The best attackers in Pokémon Unite

The Attacker role is responsible for killing wild enemies in Pokémon Unite. This guide will show players the best Attackers in the game.

Each Pokemon has its own role to fill Pokemon Unite. This guide will show players the best Attackers available in the game. In Pokemon Unite, there is a specific group of Pokemon intended to play certain roles. In the case of Attackers, these Pokemon are meant to deal damage to other Pokemon. From Attackers, Speedsters, All-Rounders, Defenders and Support, each Pokemon must work together to form a cohesive team to fend off enemies. Beta version for Pokemon Unite allowed the player người to choose from every Pokemon will be in the main game. While it’s unlikely every Pokemon will be available from the start (the game needs to be monetized), a handful of players are ready to allow players to prepare for the position they want to take. For players who want to play the role of Attacker, this guide will show players the best Pokemon to use for this role.

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Neat section about Pokemon Unite that is while the game is not focused about fan favorite Pokemon like Pikachu and Charizard, there are some lesser known Pokemon like Crustle and Eldegoss that would have a possible role. Attacking Pokemon has low Durability and excels at dealing ranged damage to opponents. This is perfect for players who like to step back and reduce damage. Here are the best attackers to choose from Pokemon Unite.

The best attackers in Pokemon Unite

Players will be able to choose between Pikachu, Greninja, Venusaur, Alolan Nintales, Cramorant and Cinderace as Attacker. Out of all these Pokemon, Pikachu is clearly the best bet to go with. Pikachu has the highest attack stat among all the other attacking Pokemon in the game and has a fairly high mobility stat. Alternatively, the player can also choose the Cinderace or Alolan Ninetales activity as a secondary option if Pikachu is inactive.

Venusaur and Gardevoir aren’t too bad but it’s best to avoid Greninja and Cramorant until balance patches are introduced. They’re not bad in theory, but characters like Pikachu and Cinderace do better as Attackers. Give Pikachu an Sp. The specification will also increase damage when reaching level 30. Though, a game like Pokemon Unite will bring a lot of discussion where Pokemon is the best. Depending on how active this game will determine how effective those balance patches will be. Pikachu is the player’s best bet for running an Attack character.

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Pokemon Unite available July 2021 on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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