The best constellation for 5 star Genshin impact character

The variety of The Genshin effect The characters constantly create a sense of curiosity for visitors to discover. Sadly, some of this diversity is not as accessible as others. For example, the player easily achieves the Constellation of 4-star characters. As for the 5-star characters, it’s a different story.

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Get only one 5 stars The Genshin effect personality inherently hard, so getting a lot of copies requires F2P players to give their all (or multiple card swipes for the spender). Therefore, to help travelers make wiser decisions, here are The best 5 star constellation Totally worth the spend. Please note, some C6 Constellations can be tamed, but because they’re hard to find they won’t be listed.

C1 Hu Tao – Crimson bouquet

C1 Hu Tao

Hu Tao doesn’t need any Constellations to shine. Her raw strength is enough to take down any boss or enemy. When using her Elemental Skill, Funeral Home Director Wangsheng converts part of her total HP into an attack, allowing her to deal massive damage.

Hu Tao relies on her intended attacks to deal most of her damage. However, like any other character, she expends her stamina to deliver those deadly blows. Hu Tao’s first constellation nullifies her need to drain stamina when using Charged, making her even more deadly in her Paramita Papilio State.


C2 Jean – People’s Aegis

C2 Jean

Many players do not like that they lose to standard Banner characters (like Qiqi or Keqing) unfortunately. But some of these characters, like Jean, are great in their roles and can add a lot to their party. Lionfang Knight can heal, control crowds and reduce enemy resistance without spending too much time in the field.

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The second constellation of Jean do She is one of the best supports in the game. For 15 seconds after receiving the Orb/Elemental Particle, the Mighty Grandmaster increases the movement and attack speed of the entire team by 15%. This team buff easily lasts throughout the fight as Jean will always gain Energy.

C2 Zhongli – Rock, Cradle of Jade

C2 Zhongli

Yes Zhongli is addicted. Those who have him know how important he is and can’t keep him away from their parties. His shield is too good, like playing the game in easy mode. Unlike his shield, Zhongli’s Elemental Burst has a short cooldown and can subdue enemies for a few seconds, further increasing his support.

Unfortunately, like most guardians, Zhongli is not effective in co-op to other players as he can only shield himself and can’t deal enough damage. This problem will be solved when the player owns Zhongli’s Second Constellation. It allows His Elemental Burst to shield allies around him every time he uses it.

C2 Raiden Shogun – Steel Breaker

C2 Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is a character that changes the entire style of the party when she walks into it. Electro Archon can make the whole team explode continuously, and the more Burst, the stronger her Elemental Burst becomes.

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When Raiden used her Bursts, she stepped in Musou Isshin State in seven seconds. During this time, Electro Archon can deal Electro damage to her enemies. Furthermore, if the player activates Raiden’s second constellation, she ignores 60% of any enemy’s defense, making her a force of absolute destruction.

C2 Eula – Lady Of Seafoam

C2 Eula

As a Physics DPS, everything Eula does, from her Normal attacks to her Elemental Explosions, hits the mark. When using her Elemental Skills, Eula can gain up to two Grimheart Stack. Once the player holds her Skill, Eula will deal bonus damage based on her Grimheart stacks. Reconnaissance captains will also reduce the opponent’s Physical Resistance and Cry.

The problem with this technique is that the Hold Skill has a 10 second cooldown. It prevents Eula from using her Skill to stop Grimheart again and forces her to count on her Elemental Burst or Normal attacks for a while.

Spindrift Knight’s second constellation reduces her ability’s cooldown by 6 seconds, allowing her to continue stacking without hiccups. It’s also perfect if Eula is built on 4 Pale Flame as it will keep the set’s effects going.

C2 Kazuha – Yamaarashi Tailwind

battery kazuha

Kaedehara Kazuha is currently one of the most used supports in The Genshin effect. Of course, that position has high income. This samurai can provide a lot of utility while dealing high damage.

The logical way to build Kazuha is to stack as many Elements of Mastery as possible. Doing so will greatly increase his Swirl damage and the buffs he provides. After activating the Swirl reaction, for each Elemental Mastery Kazuha has, he takes 0.04% more elemental damage. So for 1000 Elemental Mastery it will give 40% big bonus.

With Kazuha’s second constellation, when Samurai uses Elemental Burst, he gains 200 Elemental Mastery for himself. Furthermore, if other characters are in Burst’s AOE field, they will also receive an additional 200 Elemental Mastery. This increases the team’s Elemental Reaction damage while also buffing Kazuha.

C1 and C4 Childe – Legacy of fouls: Tide Withholder and Abyssal Mayhem: Hydrospout

C4 Childe

Tartaglia is a master of AOE. After he activated Melee combat, the more enemies, the more damage he will deal. So pairing him with a character that collects enemies at one location is crucial. When Childe scores a Critical Hit, he will apply mixed with the waves status on the enemy. A Riptide slash will then occur every time Childe hits that enemy, dealing AOE damage and activating more Riptide slashes.

Once Tartaglia opens up his Fourth Constellation, he will passively activate those Riptide slashes without affecting the ones he has activated. Eleventh Harbinger’s C4 improves his fighting style to deal twice as much damage. This is a surprise, given how good he was in the first place.

However, Harbinger has a big Cooldown problem. His Elemental skill, by far, has the longest dead time in the game, lasting up to 45 seconds. However, with proper management, players will only get a maximum of 36 seconds. With Childe’s first constellation, this cooldown is reduced by 20%. So 36s is raised to about 29s.

The Genshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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