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Twenty-nine years in the past, Remaining Fantasy V launched the Blue Mage. And ever since then the job has been a sequence staple.

It focuses on studying and utilizing enemy talents. Within the eighth installment of the Remaining Fantasy sequence, the younger Balamb Backyard professor Quistis Trepe takes on the position – which solely is sensible given the tutorial nature of the job.

Quistis can be taught sixteen completely different Blue Magic spells in all.

They’re taught to her via the corresponding gadgets, that are gained both as enemy drops, mugging enemies, or by modding playing cards. It’s a reasonably large record of spells – and given she will be able to solely use them as a restrict break, you’ll have to pick which is greatest from not solely what you might have, however what the state of affairs requires.

So what are the most effective selections?

Let’s check out the entire gang of blue magic in FFVIII and rank all of them.


16. LV?Dying

FF8 Remastered / LV?Death Magic screenshot

Beginning the record is probably the most situational (and doubtless most not often used) spell.

LV?Dying does precisely what its identify (type of) infers:

It casts dying on enemies inside sure ranges. What ranges the spell results depends upon how a lot hazard Quistis is.

If she’s within the yellow and everyone else is ok, the spell will go after ranges with multiples of 4.

This quantity decreases, and the spell will get higher, the decrease Quistis’ HP is – and what the situation of her fellow social gathering members are.

How you can Acquire: Study it from the Curse Spike merchandise. The simplest and earliest technique to get one is by modding the Tri-Face card.


15. Micro Missiles

FF8 Micro Missiles Magic Attack screenshot

Micro Missiles are a volley of small warheads that cut back enemy hit factors by a hard and fast share, not in contrast to the Gravity spell.

The proportion of HP that the missiles take depends upon how a lot bother Quistis is in.

It begins at 50%, and in case you’re prepared to take the chance, goes all the way in which to 90%.

This will flip the tide of battle – particularly if Quistis is having a really laborious time.

How you can Acquire: Missiles might be mugged from Dying Claws on the Centra continent, and also you get one from the second battle with BGH251F2.


14. Extremely Waves

FF8 Ultra Waves screenshot

Right here’s one of many earliest Blue Magics you may be taught:

Extremely Waves hits all enemies with sonic sound waves.

Whereas it has a reasonably low assault energy, it does have purposes for early sport stuff, similar to farming gadgets, AP, or playing cards round Balamb Backyard.

Extremely Waves will get stronger the decrease Quistis’ HP is when it’s used.

How you can Acquire: Caterchipillar enemies drop Spider Webs, which train the spell. Caterchipillars might be fought throughout Balamb Backyard in addition to in its coaching heart.


13. Acid

FF8 Quistis Acid screenshot

Finest considered a ‘low cost Unhealthy Breath’, Acid inflicts dangerous statuses on enemies.

Which statuses you get depends upon how a lot hazard Quistis is in, however more often than not it’ll simply be poison.

Given the best harmful circumstances, nevertheless, you can even inflict Vit 0, petrify, darkness, and silence.

How you can Acquire: Thriller Fluids might be mugged from Gaylas, which might be discovered everywhere in the Trabia continent. You can even mod Gayla playing cards for the merchandise.


12. Laser Eye

FF8 Quistis Laser Eye screenshot

Capturing a laser from her eyes, Quistis does magical injury to at least one enemy.

So simple as that.

The facility of the optical beam goes up with Quistis’ hazard stage. For so simple as it’s, Laser Eye may be very utilitarian that may see lots of use as her default Blue Magic spell.

How you can Acquire: Quistis begins with this spell. No merchandise wanted!


11. Gatling Gun

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Gatling Gun screenshot

Gatling Gun is one in all Quistis’ few Blue Magic spells that offers bodily injury.

That is helpful if you come throughout enemies that might in any other case take up what you throw at it, or have the audacity to solid Shell.

This can be a good use of her restrict break if she has a superb energy stat.

How you can Acquire: SAM08G enemies through the infiltration of the Missile Base on disc two have the Operating Hearth gadgets, which train the spell. Their playing cards can get you the merchandise as properly!


10. Electrocute

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Electrocute Blue Magic screenshot

As one in all Quistis’ three elemental blue spells, Electrocute assaults enemies with a high-voltage lightning-based assault.

Helpful in opposition to aquatic or mechanical creatures.

It’s fairly stunning in case you ask me… I’m sorry.

How you can Acquire: Coral Fragments train Quistis this spell and are dropped from Creeps. Creeps are best to come across within the Deling Metropolis Sewers throughout that entire kerfuffle on the finish of disc one.


9. Aqua Breath

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Aqua Breath screenshot

With Aqua Breath you get a barrage of bubbles that batters foes and offers, as anticipated, water injury.

As a really historically traditional blue magic spell, Aqua Breath is precisely what it feels like – and is ideal for coping with fire-based enemies, or simply crowds of weaker foes that must be dispatched on the short.

How you can Acquire: Aqua Breath is realized from a Water Crystal, which is dropped by Chimeras within the desert areas on the Galbadia Continent.


