suite can hack enemy vehicles and disable weapons and their abilities. In a coordinated team, this is devastating, as your teammates can all shoot at a vehicle when it comes under attack. As a lone soldier, however, it is somewhat limiting as the hack takes a while to complete and good pilots or tank drivers will escape before you have a chance to finish them off.

Sundance (Focus on goal)

Sundance is probably the operator that the average player chooses the most. Why? Because being able to play around with her Wingsuit is so much fun. Make no mistake, though, her flying isn’t just for show. If you know how to play Sundance correctly, she is one of the best experts in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Best Expert Sundance Objective Player

Her outfit allows you to reposition faster than any other expert in the game. This is amazing because you can push one objective, capture it and then fly to another in just a few seconds. She doesn’t excel on every map since her Wing Set requires some form of high ground to jump from. Even so, on maps with multiple vertical degrees like Hourglass, Kaleidoscope, and Secession, she’s incredibly strong. The best expert for each playstyle


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