The Best Build for Harbinger Scammers (Updated for New Horizons)

Many people will object to the existence of the Harbinger Trickster in Outriders. To say that the community made this construction a laughing stock would be an understatement. Turning a melee damage machine into a tank when there’s already a perfectly good tank class in the game is a reasonable objection. But if the community is interested in logic, they should first understand all their facts.

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The bottom line is that while the other two builds for the Trickster class do more damage, surviving on Enoch isn’t a big deal. Glass cannons are still made of glass after all. Harbinger’s build doesn’t worry about what other players think, it focuses on survivability through the shield. And, because the damage is still better than Warden Devastator, it makes for a fun tanking experience when doing solo missions in Outriders.


Updated on November 28, 2021 by Hodey Johns: The New Horizons update went live and the game received updates in almost every aspect. Many of these changes, like the cross-platform play and switching system, improved the game as a pure update. But the most important changes to Harbinger are enhancing skills and buttons and removing the timer. Skills and buttons changed the balance of class play while the removal of the timer added an extra incentive for players to invest in their own survival. This build has been changed to reflect this latest overhaul.


Outriders Best build for Harbinger Trickster after New Horizon update
Knot Point Effects per point
Concentration 4 +6% anomalous power
Anti-interference coating first +15% Penetration Resistance
Anomaly Scything first Melee attacks increase anomalous power by 30% for 5 seconds
Against the odds first Reloads a weapon that deals damage and interrupts nearby enemies when surrounded
Countershield first Activating the skill of deception increases anomalous strength by 50% for 5 seconds
Wither Scything first Melee attacks apply weakness
Shield’s Timeline 3 -30% recession shield
The increase of the shield 2 +10% Shield increase
Unusual endurance 2 +10% health
Freak first 15% cooldown of deception skill
Profit squared first Recovered bullets heal 5% of your maximum health
Dualshield first 6% damage reduction while Shield is active
Interruption Shield first Deception skill provides 20% Shield

Need to dip into the Reaper tree to collect some Anomaly, Deception and Melee damage buffs. Considering how the higher World Tiers work, which can help players deal enough damage at the highest levels of play. This is a good amount of damage, but not what makes the build so special.

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The key to Harbinger is all about Shield, negating the need for Health, Armor and Resistance as long as at least some form of shield is up. If that sounds luxurious, then Harbinger can completely confront most Devastators and still survive. With better damage than most Devastators, this makes for an attractive tank in most groups.

Skill selection

Outriders Trickster Skills in the game image
Venerator’s Knife Throwing a knife at an enemy can rip up to four more times (five enemies hit in total). The next time any such enemy is hit, they will be slowed and take double damage.
Time Rift Launches a shockwave that stuns enemies in the air for 3.5 seconds and deals Weakness.
Slow Trap Inflicts Slow on enemies and projectiles for 10 seconds.

New Horizon opens up another world for Harbinger. Instead of sacrificing smooth gameplay for a bit of weapon damage, it can fully focused on damage Anomaly. Since it requires a shield, it’s best to have all three deception skills to stay alive.

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By throwing Veneratror’s Knife, Harbingers gain a shield, deal damage, and then attack enemy units in a series of attacks.. Slow cripples enemies who will have a hard time facing the Rogue.

Time Rift is another possibility of deception, which means it will also give a shield for Scammers. This is probably the strongest crowd control move in the game because it renders enemies weak and defenseless for a full 3.5 seconds. Not at all class construction, good or bad, will be able to take advantage of such disabling.

Being surrounded by enemies is a risky proposition for the Harbinger Trickster. Slow traps will keep enemies close but prevent them from getting close enough to attack, perfect to be technically surrounded, gives plenty of impetus for construction.

Weapons & Mods

Outriders Crafting Mods for The Absolute Zero
Weapons Master Aerie
Mod 1 Weightlessness
Mod 2 Shield Maiden

Harbinger is any damage dealer’s best friend and this Master Aerie reinforce that. It Will keep opponents in the air, disable them from moving or attacking. Other characters will take damage during these times when the enemy is stuck in place.

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Shield Maiden is an unorthodox level one mod that is very easy to buy. But it add Shield for every attack and no other character can use this as well as Harbinger. PS5 co-op games are fun with certain games, and with Harbinger as a friend, that’s even better.

Armor & Modes

Image of Outriders of Intruders set for Scammers
Head Cowl Scammers
Mod 1 On time delivery
Mod 2 Range
Torso The armor of the crooks
Mod 1 Damage mitigation
Mod 2 The ultimate big range
Foot Trespasser’s Englishman
Mod 1 And another one
Mod 2 A little pain
Hands Trespasser Talons
Mod 1 Transfer pain
Mod 2 Double the time
Feet Start of the crook
Mod 1 Geiger’s Wave
Mod 2 Weakness zone

Harbinger got lucky. The legendary Trespasser set makes it impossible for the Trickster inside the Slow Trap to die. Additionally, the mods mostly enhance Time Rift and Slow Trap, two of Harbinger’s three core abilities.

A problematic mod is the first slot in the boot, but it is easy to replace. Take it out and included in Geiger’s Wave, which also adds Vulnerability to enemies hit by the Rift of Time.

Outriders was released on April 1, 2021, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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