8. Hearth Breath

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Fire Breath screenshot

Quistis sprays fireplace throughout the battlefield, dealing – you guessed it – fireplace injury to all enemies.

With its electrical and aquatic brethren, Quistis has entry to all the weather together with her Blue Magic.

This makes her restrict break that rather more versatile.

How you can Acquire: You’ll want an Inferno Fang. You may get these from Ruby Dragons positioned on the Centra Continent’s mountains. Hexadragons on the Esthar Continent additionally drop them.


7. Raybomb

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Raybomb screenshot

Raybomb is a giant explosion that damages all enemies.

It’s the one different Blue Magic spell that offers bodily injury.

Plus it’s pretty highly effective by itself, and solely will get extra harmful as Quistis’ HP will get decrease.

Raybomb is a good way to comb via crowds of enemies – particularly people who would in any other case resist her magical assaults.

How you can Acquire: You’ll need to discover a Energy Generator. These are very uncommon. Most gamers will get theirs by opening all of the entice doorways through the second Laguna dream after which later gathering it as Squall. The one different method is to mug them from Blitz enemies on the Esthar Continent, however solely at stage 30 or above.


6. Unhealthy Breath

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Bad Breath screenshot

In the event you’ve performed any substantial quantity of the Remaining Fantasy sequence, then Unhealthy Breath ought to be lots acquainted to you.

It’s a noxious cloud that’s normally exhaled by Malboros and inflicts nearly each non-lethal standing impact there may be.

In Remaining Fantasy VIII, Quistis can be taught this potential to present her enemies all these dangerous statuses.

You wouldn’t anticipate her to have such horrible halitosis, however right here we’re.

How you can Acquire: Quistis might want to eat a Malboro Tentacle. You may get one via Card Modding, or by mugging Malboros both on the Esthar Continent or both the Island Closest to Heaven or Hell.


5. Homing Laser

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Homing Laser screenshot

Generally all you want is one thing simple and easy.

That’s what Homing Laser is: a easy but amazingly efficient laser beam that does massive quantities of injury to a single goal.

Till you get the later high-end Blue Magic spells, this ought to be your go-to for when Quistis must do injury together with her restrict break.

How you can Acquire: Understandably, you’ll want a Laser Cannon. The simplest technique to get it’s just by beating the story-required boss Cell Sort 8. However if you need it earlier you may get it as a uncommon drop from stage 30+ Belhelmel enemies throughout Galbadia Continent.


4. White Wind

FF8 Remastered / Quistis White Wind screenshot

Ah sure, one other Remaining Fantasy Blue Magic staple.

White Wind is a therapeutic spell that restores HP.

The quantity it restores is the distinction between Quistis’ max HP, and no matter her present HP is on the time of casting.

It’s a little bit situational to make use of, but when Quistis has extra HP than her associates it may be used to get everyone again on their toes.

How you can Acquire: The Whisper merchandise teaches this spell. Adamantoises everywhere in the Galbadia Continent have them as muggable gadgets. Get one, and that Whisper will inform Quistis all about White Wind.


3. Degenerator

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Degenerator screenshot

As the most effective Blue Magic spell for getting via random battles, Degenerator immediately defeats all minor-leaguers(meaning no bosses or particular enemies similar to PuPu or Cactuars).

It’s nice for simply getting your self out of a random battle if you’re attempting to get the place you’re going.

Or to only really feel superior about your self.

It’s additionally actually useful when farming the dangerous guys for gadgets or AP.

How you can Acquire: You be taught Degenerator from the Black Gap merchandise. You’ll be able to actually solely get this via Card Modding, particularly Gesper and Diabolos playing cards.


2. Mighty Guard

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Mighty Guard screenshot

That is the quintessential protecting magic spell for blue mages.

Mighty Guard applies quite a lot of good magic buffs onto the social gathering. Which spells are solid depends upon how a lot hazard Quistis is in, however even a well-to-do Mighty Guard provides the social gathering Defend and Shell, which may be very helpful.

At its greatest, Mighty Guard may give you nearly each magical buff you may get – from Haste and Defend all the way in which to Aura.

How you can Acquire: Defeat a Behemoth on the Esthar Continent and make it drop a Barrier merchandise. Barrier will train Quistis Mighty Guard.


1. Shockwave Pulsar

FF8 Remastered / Quistis Shockwave Pulsar screenshot

Shockwave Pulsar is without doubt one of the only a few assaults within the sport that may break the injury cap.

Huge, flashy, and tremendous excessive influence to all enemies, casting Shockwave Pulsar whereas Quistis is in excessive hazard can do properly over 10,000 factors of injury.

Seeing that a lot injury abruptly in 1999 was wonderful.

And you understand what? It nonetheless is.

How you can Acquire: You’ll want an elusive Darkish Matter to be taught this spell. 100 Curse Spikes turns right into a single Darkish Matter, and solely a stage 100 Siren can do it together with her Device-RF potential. Curse Spikes come from Tri-Face enemies and their respective playing cards. | The Finest Blue Magic For Quistis (All Ranked) – FandomSpot


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