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Scrolls onlineThe Wizard class is almost exclusively for damage, although there are some spells that help allies or help strengthen the player’s defense. The class usually relies on Magicka as a resource, although there are some exceptions Elder Scrolls Online builds based on class Stamina and even gives Tank abilities.

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For this reason, most of the useful armor sets available to Witches are Light Armor sets, although some Heavy Armor sets also offer nice enhancements to Magicka. Any set that gives the Mages the ability to cast more spells for more damage will be an add-on item, although some are high tier comes with great bonuses for a full set fitted.


Updated November 23, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: The wizards in The Elder Scrolls Online are a class that typically prefers armor sets based on Magicka, but like every class in the game, they have the ability to pick up Two-handed weapons and Heavy Armor while casting spells. The best witch builds tend to add co-flat damage or bonuses to Spell Critical, allowing players to cast stronger spells with a higher chance to cause massive explosions of DPS. Each armor set has a bonus based on the number of pieces equipped by the player, and some of the best sets don’t require the player to wear all five to still receive the great deals.

Bahsei’s Mania Bộ

Elder Scrolls Online Bahseis Mania The Most Witching Armor Bahseis Mania

  • Two-Item Bonus: Increases Weapon Damage and Magic Damage by 129

  • Three-Item Bonus: Offered to Minor Slayer Players

  • Four Item Reward: Level 657 Critical Chance

  • Full Bonus: Adds 129 weapon damage and 129 magic damage, increases damage to NPCs by up to 15 percent (based on current Magicka)

Bahsei’s Mania is a set of Light Armor, Weapons, and Jewels Increases damage in multiple ways and increases Critical Chance. That is The Full Set Bonus is only useful to Magicka-based Wizards, but item bonuses Two, Three, and Four are strong for both Stamina and Magicka builds (though Mages tend to use Magicka instead of Stamina).

This set can be found in The Rockgrove Trials included in the Blackwood DLC, considered by some to be one of the Harder In-Memory Tests lately. Thanks for the recent update to the Armor Set loot boards deployed with Land of the Dead DLC, luckily players won’t have to run Rockgrove too many times to complete the set.

Maw of the Infernal Set

Elder Scrolls Maw of the Infernal . online armor set

  • One item equipped: Increases Max Magicka by 1096

  • Both items are equipped: Light or heavy hits have a 1/3 chance to spawn a Daedroth every 15 seconds, which spews fire and takes damage from the player’s Weapon or Spell.

The Maw of the Infernal armor is a Monster Set obtained through the quest Undaunted, and there are only two pieces in total: Helmet and one shoulder piece. With part of the set equipped, the player get 1096 Max Magicka, but with both Sorcerers achieved chance to summon Daedroth with each Light or Heavy Attack. Daedroth’s attacks deal fire damage and it can use three unique abilities.

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Monster damage is divided by the player’s Weapon or Magic Damage, whichever is higher and can be converted every 15 seconds. It can deal damage to Mages when summoned and deals with many things of its own and it can be used in ranged builds or melee combat builds. This Monster Set is found in the Banished Cells II dungeon.

Magnus’s gift set

Elder Scrolls Online Best Wizarding Armor Magnus Gifts

  • Two-Item Reward: Add 1096 Max Magicka

  • Three Item Reward: Level 129 Recovery Magicka

  • Four-Item Bonus: Adds 129 to weapon and magic damage

  • Full Set Bonus: 8% chance to use Magicka-based abilities for free

Magnus’ gift set is a craftable set that gives Wizards based on Magicka lots of beneficial passive to work with. It increase Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery, as well as weapon and magic damage with its low level armor bonus. That is The full reward is a powerful Magicka conservation effect procs more often than at first.

Magnus’ Gift Sets are crafted in three locations: Arangana to the south of Greenshade, Vaewend Ede to the north of Rivenspire and the Xal haj-ei Temple to the northeast of Shadowfen. It requires the player to have study at least four characteristics on the weapons and armor they want to craft with these set bonuses.

Ministry of plague doctors

Elder Scrolls Plague Doctor Online Armor

  • Two-item reward: Increases max health to 1206

  • Triple Item Bonus: Increases max health to 1206

  • Four-item reward: Increases max health to 1206

  • Full Bonus: Increases Max Health by 2804

The Plague Doctor armor set is an extremely simple set of armor but turns out to be one of the most useful for Witches who like up close and personal. With two, three and four equipped pieces, the player will gives 1206 Max Health, and at a total of five pieces fitted to the Sorcerer gain 2804 Max Health – this a total of 6422 Max Health from the full reward of the set.

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Although the Mages tended to avoid close combat, being the most fragile of the six Scrolls online, this set makes melee-oriented construction more possible. Since Wizards typically invest a lot of points in Magicka, there are hardly any Skill Points to allocate to Health, and this armor determines that. The pieces of this set are found in Shadowfen content.

Mother’s Sadness Set

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Grieving Mothers

  • Two-Item Reward: Add 1096 Max Magicka

  • Triple Item Bonus: Increases Critical Chance by 657

  • Four Item Reward: Increase Critical Chance by 657

  • Full Bonus: Increases Critical Chance by 1528

The Mother’s Sorrow armor set is widely used on many Magicka-based builds of all classes, including Witches of course. With two pieces equipped it level 1096 Max Magicka to the player, and three and four items equipped to it Level 657 Spell Critical every. When a full set of five pieces is retrofitted 1528 Spell Critical is given to the player, for a total of 2842 Spell Critical with the full set buff.

It seems like a simple set of armor but the critical strike ability is greatly increased make it more worth it, especially when paired with Critical Hit removers. It’s set is best used by DPS Wizards, but it’s not a bad choice for Support Wizards either as the Critical Spell also increases Critical Healing Chances. Mother’s Sadness is found in overland content throughout Deshaan.

Scrolls online available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series S | X

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